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Speaking of Byredo, anyone heard more about this upcoming Byredo Olver Peoples collaboration?
Byredo Pulp
Loafer Saga Continues: After striking out fit wise with the Cavanaughs, I went to an AE store in person to find some loafers I could wear with chinos but also casually. I went ahead and got some Chili Randolph's which I'm looking forward to receiving, but I don't see myself wearing them casually after all. Since the Cavanaughs won't fit me do you think the Patriot could work as a very casual loafer, chinos, barefoot,etc.
Best Alden loafer to wear sockless during the summer?
Question for anyone who owns the Addison loafer as well as a pair of MacNiels. The Addison is built on a last modeled after the last the MacNiel is built on. Do you find they are similar in sizing? I ask because I had to send back two pairs of loafers this week due to issues finding the right size, want to make sure I get it right this time.
Just got my Cavanaugh loafers today, they look great. The left shoe is a bit snug but I think would break in nicely over time, the right shoe however is pretty tight across the top of my foot. They are a 12E, wondering if sizing yo to a 12EEE might solve the issue?
Armani Prive Myrrh Imperial
Agave Denim, Pantherella, AE
Today's Edmonds. Got a pair of suede Cavanaughs a arriving tomorrow as well. Looking forward to ditching my sneakers on the weekends from now on.
Recently I realized that I am in fact a E width shoe wearer, so all the D width shoes I've purchased have to go. First I have a nice pair of Dalton's in Walnut, taken care of with Saphir products, originally purchased at Nordstrom. Priced to move. 
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