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Question for anyone who owns the Addison loafer as well as a pair of MacNiels. The Addison is built on a last modeled after the last the MacNiel is built on. Do you find they are similar in sizing? I ask because I had to send back two pairs of loafers this week due to issues finding the right size, want to make sure I get it right this time.
Just got my Cavanaugh loafers today, they look great. The left shoe is a bit snug but I think would break in nicely over time, the right shoe however is pretty tight across the top of my foot. They are a 12E, wondering if sizing yo to a 12EEE might solve the issue?
Armani Prive Myrrh Imperial
Agave Denim, Pantherella, AE
Today's Edmonds. Got a pair of suede Cavanaughs a arriving tomorrow as well. Looking forward to ditching my sneakers on the weekends from now on.
Recently I realized that I am in fact a E width shoe wearer, so all the D width shoes I've purchased have to go. First I have a nice pair of Dalton's in Walnut, taken care of with Saphir products, originally purchased at Nordstrom. Priced to move. 
The rush streets are pretty awesome, the shoe bank is not the money saving idea I thought it would be, 3 pairs in a week. On the plus side I realized I was wrongly sized and switched to e width, zero foot pain since I stopped wearing D's. Now I just need to sell off all my d width Edmonds somehow.
Maiden Voyage!
For what it's worth, I just received a pair of blue neumok seconds today and they are freaking gorgeous. Pics tomorrow of their first wear.
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