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Added: E.G. madras blazer
Wash, and then hang-dry while damp on wide-shouldered suit hangers. Gravity will stretch the wet shirt out lengthwise; if the shirt is too dry this won't work.
Price drop + added 5EP shirt
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing New Gravati Spectators for $2.99: All shoes sold on this site are 100% Guaranteed Authentic. In all of our auctions ALL shoes are sold as ONE SHOE ONLY. We do NOT sell paired shoes. Our buyers fall under the following categories: - have severely mismatched feet; - are lower limb amputees; - have lost one shoe of a new pair; - have damaged one shoe of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn so $55 total you mean? that is a lot better rate, but still kind of disappointing.. I thought I would only have to pay $30-40 like the sender did... oh well. Not total - $35 if you ship Priority w/ limited tracking, $20ish if you ship First Class International with no tracking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn I wanted to exchange some fabric with a store in the UK yet the cost through UPS to ship a 4 pound package to the UK from the US is $130 USD !! The cloth itself is only worth $200 USD, and I thought I paid just like 17 GBP to have it shipped to me, am I missing something? Don't use UPS - USPS Priority should be around $35, and the basic service should be ~$20ish (no tracking #)
Quote: Originally Posted by Katsudonsan Hello there, As you have not replied my PM's regarding the wherabouts of the hanger, which i purchased from you, together with the suit, i have decided to post this here. Can you reply my PM's? I think that it is only right that you answer me, regarding the missing hanger, as i paid for it too. Thanks. Hi - did not receive your PM for some reason, please message me your address and I'll send one out...
How much did you pay?
Price reduction, if this does not sell I'll hold it until the fall.
Just added: NWT Engineered Garments lightweight madras cotton blazer. Color: Dark navy blue plaid Size: Large Retail Price: $380 Lightweight, unstructured, flap pockets w/ ticket pocket, center vent. Made in USA. Chest - 21.5 Shoulders - 18 Sleeve - 26.5 Waist - 20 Length - 29 (BOC) $229 shipped -> $195 shipped Kicking Mule Workshop selvedge denim jeans, size 34 x 34. This is the real-deal made in Japan model. Zimbabwean cotton with real...
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