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Only if you are an Airline pilot
Need to get a Trilby to go with that, plus a pair on binoculars with lots of badges hanging from the strap
UK and the US two countries divided by a common language
Where do you think I posted this and that from :)
Charlie Booker swears he didn't know
A year of living Danishly, as part of my on going project to get a better work/ life balance  
I was at their bar in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago, I was in heaven. I could have stayed all night trying the different beers.
I grew up in the New Forest, we all ways went to London to buy our clothes, admittedly that 20 years ago  and I wasn't really interested in suits. I can remember my Dad giving me his Harrods account card with a very strict limit to go to the sale and get a suit.  
You might get something at http://www.grahambrowne.co.uk/ but that will pretty much max out your budget, and you'll need to save something for shoes, shirt, tie etc.   Back in my days of going for grad interviews I wore a simple Austin Reed suit. I interview grads for my company and I would be a bit shocked if they turned up in a bespoke suit, as long as you actually wear a suit, with a decent pair of shoes and a conservative tie you wont go to far wrong. You wouldn't...
Personally I would go for longer rather than shorter. 
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