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Hello gents, I was at Nordstrom today buying shoe trees and I purchased AE shoe polish for my new burnished burgundy Clifton's. The SA recommended "Chili" color polish. What do you all think? Does that work best with these shoes? I posted pictures several post back.
Hello gents, Some may recall I ordered a pair of AE Clifton seconds from the shoebank, my first time ordering seconds, and received a pair with a rather large gouge on the cap. I called AE and received a return label by email. Even before I sent the shoes back for an exchange they sent out another pair for me. I was assured these would be checked first. I recieved my exchange today and I couldn't be happier! The shoes look great. The only defect I can find is some light...
I ordered my first pair of AE seconds. Here is a picture of the defect. It's pretty deep. I'm guessing this should be exchanged for another pair. I'm not expecting perfect, but I don't think this could be covered up of would happen with normal wear.
I know you were looking to try the shoes on but if you are fairly certain you need an E width you can exchange your shoes and have them send the size they don't carry to your home. That's what I did.
I think archibaldleach gave you great advice!
I just ordered a pair from the shoe bank. They were $199. I'll report back when they come in. Great phone service as others on here have attested to!
Wish I knew! I really want to get a pair in Burnished Burgundy before September. I don't have a Rack near by. Does anybody know of any other upcoming sales?
Great. Thanks for the fast reply!
Sitting here at my desk and I noticed this. Is this a defect or normal?
Darn, AE Clifton isn't included in the anniversary sale :(
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