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Bitter Chocolate Suede Players came in today... Looking forward to seeing how they fit tonight. I'll tell you what though. If I had paid full price they would be going back. More defects than a mobile app written by a monkey.
Went for the players in bitter chocolate and matching belt. Went with an E over my usual D width this time. For some reason all my d width ae's are now murder on my feet.
Thinking about the players in bitter chocolate suede on clearance. Thoughts?
Starting tonight with Glenfiddich 15 with one ice cube.
Blanton's tonight. Then to Vegas on Monday for the holidays. Where I will proceed to fry my brain on George Stagg.
I just got them so I haven't had the chance to test them. Here in California I only ever deal with low temps in the 30's at night so I don't need crazy warmth.I will be putting them through their paces over Xmas in Vegas. Gets very cold on the strip at night in December. I'll report in after that.Anyone feel free to correct me but I think generally cashmere or wool will outperform silk for warmth.
I am pleased so far with the fit. I measured as a 9.5 inch palm and ordered the 9.5. Seem very true to size.You have to kind of squeeze your hand a bit to get into the glove. Once they are on they are very comfortable.and the finger length is just about perfect for me.The silk lining seems good as well. I wanted maximum dexterity but was having trouble sourcing unlined gloves that I liked the look of. These aren't exactly like a second skin with the silk but they are much...
Dark Brown Merola. Silk lined from the Hangar Project.
Ordered a pair of silk lined Merolas from Hangar Project yesterday. Will post up when they arrive.
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