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aigle x cabourn available at; http://www.ka-pok.com/webshop/catalogsearch/result/?q=Aigle only in store buy though..
Yes a have tracking number and it's has been delivered.. But I don't know which courier in England. First and last time I buy something from a company with the type of structure coggles have..
Both the fred perry collab and aw14 seems to be really strong collections. Think i try to spend my money on them instead for some bargain this season. ..btw i sent back the business jacket to coggles, it was picked up by them on 5th of june but they don't know where it is. So it's rather a hustle jacket as I don't seem get my refund now. I was warned i know but i thought that PATIENCE was the key to get what i wanted. My first order was placed in mid mars. Sorry for taking...
Aircraft jacket actually so it better stay over the surface.
What would Cabourn bathe in...
But I am quite pleased how I got my shoes repaired. Feels much more comfortable now aswell
Maybe they just having a laugh with me but it feels so unserious from such a big company. This is what I wrote to them before they sent the jacket; please send me the 48 this time as you already sent me the 50 twice when orderd this item Here is the answer; I am very sorry I am currently unsure of your query, we ask all customers to check the sizing guide before ordering to ensure this is an estimated size they desire. Could you please confirm whether you wish to return...
So disappointed got the 50 in the business jacket from coggles when ordered S for the third time now. Thought that they perhaps had correct it because they had a M in stock this time but no. Really have to give up my hopes on them now
That was pretty fun. The morons at coggles has already started their ss sale, also som further reductions in aw. Hoping for som luck of the third adventure.
Gave them a new chance today
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