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Have a black pair from when they had seconds for $129. Don't wear them often because they are black, but when I do, I find them comfortable. I like the style, and fits my foot well (albiet maybe a tad too big, but those of us in Canada can't afford the shipping fees for minor details - plus very few shoes come in 12.5 so I settle for 13). Would certainly recommend them. I'd imagine the Chili colour would be nice too.
How did you darken them up? They look great!
Certainly looks fine for a pair of second quality shoes. I have a similar pair of Walnut Sanfords with some of the same streaking over the toe. I have gotten used to it, it adds a little bit of character, and you can't really notice from eye level.It is tough buying seconds from AE here in Canada. Not only are you charged a ridiculous shipping fee, but you also have to pay a good amount of money to return the shoes. What I do is save up a couple pairs to return, and either...
 If anyone was wondering the same thing as me. Independence shoes are not part of the 2 for $250. Not terribly surprising I guess. In addition, they called the 2 for $250 nothing more than an 'internet rumour' at this point... that being said, I can't think of a time when this thread was wrong with predicting sales.
 I saw that, and have searched - still doesn't really answer my question, specifically regarding the independence line closeouts that I see (listed for $229, same as other independence shoes). Would be a steal if they were included in the 2 for $250, was wondering if anyone knew either way whether they would be.
I know it is a little early, but does anyone have any more details about the upcoming 2 for $250 sale? I believe it starts Feb 27. Will all of the shoes marked 'closeout', including the independence collection, be a part of the sale? Thanks in advance! Looking forward to adding to the collection...
 No duties/taxes, but more often then not you will have to pay taxes plus a $10 brokerage fee.
Really wanted to pick up some shoes in the 2/250 sale... but what was available in my size really hasn't changed much since the last 2/250 sale a few months ago. There were a few items I was contemplating picking up, but I couldn't find two items that I definitely wanted. As always, thanks for the heads up to whoever posted the deal.
Thanks for the update - not too much I'm interested in, but obviously sizing dependent. Some of the deals are better than the 2/250 price (especially considering they are 1st quality!)
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