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 Pretty cool, would be a fun alternative, as would a tackle box.
Yeah, I can understand that. The fact is, as I mentioned, the 515 is supposed to be a gift for my nephew as a tool kit, and I was considering commandeering it and returning my 12 Repair for another 515. So, they've been side-by-side for a week. The fact is that the 515 is the perfect size for what I have there, plus shoe shine cloths, plus shoelaces and maybe a few more jars of cream, and stuff like that. I live in NYC and every little bit of closet space is...
Thanks. Glad you liked it! I hope it helps people judge which one to get based on their needs.
The GI-515 vs. the 12 Repair Kit   My initial reaction is this: The 12 Repair kit is overkill. The wood is a bit nicer, but it's a shoe shine kit, not a jewelry case. Yes, it's bigger too, BUT it's big and clunky. It's like the difference between a suitcase and a carry-on. The 515 also has a warmer, friendlier feel.   If you want something you can grab easily to shine your shoes while watching TV, the 515 is perfect. If you want something to hold all the...
 He said he didn't remember which he got and that it looked different from what was shown online. I'm looking forward to seeing mine in the golden oak. Will post pictures.
 Really funny how everyone's buying these now. LOL. I did too. I bought a 12 Repair Kit for myself and a GI-515 as a Christmas present for my nephew (which, with a hammer, a pair of pliers and 2 screwdrivers will be the start of his first toolkit). I'm getting mine in Golden Oak, although whether it becomes a shine kit or not is still in question. Mine should arrive by week's end.    
 That's exactly why I said a light gray. A very light gray would be summery without looking too "prep school," which could be a problem with any but the lightest khakis.  White would be awesome, but you'd have to wear the right shoes and accessories.Think sporty. You could also do seersucker. Nantucket reds? When I say corded, I mean (but not red ones like these, or you'd look like a flag): 
Light gray. Although you could with light tan chinos, powder blue, white cotton, corded, a darker gray, or even jeans. I guess it depends on what purpose for which you wear it.. Personally, I'd opt for a white (or non-purple) pocket square and purple socks. I also would hang it on something other than a pants hanger.
So far, I just have a paper bag to hold my shoe kit. I want to make one that's top notch, but want to see what everyone else has to see where to go with it.   My kit: Brushes One for black One for brown One for tan/neutral   Cream 1 Jar of Saphir Renovateur 1 Jar Saphir Tobacco Cream (#34) 1-1/2 Jars of Saphir Neutral Cream   Wax Kiwi Black Kiwi Brown Kiwi Cordovan Kiwi Tan Kiwi Neutral Kiwi "Custom" (where I mixed Cordovan, Brown, and Tan together to...
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