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Having only started buying and wearing fine men's clothes and shoes almost two years ago I can say Nordstrom is hardly a big box store. I can't stand the lack of customer service and personal attention at a store like Macys anymore. I would say my shoe shopping experiences at Nordstrom have been on par with my experience at Brooks Brothers. Granted I only deal with the same SA who has been with BB since the 80's and is one of the top sellers in the nation. I shop...
Gentlemen,   I am looking to add a third pair of Allen Edmonds to my rotation.   Currently I own a pair of black Park Ave's and AE Brooks Brothers Strands in brown.   I am looking at AE Clifton's from Nordstrom http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/allen-edmonds-clifton-oxford/3559134?origin=fashionresultspreview They are offered in black, burgundy burnish and walnut.   I am unsure of what color to get. These will probably be my most utilized pair of shoes. I dress...
I thought the sale starts on the 19th. Did you buy this pre-sale as a card holder?
Thanks SamL. Last questions, does the distressed look of this shoe mean it should only be worn with casual outfits? Would you find them unacceptable for business casual like my description in my OP. Thanks guys!
Great advice. I am going to rotate my 3 pairs of AEs. Hopefully I can add some more if the sales are right. I have a pair of black shiny cap toe shoes from Cole Hann, I'm too embarrassed to wear them anymore! And an old pair of brown Thom McAn cap toes, also too embarrassing to wear anymore
Hello all, I went to the Allen Edmonds store at the Short Hills Mall in NJ. I checked out the clearance section and ended up buying a pair of McTavish brown distressed wingtip oxfords. http://m.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF4105_1_40000000001_-1 I don't know if I should return them. I think they will work great with jeans and more casual dress but will they go with business casual? For example do you feel they would be appropriate with a light blue OCBD and cotton...
I don't know what your budget is but maybe you should consider going to a physical store where you can be measured and fitted. Brooks Brothers is having a big sale now. They have a suit separates line that will run you $419 for a suit. Most stores don't carry it but they can measure you and order the correct pieces for you. Once they arrive they will measure you for further...
Yes, Gatsby items are included. I'm fairly certain that the 30% still applies to Gatsby ties. The Suiting Essentials should be included.
Looks sharp. I bought the bow tie version. It's my first bow tie. I've tried tying it a million times using guides and online tutorials. I just can't seem to get it. Plus it is rectangular at the ends and not "fish" shaped like the bow ties used in the demonstrations.
I bought one too. I absolutely love it! Very classy. It is worn by Nick as a bowtie in the movie.
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