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Emailed last week too and also got ignored
On week 24. Has anyone had to wait 6 months or more?
This isn't the 90s. Those matchy-matchy rules are very dated.
Has anyone completely changed their order like 2 months in? Ordered a leather MA-1 but thinking I should have gotten a 2010 DR because I'm not sure how I feel about ribbed jackets anymore and it seems more appealing. It's not like they've already begun making it already, right?
The difference is he said he sent many private emails asking about it and trying to resolve the issue and he just got short replies as he kept seeing people who ordered much later get the exact same jacket. It's only now that he's ranted on the forum that they really want to check if the jacket fell through the cracks and is even in production.   Edit: He made himself look like a complete cunt but there was a valid issue, he just went off talking about how he perceived...
To be fair, If there was a problem and it never made it into production at all, why would Charly acknowledge the email or reassure him that it would be 2-3 more weeks? Why wouldn't he at that point check to see it never made it into production? And then only when the issue makes it to the forum does he then want to check if it never made it to production. I think that's the main issue.
They recently moved the Helmet bag that was in the main gallery to the "Discontinued Models" section :(
Thanks. I think I'll just stick with my two lamb orders. I'm a size 44 but not into heavier jackets.
Does a Calf double rider really weigh 5 lbs?
Even if you are a supermodel with a perfect sense of style, people will still try to put their two cents in. Some comments are constructive, but others are just opinions. I hate faded jeans but I'm not going to go around trying to tell people to stop wearing them.
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