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Saw a new Mercedes SLS AMG on the road today, had no idea they were available yet. Looked much better than in photos.
This shirt is made by one of the famous Italian makers - perhaps someone can ID the material tag. Features mother-of-pearl buttons with crow's foot stitching, side gussets, and a spread collar. 100% linen in sherbert orange - perfect for summer Asking $50 + $5 shipping in the US, $12 worldwide. Measurements: Chest - 25" underarm to underarm Sleeves - 27" shoulder to cuff Sleeves - 38" from yoke to cuff Length - 33" from bottom of...
What about the reliability of the first-generation 6-series or M6 (E24)?
Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig thank you for posting this. i read the thread but everyone is all over the place. since there doesn't ever seem to have been any definitive resolution of this, let me take a crack at summarizing what i know. i have always believed there were only two Isaia lines (in terms of substance, and putting aside what the label names are as i suspect these have changed over time): 1 - mainline, which is entirely...
Quote: Originally Posted by Spark Just came across a deal on one of these online - measurements are spot on and price is right, but there isn't a lot of information on these. I called the flagship store in NYC, but they didn't have too much to say other than it was a "softer, thinly padded shoulder model that is much more like a classic Italian silhouette than our traditional models." Any thoughts on the cut, fit, shoulders, and style of this...
Pal Zileri side-vent suit European size 50 - fits a 40 Regular. Side vents, pick-stitching throughout, full-canvas construction, made in Italy. Gently worn, in excellent condition with no flaws to note. Retail is around $2k. $285 shipped in the US (add $10 to Canada, $20 Int'l) Chest - 21.5" Shoulders - 18.5" Sleeves - 24.5" + 1 Jacket waist - 20" Length (BOC) - 31" Trouser waist - 33" + 1 Inseam - 30.5" + 1 Front rise - 11.5 Leg opening -...
Price drop before going on eBay.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy I'm pretty sure that's not House of Bijan. They usually would say ONE HUNDERED % BIJAN! somewhere. +1 the label pictured is only about 22% Bijan
The messaging system is weak, a tabbed message system w/ searchability like Gmail would be infinitely better The 'Help' system is terrible, ebay uses a step-by-step system to direct users to the page they are looking for rather than simply using hyperlinks For some reason ebay feels the need to make constant changes - both in layout and usability - that don't improve the site, but rather clutter it up.
Cedar Shoe Care Chest For sale is a lacquered cedar shoe care chest that was originally purchased in France. Dark green exterior, and three interior compartments with two removable trays. The box measures 13.5" wide by 9.5" deep by 6" tall. Includes two horsehair buffing brushes, two polish brushes, three polishing mitts, and one shoe horn. Asking $120 OBO + actual shipping costs via your choice of service. Now SOLD
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