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The rush streets are pretty awesome, the shoe bank is not the money saving idea I thought it would be, 3 pairs in a week. On the plus side I realized I was wrongly sized and switched to e width, zero foot pain since I stopped wearing D's. Now I just need to sell off all my d width Edmonds somehow.
Maiden Voyage!
For what it's worth, I just received a pair of blue neumok seconds today and they are freaking gorgeous. Pics tomorrow of their first wear.
First day wearing my new MacNeils.
I had my first experience receiving shoes from the Shoe Bank today and I must say for seconds these are practically flawless. I can't imagine buying AE any other way in the future.
Gave the shoebank a try today for the first time, went with some Kenilworth and macneil seconds, both in dark burnished brown. Sick of paying retail.
I am beyond thrilled with it.
TThe standard BB shirt at full price will be the usual single button cuff with pocket version. However, if you go to the sale and clearance section of the website you can find the spread collar two button cuff non irons, no pocket, for 60-80 bucks. I purchased four of them just a few weeks ago.
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