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Thanks. It's #0552 from the Minnis II book. It's listed as a mid grey, but the grey seems on the lighter side of the mid spectrum to me.
Latest acquisition, three-piece with DB vest in the Minnis Fresco.
This is correct. Chan is my go-to now, but last year I did get a pair of dinner trousers from Nick.
I saw the Crispaire and the Finmerescro, and I think I remember the Cape Kid being there, but I have no idea if the Gilt Twist made the trip from Kowloon. If you're interested in an open weave summer fabric, he also had the Minnis Fresco II.I ended up pulling the trigger on a double breasted suit in the W. Bill linen in a bright air force blue and a couple of pair of odd trousers in the Crispaire. I almost got a dinner jacket in the Harrison's tartan, but demurred. I'd...
I didn't have an order in November, but I did have a fitting, and I received the finished suit some time ago. About two weeks ago, my son received his basted suit for his fitting, which was yesterday.
I think, in general, the customer service at the Houston Galleria store is poor to fair. Most of the time, you're thoroughly ignored. If you are looking for something in particular, that can be aggravating. The times when a sales associate deigns to help you, it's a crap shoot. More times than not, the SA has no idea if the store carries what you're looking for. The women's store in the same mall is a completely different beast: a greeting when you enter the store, a true...
Crosspost from the balmoral boot porn thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/37559/balmoral-boot-porn/825#post_6002867
Christmas gift from the missus: Carmina MTO on the Forest last.
For the record, Pendletons do not need dry cleaning. Cold machine washing on a short cycle will do just fine.
Ended the month with nary a black mark on my credit card statement. I may see if I can stretch this into October as I was profligate in August: a suit and shirt from Chan, a pair of formal trousers from Nick Lopez and a grosgrain bow tie.
New Posts  All Forums: