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In case (pun intended) anyone on this forum has an interest, I've just put my Glaser Designs 5" leather deal bag (color chestnut) on ebay, with some extra Insiders organizers:
I'm selling an Emengildo Zegna suit - 15milmil15, size 42R, olive color:   MINT Ermengildo Zegna 15milmil15 Olive Suit 42R   As I've noted, this suit is in terrific condition.  
Please share a photo of the Glaser bag!
First post to the forums, but I've been lurking for a few months now. I recently purchased a consignment suit, lots of handwork and appears very nicely made (pinch test feels like it is fully canvassed, working buttons on sleeves). There is only one tag, says "Alan New York" (or perhaps "Alon New York"). The work Alan is in cursive, New York is printed. I've searched but have not found any info on this maker, would appreciate the help of the forum on background of the...
Wahl makes a nice rechargeable model; Lithium Ion + is the model (I think)...brushed stainless steel, very well constructed and comes with lots of hair clipping and trimming blades and guide combs.  Charge lasts a long time. About $60, I think. 
Just bought a Glaser Designs 5" Deal Bag in Chestnut, has made me very happy.     I took a long time in deciding on a new briefcase, this is my first *really* nice one, will probably be the last one I ever purchase.
Hi - Is the Glaser Deal Bag is still available?   Thanks in Advance, Jamie 
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