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Everything from the previous batch has been sold - working on getting more of those pants in a variety of sizes. Received a new shipment and have updated this thread rather than making a new one. Cheers!
Added some fall/winter flannels.
Received a new batch of NWT Oxxford items and wanted to add them to this thread. Still trying to get more of the previous items as everything sold out in a matter of hours. 1) Gibbons 2-Button size 42R with side vents. Black and white mini-houndstooth with blue windowpane 55% wool/45% silk. $389 shipped. Chest - 22.5" Shoulders - 19" Sleeves - 25.5" +1 Jacket Waist - 21" Length (BOC) - 31" 2) Slimmer-cut 2-button, half...
1) Bespoke navy blue Vass monkstraps. Only marked with the order number, no size, but they fit like a standard 10.5 D. They have been worn sparingly, but note that the left shoe has marks on the outer quarter (I've got a full bottle of navy shoe cream that will be included). 12.5" heel-to-toe on the sole, and 4.5" wide. $395 shipped in the US. Includes shoe trees and linen dust bags. Add $10 to Canada, $22...
Tom Ford minus the TF Sex Appeal®
It's genuine.
Internet would take away from the appeal - that is, complete solitude. If it's a part-time job you really have nothing to lose by trying it out.
More freaks
Drops on both.
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