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Knottery for the fall.
Anyone have any thoughts on this bag. So close to pulling the trigger on one.
Just got the first pair of Agaves back from hemming. I think I've found my brand and fit. Just have to be an eBay Nazi and keep sniffing out good prices on them. Have a pair of the same style in brown Italian denim at the tailors which should be ready next week.
The All Americans and Agaves arrived today at work. Tried them both on and the winner seems to be the Agaves. The Agaves were best in terms of overall fit and comfort, and with a little hemming should work out perfectly. The 11 inch rise on their Waterman fit seems to work for me very well. So much so that I ordered another pair from eBay in brown Italian denim for a steal of a price. I generally prefer darker washes than the first pair I received so I'll be keeping an eye...
Just to update I did receive the jeans from Pointer Brand. Really beautiful denim and solid construction. But the styling was very work wear inspired and the super long rise just didn't fit for me. So they went back. Agaves and All Americans should arrive very shortly. Sent some sizing questions to Williams urg Garment but haven't received a reply.
I just discovered the Williamsburg Garment brand as well. They appear to do regular selvedge mto's in larger sizes.
I can see the logic there. Often it doesn't take a huge leap in price to get a major increase in quality. Would be interested in that but I did notice a majority of the makers stop at a 38 waist. I'm six four and Irish so the only way I'd get to 38 would be to develop an eating disorder.I was happy to see the Agaves at that price. Agave also has an outlet site similarly priced but the sizes were enormous.After I sent back those crap Levi's I did a lot of google searching...
I'll happily purchase higher price point denim if I can get a really good deal. The agaves for example. Normally 225. Snagged for 70 shipped.
My first post in the denim thread! Really excited for next week. I have embarked on a quest to find american made high quality denim in the under 100 dollar price point. Harder still as I am a big guy with a 40-42 waist and so often the sizes stop at about 38. What spurred me on this search was receiving my last and final pair of levis this week from zappos. It was just a joke, and a bad one at that. Never before had a felt a cheaper pair of jeans in my hands and I had...
Spice and Wood today.
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