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Good luck - I know some people have had issues with Amazon's first quality shoes in the past
Be sure to post some pictures after you darken them... I have a pair of chukkamok's which I'm thinking about darkening!
  I find they are a little long. I would go down 1/2 a size. For reference, I am a mixture of sizes in different lasts, but ordered my Chukkamok's in 13E. I wish I had gone down to a 12 EEE (they don't do it in 12.5, otherwise I probably would have tried a few sizes in 12.5).
Never been personally, but I would recommend phoning/e-mailing in advance and asking them to bring in (or ensure they have) the styles/sizes that you really want. I'm sure you will find the trip worthwhile ;)
  Great shoe - I have a pair and find they fit large (similar to all of AE's rough collection shoes), so I'm not surprised you were able to size 1/2 a size down. They are very versatile, I will wear them in hospital clinics (business casual) as well as on the weekend/downtown. I find them comfortable, albeit still a little stiff, they took a while to break in. If I'm wearing them for more than 12-14 hours, or for consecutive days in a row, I'll start to get a little...
  Great shoe, ordered during the 2/250 sale, very happy with it. It runs LARGE, my 12EEE is actually longer than many of my size 13E shoes.
You will be surprised. There is no way those shoes fit you, easily at least one size too big. While they may feel comfortable now, because there is so much room in the shoe, can almost guarantee you that you won't be comfortable in those shoes after wearing them for an entire day. I would be shocked if you didn't comfortably fit into a narrower size 13.
I would also be interested in the above... no experience with mink oil, but I also have a pair of tan chukkamok's, and really like them - I'd be interested in trying to darken them a shade though. My only regret is sizing - I wish I had gone for 12EEE instead of 13E, it does run a little long... but it doesn't bother me enough to do anything about it. I paid $149 for my second quality pair, and think they are a steal for that price, let alone if you snagged a pair for...
They look pretty good to me... I can kind of see what you mean by the stitching in the 3rd pic, but can you honestly see that from eye level? I don't think anyone would fault you for returning them if you're not happy... but I would imagine that these 'defects' would be hard to notice from 3 feet away, let alone 6 feet. To each their own.
I purchased the shoes from AE, but they came with a return label to Nordstrom. That is why I think they were made specifically for the anniversary sale at Nordstrom.
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