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Some new socks and a fragrance I've been saving up for a long time.
No idea I'm afraid. Never been sized for Alden. The 975 looks promising. Though I wonder what more versatile, the no 8 cordovan or the regular dark brown. I would wear with chinos and denim exclusively.
After an atrociously defective pair of Edmonds arrived in the mail yesterday, I think its time to seel my LWB needs elsewhere. Only two thousand pages to read!
The suede on the toe was a real dark brown but the rest was sort of washed out looking. Never had so many defects in one pair of AE"s before. They are already back at the post office so I can get a refund. Pretty atrocious actually. 
On second thought they are going back. Shiny scuffs in the suede. Sloppy and uneven stitching and frayed edges on the panels from sloppy cutting of the leather. Scratches in welt from the grinder they use on the heel. Footbed set unevenly in the shoe. Just terrible.
Bitter Chocolate Suede Players came in today... Looking forward to seeing how they fit tonight. I'll tell you what though. If I had paid full price they would be going back. More defects than a mobile app written by a monkey.
New Posts  All Forums: