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Yeah I saw that on /r/rawdenim last night. So stoked for the jackets, but I think I'm going to have to grab that olive herringbone work shirt.
 From about two months ago
Any updates on the denim jackets you guys were teasing a few weeks back? I can't get them out of my head
Any idea what these two other makeups will be?
This is what I was thinking was the case. I also thought that some of the makeups had begun to be received so that's why I asked.
How is this MTO looking? It's been a few weeks and no stirring yet.
What fitting are these cipresso boots going to be? And how would that compare to the Trubalance?
Yeah I assumed that based on the pics of the lasts on IH.uk. Not only is the last labeled EEE, but looking at the profiles and top-down views shows that it is substantially bigger than the others at the same size.  I really like the leather here but I have never been a fan of leather soles. Pretty excited to see product pics, though
I'm actually not too sure, it isn't too easy to find fit info on the 110 with a cursory search - most sizing advice is for the 2030/1035/2040/2045 EDIT: Based on the last pics in here the 110 looks great for width/high insteps / high-volume feet
It's actually navy reverse kudu, same as the tongue
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