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Hard but not impossible? I'm determined to get some darker grain, it looks a bit weird when it's the same colour as the calf. I guess regular paint or a sharpie will have to do as a last resort. ;)
Just picked up my Carmina balmoral boots from SkoAB! At first try they feel wonderful, much softer than I expected them to be.   I do however prefer the previous colour scheme more than this one; there was more of a contrast between the calf and grain on the older version. To remedy this, I'm thinking about trying to make the grain darker on my boots and that brings my to the following question: what polish do you guys recommend (from Burgol)? Dark brown, black?
Placed an order on a pair of boots earlier today. Would've loved paying the shop a visit to try out the last, but job interviews will keep me busy today and I just couldn't miss out on the boots again.    
Sweet! Expect a visit from me this week in that case, gotta snag one before someone else does!
 Will you be receiving a restock of the Carmina Balmoral grain/calf boots before September 8? I know it says mid-September on your page, but here's hoping! Either way, a price increase won't put me off from buying a pair as long as the last fits my feet. ;)
   Thanks for the quick replies, guys. I'm now really looking forward to SkoAB getting them in again so I can collect my pair. ino68, unfortunately they will be used in actual winter conditions as I'm in Sweden and also rely heavily on public transportation to get around. And, you know, winter lasts a good 6-7 months here. At least they seem solid as hell, though, on top of looking great. ;)
Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying myself a pair of Balmoral boots for the winter and I'd like your input. How casual a clothes can I combine these Balmoral boots from Carmina with? Would they only work well with suits/odd jacket and trousers or could they be worn together with more casual clothes like chinos/jeans, shirt and a pullover?
EliodA, really digging the texture on that suit, it looks great!   New tie today, tied a bit better than last time. A bit more formal too.    
Thanks for the feedback patrick! Is that something a tailor could fix, or is it just something I need to think of when buying my next suit?
Thanks evil!   Yeah, I tried straightening it but it wouldn't budge. Still learning and having just watched a video on how to tie the FIH, I think I know where I went wrong. Looking forward to trying again next time, hopefully it'll turn out better now. :)
New Posts  All Forums: