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A couple of new OCDBs from Hamilton Shirts.
Four new arrivals from Hamilton--one is hiding. This one is my favorite. It's a pink and purple stripe with a contrasting white club collar: You can read more about them on my blog: classicamericanstyle.net
Sorry to say, but I vote no. You need to get those trousers hemmed up; they're simply too long.
Nice score!
Any experience with how the Finmeresco compares to the Minni's Fresco and the Holland & Sherry Crispaire? I have suits in the latter two, but nothing in the Finmeresco.
Depends on what you mean by "really nice suit." You could, for example, get a Hickey Freeman suit on sierratradingpost, for around $500 (using one of the many discounts they e-mail on a daily basis). That would be better than what 95% of men are wearing.
In all seriousness? If so, what's your differential? Mine's a full size-and-a-half, the result of early action to correct my club foot.
A second vote for Sam Hober. David (the proprietor of Sam Hober) is a genuine pleasure to work with.
I know neither where you're located nor what your particular financial situation is, but if you can swing it and if you have a shirtmaker close to you, try the custom route. In general, it's only a modest premium over higher end, off-the-rack shirts.
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