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I think it throws up some interesting questions, Savil Row is known throughout the world for its suits, but how many average punters could actually name a single Row tailor? The west end of London is some of if not the most expensive real estate in the world, a few years ago the world record office rent was set there. I can see it changing, where brands have a show room there but a lot of the actual work is done elsewhere. A bit like Jerymn street. You have to sell a lot...
Looking forward to visiting the shop next time I’m in town and buying my second pair of G&G’s, although the current place at C&M was great, this has the potential to be amazing.
I like that a lot
http://www.theshoesnob.com/collections/all/products/springyard-overshoes I have the over shoes above, wore them today over a pair of G&Gs they don't look to bad, obviously not as good as the shoes but protected them from the slush of Edinburgh. Sod the looks if you have decent shoes they need protecting, plus they are very easy to take off when you get inside.
I've got a pair of boots, not sure if it was a second, but I got 10% off as there was a small mark on the toe cap, to be honest I hadnt even notticed it.
  G&G Kensington in dark oak (got caught in the snow at lunch time so not as polished as they shoul be) Acne cotton socks  Peter Johnston bespoke suit trouser
Can comment on the Filson, but Ive had a beaufort for about 15 years, cant fault it. I do send it back every few years to be rewaxed though.   I am told that Barbours quality has dropped somewhat in the last few years though.
Emma Willis or Smyth Gibson for shirts
  G&G Kensington in dark oak. Im normaly a black shoe with suit chap so a bit of a departure for me, nut I'll certainly be buying more brown shoes for work in the future
 Peter is predominately a bespoke tailor and an excellent one at that. I have three suits of his and numerous shirts. He also has a ready to wear business which I think sells only in Japan and the States. I’m fairly sure that he mentioned to me recently that he was getting out of the “retail” business and concentrating on his bespoke customers and RTW lines abroad, which I expect is why he has taken the C&J shoes off the website. For what it’s worth I’ve brought 3 pairs...
New Posts  All Forums: