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Would you go to the opera wearing a onsie or a clown outfit? because what you are proposing is basically the same. I think the only time it might be acceptable is to the Vienna new years day concert.   I do own a white tie rig (I inherited it) and I've worn it precisely 3 times. Twice to very posh diner parties and once to a fancy dress party.   It's an anachronism, which has basically died out. Apart from a few state occasions I can't see it being worn much.
Anyone else watch the Olympic 7's? I though it was a great tournament and well deserved to be in the Olympics.
Just noticed my typo, I meant to say I wasn't upset etc etc. so no need to apologise. I do prefer a closer V but the shape of my foot (short, slim but high instep), means I will only be able to get this with a bespoke shoe, which with a 7 month old baby and a wife on maternity leave means it's not going to happen any time soon. So I get my shoe fix though sales. I took a chance here as my Chelsea's on a 202 fit pretty well in a 7, theses are 7 \ 7.5 (not sure what this...
Just for the avoidance of doubt, I was upset or had my feelings hurt by the comment on the fit. I took a chance by getting someone else to buy them for me in a sample sale. Interesting that they might be some rebranded AC's!!
It is a little wider than I would like, the laces are a bit loose though. I have quite a high instep more than wide feet. I didn't get a chance to try them on before buying unfortunately so just went with the sizing from my EG Chelsea's
They should never have moved their shop in Edinburgh. I used to work in an office above it. think I single handily kept them afloat with buying knotted cuff links, when I frequently forgot to bring a pair in. saying that when I needed an emergency shirt, I went to TM Lewin.
My new shoes in Nutmeg Suede on the E890 last. My brother picked them up for me at the EG sample sale a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what model they are, the box says Nakagawa, so I am wondering if they were made for someone but not delivered.   He is an early 20's fixed gear riding, coding hipster thought it would do him some good to look at proper shoes. he did say it was the most civil sample sale he has ever been to.   Sorry about the rubbish IPhone photography. one...
I was looking at mine this morning, hoping for a bit of rain so I could get a chance to wear them.
I'm very tempted, but I have two concerns   1) I only have on street parking at my  house, so not so good for charging 2) my holiday house is 200 miles away in the north west highlands, and there isn't a charging point in between
If anyone is heading up the A9 to the north of Scotland, House of Bruar have a sale on CJ shoes, 100 quid of a few styles
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