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Hello all, I haven't bought any fine clothes in awhile and stumbled upon a Nordstrom Rack today. I decided to browse and I wasn't too impressed by the selection of men's clothes. Lots of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and other Macy's level clothing. While browsing through the suits I spotted an Addison A-series Hickey Freeman gray pinstripe worsted wool suit in my size, 42L. I tried it on and the shoulders and chest fit perfectly. Even the sleeve length was perfect. I...
Makes sense. If you go that route please post pictures and your impressions. I need a couple more suits and price is a concern right now.
I think I just confused MTM with MTO. I would say it depends on the fabric. The essentials line uses its own wool mix. If you are able to specify 100% wool it may be worth it. It just seems that with a F&F sale you can pick up a 1818 suit for about the same money.
I didn't know they offered MTM in the essentials line. I would imagine it's produced overseas with rest of the essentials line. Where did you hear about this? In store or the BB web site?
I bought a pair of AE Clifton's in Burnished Burgundy. The AE website recommend Merlot.
Haha. I love him in Marty and The Poseidon Adventure. Back to the factory video. I thought it was really neat how the cork is applied like a paste and spread out. I'm sure the factory is running very much the same way today.
I was going to post this in the apperciation thread but thought it would get lost. Ernest Borgnine visits the Allen Edmonds factory in the early 1990s.
Thanks for the reply Jay! I guess I'll just live with it and take care of them the best I can. I have 3 other pairs that this didn't happen to and I certainly don't keep me feet flat and still while sitting! I guess I need to be more aware if how I might be bending my shoes from now on.Other then that I really like them. I knew they would fast become my favorite pair.
Another shot
Hello gents, This was the first day I wore my AE burnished burgundy Clifton's. I really don't like to nitpick and I know shoes will crease but I wanted to get your opinions on this. I'm fairly certain the shoes aren't too long. My big toe is maybe half inch from the tip of the cap. I went with a D width which fits snug but not tight. E would be way to big in the heal and sides. I put shoe trees in as soon as I got the shoes 2 weeks ago. Should I have waited until I wore...
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