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I had a two bedroom flat in Fulham I sold in the early naughties, I was going to rent it out but couldn’t be bothered with the hassle.   My Grandparents owned a town house on Upper Brook Street (Mayfair just opposite the US embassy) I hate to think how much that would be worth now!!   Back when I was a youngster and living in London mid 90’s the east end was a horrible place where you wouldn’t be seen dead. In fact I don’t think I ever went east of the city, and only...
This, if I had my time again I would have trained to be an accountant. Offers a very varied career
Jermyn street, no contest.
Sounds like my perfect afternoon. I'm down in town the week after Easter, so might have to finish early one day and induldge myself. Though I prefer Dukes
What colour Saphir cream and polish are people using for vintage oak? I’ve got some dark drown but it actually seems a bit dark.
try theses guys, if your in town pop into the shop   http://www.peckhamrye.com/
What sort of look are you going for, whats your personal style? do you want to go bespoke, MTM or are you happy with RTW?
The UK airlines, particularly the budget ones now have boxes at the gate to check the size of your bag. Actually most now have 2 sizes, one is guaranteed in the cabin and the for other larger sized they will only take 100 of that size. With your bag being taken off you at the gate.   http://support.easyjet.com/case-5832   I’m very interested in the Globe Trotter as I fly down to London a couple of times a month and everything gets squashed in the soft bag I currently...
  First outing of my new Cambridge in Mole suede TG73 size 7E
Just over 3 miles, but it was a track session 15 x 200m with 60 seconds recovery all done in 40 seconds   a solid work out 
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