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Hello,      I'm looking for a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Black Watch Trousers from this year's fall/winter collection, which are now sold out online. Anyone who bought a pair for the holiday season, but has neither need nor want of them, would you please consider selling your pair to me? They don't have to be completely new, as long as they are not stained/ripped/otherwise irreversibly damaged.      In case there's any doubt as to whether the pair you possess...
Hello,      I've been looking around for a good shearling jacket for a while now, and none have really caught my fancy. However, I did spot a rather amazing specimen on mrporter.com, except this product is now sold out. If any one has this exact product in a reasonably good condition, would they mind selling it to me?      The price I'll pay is up for negotiation. Please PM me.   Best regards, M
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