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TThe standard BB shirt at full price will be the usual single button cuff with pocket version. However, if you go to the sale and clearance section of the website you can find the spread collar two button cuff non irons, no pocket, for 60-80 bucks. I purchased four of them just a few weeks ago.
Roja Dove Amber Extrait.
A great scent, if it weren't for the longevity issues it would be a Fall staple.
Thanks! Silk.
Knottery for the fall.
Anyone have any thoughts on this bag. So close to pulling the trigger on one.
Just got the first pair of Agaves back from hemming. I think I've found my brand and fit. Just have to be an eBay Nazi and keep sniffing out good prices on them. Have a pair of the same style in brown Italian denim at the tailors which should be ready next week.
The All Americans and Agaves arrived today at work. Tried them both on and the winner seems to be the Agaves. The Agaves were best in terms of overall fit and comfort, and with a little hemming should work out perfectly. The 11 inch rise on their Waterman fit seems to work for me very well. So much so that I ordered another pair from eBay in brown Italian denim for a steal of a price. I generally prefer darker washes than the first pair I received so I'll be keeping an eye...
New Posts  All Forums: