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Personally I would go for longer rather than shorter. 
About 1/3 of a months take home salary. She designed it her self with no budget in mind, but wanted something classic and understated.  
Taking this on a bit, pocket flaps- in or out? I have mine out
http://www.crombie.co.uk/british-army-green-authentic-great-coat-slim-fit.html  A reasonable example of an off the peg number.   Or have a google of Guards regiment images or World war 1 and you'll see a few. most seem to be a few inches below the knee.   A great choice, I almost had one made myself, but in the end I went for a polo coat, which I should hopefully get this week.
I wouldn't say they are that unusual. Ticket pocket is the only outside pocket (apart from breast for a pocket sq) I use on my suit jackets
I think with the exception of linen, which isn't really formal shirts are four season. If it's cold, wear a jumper. As you don't have to wear I tie I'm guessing your work isn't that formal so you can get away with gingham? Personal I think a plain knitted silk tie goes really well with one. One of my go to "dress down" Friday outfits is a blue gingham shirt and green knitted tie. A patented shirt by it's very nature isn't as versatile, but other than a plain tie I think...
So I’m in the lucky position of commissioning my 4th bespoke suit, at the moment I have   Grey Single breasted 2 button Blue single breasted one button Dark blue flannel pin stripe- single button   All are quite conservative, notch lapel , and I wear a suit to work most days of the week with 1 and 2 getting the most use.   So for the next commission I’m thinking of a double breasted in a dark blue medium weight wool. But other alternatives are a...
shoe choice is normally dictated by trouser colour, but it's a dinner jacket so only shiny black will do.
Have you got a source for that? I agree that they own a lot of trophy assets, but no way 30% i would be shocked if it was >5% of Londons total property value.  On a general note there are several reasons why London property is expensive and attracting foreign investors - Very low property tax's especially if you buy using an offshore vehciel, stable political system, nice legal system if you have lots of money, lots of nice agents, lawyers, accountants to help you spend...
I was cleaning my Conistons at the weekend and was thinking that they are by far one of the best shoe purchases I have made (and I have some very nice shoes). They go with most things not super formal, but can be dressed up quite well. Great for the Edinburgh weather without being to clunky and winterish.
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