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 I've heard of people approaching 3sixteen (via email, I suppose) to get makeups done of one of their out-of-stock boots. E.g., you want the stealth in a 12D, they can put the order in for you and you can wait ~12 or so weeks, but you'll get them. Try emailing Brooklyn Clothing Co., they announced a few restocks but whenever I checked they always only had a couple sizes in stock so maybe they didn't post correctly online? Other than that, I think you may just have to go...
It's not that I don't agree with you, but moreso that I know the inception of that boot was to recreate the Cabourn and it's currently available (in whatever limited stock there is). These don't look nearly as good as the originals but I figured people wanted to know. The post got deleted, anyway.
This page on the IH.uk site shows a solid comparison of the popular lasts. The widths are what they are, I don't believe they're available in any others.
Actually you can't. If you get to the Shipping Address page and push through with a US based addressed, it gives you an error saying that Barbour doesn't ship to the US. I'm assuming it may just be this particular jacket because of the steep sale.
 Just to clarify: If the mini ripple is not going to be done on a stacked leather midsole like Johan's boot, how will it be done? 
Just saw that too. I was looking at going for the 4H tumbled black cowhide collab but now I think I may be in for the mini ripple. I would have gotten in on this round of VxSF, but none of the makeups really stuck out to me as being worth getting on board for except the GSK, which I wasn't even too sure on. But if this miniripple gets made, I'm all over it- that leather wedge is ridiculous.
The 2030 is not as wide as the 8.5E TruBal. With the 8.5E Tru, I find my feet to have quite a bit of room to move around (after having broken them in) in all areas- heel, length, toebox, etc. Unfortunately I haven't been able to try on a 8.5D Tru, but I imagine it fitting slightly closer to the 2030 8.5 with a roomier toebox. For my feet, the 2030 is perfectly snug, and I really like the stiffer construction that offers a lot more support and better posture. The heel cup...
Awesome, man. I just got a pair of Gentry's snuff/midnight kudu on 2030 and they're great. the kudu is awesome. these kind of remind me of the cinnamon r/o SF makeup that was on here a while back
So I was honestly surprised to find out that the boots fit well. When I pulled them out of the box an hour ago, I was wearing my Alden's and placed them side-by-side and said out loud, to myself: "These are not going to fit. Ugh" But when I tried them on, BOOM- the right boot (bigger foot) slid right on and I experienced none of the same pressure points I did with the 2040. After careful examination of the images of the lasts, I determined that this must be due to the...
I am actually have 8.5E in TruBal (a liiiiittle voluminous) and went 8, then 8.5 in 2040 and it was not happening at all. I have a boot in 8.5 on the way in 2030 so we shall see how that works out (half hoping it does so my search for boots can finally end; half hoping it doesn't so I can know to size up to 9 and get in on one of the SF GMTO's)
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