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I am a frequent traveler and the dopp kit stays packed. On a recent trip, the Victorinox nylon bag I have used happily for years suddenly bled on an expenive white shirt. Of course, this necessitated a shopping trip but I digress. I switched the offending kit out for an leather kit I have had for years that was a gift. It is a beautiful item but it doesnt work for me. Classic Dopp shape with two zippers and it is divided into two sides. Organizationally speaking that...
Frequent traveler here. I typically try to go with only one pair of dress shoes unless absolutely necessary. When I do carry more than one pair, I haven't found that a few nights without trees have caused problems. On occasions when my shoes have gotten wet, I have gone the newspaper route.
Perfect picture. Thanks Stiva.
Sockless is a look where I live. I do it occasionally but find it uncomfortable. I discovered the small socks that don't show a few years ago and if I want the sockless look, I now wear those. In any case, I don't think with those pants your shoes, socks or lack of either will matter.
Thanks Stiva. I appreciate the advice and it is normally exactly what I would say to the same question. For a lot of reasons right now, however, I am willing for these few hours to do whatever my daughter wants. Also, I think I might decide I like it. You hit the nail on the head with the col sands thing though! Hmmm, maybe I should go all out and grow a goatee!
Does anyone own the Filson 22" rolling carry on? I have the small briefcase, the med field bag that I use for the camera and its accessories and the sportsman which I use for gym and other such pursuits. I travel frequently and am soon to be looking for a new bag. I am especially interested to see if anyone has packed a suit in it and how it stands up to being checked for flights?
I have never owned a seersucker suit. I think I always pictured Matlock. I tried one on recently with my wife along. I was surprised we both liked it so I bought it. My daughter loves it too surprisingly and has asked that I wear it to her high school graduation. Left to my own devices, I would have looked to something dressier. In a way though, it makes sense. In today's dress down (read slovenly) world, I and her mother are typically the most dressed at any school...
Gentlemen, After being a lurking consumer of this forum for several years, I finally decided to join and engage in the conversation. I am a guy that has long been called a "clothes horse" by friends and family. I am not even sure where that turn of phrase originated but, yea, I will admit to being something like that. For me, daily work dress tends toward moderate suits in a more conservative range but I enjoy adding a less conservative element. In the business...
New Posts  All Forums: