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Thanks. Have to layer a lot then if the temperature drops to say -10c. Agree that you miss the contrast between two fabrics.
Is there a big difference in size between the classic cameraman and the detachable liner version? it seems like the vest version hasn't been a huge success. Wondering if it still could work as a winter jacket?
Speaking of ventile - I just received a pair of chukkas in ventile any idea which grade of ventile that was used for them? Edit - meant the chucks (of course) are they any good by the way? Interesting to see how ventile will work in footwear. I think I'm starting to like the look of these:
I will see what I can do.. I made a reclaim or what to call it to the post service and the jacket had been delivered to the right address but picked up by some protein company owned by the hut group. Been telling that to the customer service at coggles, but they are just awaiting for the warehouse to verify the return. But I have seen the so called size S come and go in their stock after I sent it back.
paid the jacket by credit card send it back in late may paid the shipment by cash. Can't see how the credit card company can help me out with this issue.
The business jacket in xs at coggles is probably the one in 48 that I tried to get in three attempts and ending with no refund after sending back the 50 for the third time, even though it's clear that it has been delivered to them.
Of course there is..
Just lost an auction on the taffy parka.. So annoying it went for only 425$ my max bid was 5 less than that. I was ready to raise it up a bit but nothing happened on my account I was watching and updating it the last 10 minutes til it ended and there was zero activity. Is it that common that it raises just after the auction ends?
Hadn't notice that 14oz had put up their stuff online.
dont know what type of trouser I should go with to my navy fox flannel business jacket to get a casual look, I have a pair of formal pants but in another fabric that doesnt look great together with the fox flannel. Any suggestions?
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