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I have a question about visiting the Viberg location in Victoria:   From reading this thread, I've gathered that I would be able to do a custom boot order in Victoria at the warehouse if I do it in person-true? If so, would I also be able to size for a last and do it all within one day?
I guess my instep is just stupidly high on my right foot. It's not even an issue with the leather being too tight or anything, but the stitch that attaches the tongue to the vamp is what hurts me since it isn't even the slightest bit flexible. EDIT: I will also add that, while my feet are also stupidly wide, the width was totally okay on both feet.
I brannock 8E on my right, which is the bigger foot, but obviously that doesn't account for instep. I went with an 8, as it is on the 2040, but to no avail. I think I will either go 8.5 in the cinnamon or wait for guy to email back with some sizing advice.
Received my pair of cinnamon RO 2040 today (pics possibly later...on vacation so maybe much later) but unfortunately the right boot did not fit well at all. I was wearing loafer liners when I tried the boots on and the instep on the right boot was way too tight and the heel cup felt too tight as well (whereas on the left foot, everything felt snug but not invasive or tight). So I guess I'm going to have to send them back for either an exchange for a size up or full return...
Just grabbed a pair of the 21BSPs from SELA. Love them, can't wait to start breaking them in. Sam was a big help on the day I went there to try on different pairs and eventually landed me at the BSPs, which fit amazingly. Big thanks to SE and 316+!
Definitely more of a tapered look but generous enough in the leg to still be bearable if you have big legs.
Chore coat fabric = indigo wool trouser fabric = indigo CPO fabric = indigo vest fabric
I actually was down there today and tried these on: I have a 34.5" waist with 25"+ thighs, and the 32's were pretty spot on for me (sans length); about as slim as I could go before they were tight. I don't know if that helps a ton but I was asking for 33 and the 32 fit well.
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