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Hi! looking for a slim biker jacket, not skinny but slim. I am usually a size 38 in suits. And have a true 17.7in chest from pit to pit Similar to an All Saints biker jacket not like the usual vintage biker jackets you see with huge arms. If you think you have something you are interested in selling and it fits this, let me know!   Many thanks :)
Ah I see, I just found that out actually. Thank you for the help. Any opinion or ideas about how the suit quality would be?
Any opinions or heard about this brand and can inform me on the quality? I've seen it on a couple posts but seems like its a dept. store such as Neimann Marcus. However, I stumbled upon a brand suit "Savoy Tailors Guild." Help? Many thanks, Derek
Description DeadstockUniqlo +J collection Wool Jacket (069811) and matching Wool Tapered Trousers(070171) from a few seasons ago.  Slim fitting modern cut, notched lapel,double vented.  BRAND NEW WITH TAGS! Jacket tagsize is S, fits like a US 38R (EUR 48R).  Pants tag size is 30 x 34,actual measurement is 31 inch waist.  This jacket is not available anymore as it was from a unique Collaboration line 2 years ago between renowned designer Jil Sander and...
That's what I'm going to do, great advice. I was really fighting it and persistant on trying to find matching pants but its just a hassle, wont look right and not worth the trouble. I might be putting some of the coats for sale on here, a Turnbull Asser and Bruce Cameron Clark (Bespoke tailor from NY). I will let you fellas know if I decide to do so. Until next time, thanks again! :)
I am still learning about them and think I've got the basics down. I have 2 suit seperates that fit great, however, they are seperates none the less. Just trying to alter the modern look and see what members thought of a longer coat length. Thanks, for all the help.
    I've taken the advice from members of this forum and have decided to invest in a suit! Thanks for the help gentleman. I might keep the suit coats I own, I might sell them for money towards a suit- who knows. The advice here was much appreciated.  I'm 28 living in Seattle, WA going through a hospital residency program .
What are some shoe brand you would recommend?
Don't mean to take away from the previous question. Im wondering what type of material and what to ask the tailor to get the look of this suit. Notice the wider lapels, that cannot be done by a tailor I think. But the suit seems to be a bit more roomier, does it not? And the suit also seems to have an easier, relaxed drape I would like- what material?    
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