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Geometric Mean. 
What a dumb idea..
When you use the term "Financial Analyst" it typically refers to someone working on the corporate side of the house. So this wouldn't be considered a front office role. This is what they call Corporate Finance.   I'm generalizing here, but I have a feeling you are referring to investment banking analysts, equity research analysts, hedge fund analysts, etc, opposed to a true "Financial Analyst".   To answer the question you AREN'T asking, a FA might be involved in...
Saw Wolf of Wall Street last night. Very good movie. Not what I expected at all. Had little idea of what to expect going into it. EXTREMELY raunchy. Fucking hilarious. Sex, drugs, and hilarious exchanges between Leo and Jonas and the crew. Highly recommend. I'm not a movie snob for what it's worth - I take them at entertainment value and not much more.
Quite some time since I've updated. I'm up to about 2.5 miles daily. 5k's on the weekend. I'm running at about a 8:30 / mile pace.   But...I had an ingrown toenail removed on Monday so I haven't ran this week. It sucks because I've been off work, but it's okay. Also got a variety of running socks for xmas.
I'm sorry, but I can't get over the fact that you were earning 95k working 30 hours a week at age 29. That in itself is pretty incredible. 
Not in SAP myself, but my father has been in SAP for 25+ years and currently looking to "get out". He was an implementation engineer in the 90's for a massive telecom company then moved on to coca-cola for many years and worked / ran some enormous projects there. He eventually moved out of industry to the consulting side (top IT consulting firm). Ended up jumping ship and is currently looking for other things to do.   Not 100% relevant to your situation but I know he...
I would gladly take a look at your resume. I graduated from UG almost 2 years. I decided to turn down a Big4 advisory offer at the time. I'm currently in corporate finance for a F250 professional services firm, and view resumes for my director rather often.    Please know that being a top 20 school is currently your largest blessing. Finding a job in these competitive finance industries is going to be incredibly tough after you graduate or outside the recruiting cycle....
Visited family for thanksgiving. Ate like a fucking king for 4 days straight. Back on track tomorrow.
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