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Extremely generous. Thanks for sharing
Also i really belive the manufactures recommend waiting to cover themselves in case the shoetrees are not made of unfinished wood If you put a plastic or varnished tree in a damp shoe it could be harmful . I think most people myself included agree unfinished cedar or birch trees put in immediatly is the best practice
Isn't Yom Kippur supposed to be pretty conservative? So a green blazer would really make you stick out.
So much of my money is going to go your way this fall, dammit..chelsea boots and more oxfords.
Nice, Winot...if you do have bigger photos, please do post them. I confess to having some reservations about the back near the arms...can't tell exactly from the small photos.
^Definitely needs better shoes! I think that will really take you a long way. I like your pictures and gave you a thumb, but a micro second later I really noticed your shoes in the last picture and regretted it. confused.gif
linen suit
Any members have any advice on custom suits in Thailand or Hong Kong?
Definitely get navy first. If you search for "black suits", you'll get many heated discussions, but the prevailing opinion will be to just don't do that. You didn't write where you are located, but take a look at the recommendations above (Suitsupply and the suit quality thread for options). How fast do you need your suit? It is always risky to recommend a new operation like that when there is no previous experience. IMHO, a safer and faster option would be to just get...
Hey everyone!   Name's breadan. I'm currently in NJ, I love food and conversation(usually). I came across SF as I was looking and learning more into men's fashion (not the mainstream but basics) and fit for myself. I realized that I had some terrible pieces of clothing I was putting on myself (possibly not terrible but just didn't fit me right. I am always dress in business professional and sometimes business casual, so I want to make sure that I look well.   
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