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Hello everyone. I've been looking at the following 2 sport coats from Brooks Brothers for awhile. The are priced very nicely at $268 and will be even less with the up-coming sale. I own 7 diffrent color pairs of Madison fit wool trousers and an assortment of shirts. I was originally going to purchase a navy blazer but they are never really on sale. Would the navy windowpane pictured below be fairly versatile? Is there any particular shirt or pant colors that wouldn't pair...
Ah. Okay. I went to Jcrew for the first time last month and I looked at their ties. They had some nice ones but all were way to thin. They are advertised as being produced in Long Island City so I assume it has to be at the Brooks Brothers factory.
May I ask where you bought your tie?
Did you try the Clark fit? I didn't like the rise in Milano either. I am really happy with Clark.
I have a lot of non-iron shirt so those always go in the dryer. I've started keeping my all cotton shirts and sweaters out of the dryer, despite what the tag says. I wonder if they will restock sold out items as I think this collection is supposed to be limited.
I was afraid they would sell out of items quick so I ordered as soon as the clock struck midnight on the 18th when the 20% off sale started.
Thanks for your opinions. At least it was a lesson learned for me. I'll keep my eyes open for a proper sport jacket.
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