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Up for sale is a TOJ Lamb Channel Quilted Band Collar Double Rider Size 44 XS Perfect, brand new condition. Never worn. With silver zippers.     Measurements:   shoulders 16.4" chest (pit-to-pit) 19.0" midsection 17.5" waist 17.5" body length, front 21.5" body length, back 23.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 23.5" sleeve width @ pit 6.7" sleeve width @...
Up for sale is a TOJ Wool Suiting MA-1 Size 44 XS Perfect, brand new condition. Never worn. These are only made in stock sizes.     A bit too warm for me since I live in CA and already have a lighter MA-1. Willing to ship for free within the US. Looking to get back what I paid for it. Get it now! You don't have to wait 6 months!
(Randomly found this thread and replying to first post) At least you're not in London. Every time I'm in London for even a few days, I start to miss SF like crazy. London is like all the bad parts of SF times 100. There are places in London where you can't even get 3g, it feels like the third world. Then again, I have a gorgeous apartment in Nob Hill. You could only afford SoMa :(   It's kind of like NYC, you will love it if you have means and live in a great area but if...
Don't listen to him.
Killspencer has some similar to toj.
Emailed last week too and also got ignored
On week 24. Has anyone had to wait 6 months or more?
This isn't the 90s. Those matchy-matchy rules are very dated.
Has anyone completely changed their order like 2 months in? Ordered a leather MA-1 but thinking I should have gotten a 2010 DR because I'm not sure how I feel about ribbed jackets anymore and it seems more appealing. It's not like they've already begun making it already, right?
The difference is he said he sent many private emails asking about it and trying to resolve the issue and he just got short replies as he kept seeing people who ordered much later get the exact same jacket. It's only now that he's ranted on the forum that they really want to check if the jacket fell through the cracks and is even in production.   Edit: He made himself look like a complete cunt but there was a valid issue, he just went off talking about how he perceived...
New Posts  All Forums: