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I think the main issue here is that you are attributing an issue with the leather to an issue with OSB. Yes, it is up to OSB to select and click the proper pieces of leather for their shoes, but Horween is the one who made the leather that's "peeling" on your boot, not OSB. Now, one thing I do know about Chromexcel is that it is "hand-glazed" at the factory. I don't know exactly what this entails as I have not contacted Horween about it personally, but I do know that one a...
Does anyone know when the Summer Postman will release in the US? Or is this a UK only thing?
Red Wing Amsterdam has released the SS14 Postman and I want to know: when will these release in the US?
FWIW, my natural cxl Indys do not crease like that at all. However, the difference between those and these is that they are lined and these aren't. Could that be the difference? I can't really think of why the liner would help to diffuse this sort of creasing.
Quick sizing question:   If I'm 8.5E on the TruBalance, but could probably go down to 8E/8.5D, what would I be in the 2030?
My commander fits the same...fine everywhere (long sleeves, I'm short), but the shoulders/back are tight up top. Not like super uncomfortable, but enough to make it difficult to layer if I need to. Hence why I'm trying to sell.
WINTER20, 20% off on almost everything. They sent out an email.
Yeah this is currently the best way to get the Commander. I'm still going to hold out on my price for when the sale is over.   I in fact got mine from END, but after shipping and Customs/Duty I was well over 650 invested.
I notice that the measurements for this jacket are slightly more generous than the chore jacket. Is the liner also going to be a little bit bigger? I got a small in the CC and in hindsight should probably have gotten a M (but the S is working out just fine) and if I wanted to pick one of these waxed jackets up, the posted measurements for the S seem to be generous enough but I know that has to account for the liner in there.
Stateside they are somewhat available. J Crew had them for a while but is now sold out (just checked, no product page any more). So by the looks of it one would have to go to END, but then there's customs charges. Or eBay/second hand. EDIT: Just checked ebay, nothing for US/CA
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