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I bought the 2 button classic 1818 blazer. It was $448.50 with 25% off.
I think so. I have 4 pairs of them in the Clark fit. The fabric is heavy, which I like.
*size in stock. I'm typing from an iPhone!
Well I don't know if anyone is interested but I went to my BB store today and tried on the jackets and vest I first posted. The windowpane was nice, the brown one fit too snug and the vest wasn't long enough. I decided to go with a solid navy 2 button. Unfortunately they didn't have my soze in stick so it had to be ordered. I also had the Harris Tweed jacket I posted right before this one ordered. If the tweed one looks nice I'll get that along with the navy blazer....
I'm going to get the navy blazer and maybe this brown Harris Tweed. I'm beginning to think I really need another suit. Charcoal seems to be the next go to color after navy. As I said above I already own one navy suit. In order to save a little money I might look into a Brookscool suit.
Thanks Fred. I'm not too far from there. There is a C21 in Morristown also. That one is really close to me. I always assumed they were like a Kohls! I will have to check them out now for sure!
Well I decided to splurge and spend the money on a proper navy blazer this week when the sale starts. What other color or style blazers should I consider? I have a Fitgerald Navy suit, I'll have the blazer what else would be versatile? I have been wearing shirt and tie for the most part but I do need to start wearing sport coats and possibly vest. I feel too underdressed especially with my new assignment coming up. Any recommendations on a color and style of Harris Tweed?...
Here's one that may work better then the second coat I was considering.
Haha I like the vest comment.I was thinking the same thing about the windowpane. I had my SA order them to the store so I can try them on. I can afford one navy blaze or these 2 sport coats. I have one BB 1818 suit. I want to avoid wearing just short and tie to work. I need to put together a rotation that can be used 5 days a week. I've been considering a Harris Tweed jacket from the Harris Tweed Shop but its tough to decide color from their website.
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