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One more.
Loving it. Makes me want a fancier one...
Just ordered a Lamy Safari as my first ever fountain pen. Seemed like a good entry point into another potential obsession.
Ralph Lauren, vknagrani, AE.
A gently used Bottega Veneta mens briefcase in beautiful blue leather. Purchased new in January of 2015, seen light use since then. Interior compartment easily fits a 13 inch laptop, has multiple interior pockets for organization and two lateral side pockets on the outside with snap closures. Shoulder strap and original packaging included. Hate to let her go but practicalities dictate that i must. Link to item details...
Tom Ford Noir. Tonight Ambre Narguille as my travel spray should be in the mailbox by now.
Speaking of Byredo, anyone heard more about this upcoming Byredo Olver Peoples collaboration?
Byredo Pulp
Loafer Saga Continues: After striking out fit wise with the Cavanaughs, I went to an AE store in person to find some loafers I could wear with chinos but also casually. I went ahead and got some Chili Randolph's which I'm looking forward to receiving, but I don't see myself wearing them casually after all. Since the Cavanaughs won't fit me do you think the Patriot could work as a very casual loafer, chinos, barefoot,etc.
Best Alden loafer to wear sockless during the summer?
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