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I travel a fair bit with work, and the best place for me to check out the state on means ware, and indeed business ware is the security line at the air port. Generally i would say it’s not good. The Brits in general don’t dress that well, better than our American cousins. The Itallians are generally the best, the French can be a bit fashion conscious.     I’m in London far to much, my old office was on Cork street, so right in the hart of sartorial  west end, and the...
is there a sale on at Royal Exchange as well? I'm in the City Tuesday so might poke my head in
I expect it very much depends on who you are and how many you are taking. For instance and I am guessing at this, but Mr Porter proably has 90 day if not more payment terms and even then gets a decent discount on trade. Joe Blogs.com small web shop might have to pay up front with only somthing like a 20% discount on full retail. I know some of the big fashion bricks and morter stores have 90-180 payment terms from the end of the seasson!!
if you are lucky enough to be in London tomorrow or know someone who is the sale is on
Try getting a hand made steel bike with Campag EPS
yes, I also have two bicycles that cost more than my car. but then I hate driving, live in the city and walk or cycle to most places
I was in the City last week, and as usual I spent a considerable amount of time walking around looking down (at peoples shoes) and there are far more brown shoes than even 12 months ago, admittedly it was a nice sunny day J.   At the moment I have 3 black and two brown (both G&G) in my collection and have to say the brown get worn more and more, and I am thinking of venturing out in to something a bit more colourful. I was out for lunch with a client and we spent most of...
Who owns G&G? have one of the big houses taken a stake in them?  Isn't EG still independant? Agree with the comments on Churches, just not what they used to be, which is a shame as they are the only high end shoes with a shop  in edinburgh 
Tell the truth
Nver been much of a fan of brands that name themselves after second rate schools
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