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Depends if he is a virgin or not.
I like a lot
A fig and honey beer made by my local bottle shop, a bit sweet for my taste but I was seduced by the label  
I had a play on one yesterday in the Apple shop, it's big, certainly not something I would want to lug around.   To my mind it is definitely closer to a Mac book air than and Ipad. I know apple are great atv making things we don't think we need, but I think this might be one of them.
I have both, and TBH I mainly read of the iPad (using the Kindle app). The iPad is more versatile and I can use it to listen to music etc at the same time. The only time when the kindle gets preference is on holiday when I am reading outside as the ipad doesn't handle glare very well. I very rarely buy a paper book theses days except for art related ones
Just received the C&J catalog for this season and no Snowdens. Not happy.
I don't see why they should be allowed to give themselves an extra phyce just befor kick off.
I'm actually starting to feel a bit sorry for Richie, he has gone from being invisible to be penalised for the slightest infraction. It's not just the British press, I think the Kiwi press have picked it up as well. Personally I think the intent is there. He went the long way round the maul and players know what they are doing. It's one bit about the AB game I don't like, they are very cynical, that and the Haka.
A Highland beer for the highlands. Brewed about 30 miles from my cottage.
But back in the day a pint was only 50p I have a friend who is a lecturer and apparently students even turn up to lectures theses days on a Thursday morning. Its all going down hill
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