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How do Airism boxer briefs fit versus their regular boxer briefs?
How would you characterize Orgetorix's button stance? Looks real good and balanced to me.
I've been so far impressed with their OCBDs and now have them in blue, pink, and white--so impressed that I've decided to abandon my loyalty to other over-priced brands of questionable quality. Can anyone pitch in as to how the boxer briefs and socks fit? I wear a 31 in Levi's and am a size small in CK boxer briefs, although I find 2(x)ist size small to be too tight. I also wear size 8 shoes and alot of the one-size-fits-all type of socks tend to run slightly long on me.
Oh, I was referring to their regular fit OCBD's. Here's a pic of the collar--does it seem any different than the slim fit version? I'm wearing size S.
Fair enough, and thanks for the input
Lollllll, THAT is the reason?
Is it just me or are the collars on Uniqlo's OCBD relatively tall?
Perhaps I should rephrase my question. I like tan because it seems slightly more casual, but I'm not sure how it'd look with chinos and lots of dark blues (both chinos and jeans). Is tan as compatible as brown for darker pants?
Hey guys, I'll be starting grad school this coming fall and I'm currently in the process of building up a wardrobe of staples so that I won't have to worry about it later. While I have severely limited funds that can be spent on my wardrobe, I do think I can be better dressed than most of the grad students simply by dressing properly for the occasion, erring on slightly more formal than informal. After some research, I've decided that Bass Weejun's might just fit the bill...
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