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In the original post, Fok stated that both the grain and roughtout side are available for use. The scout boot above showcases the r/o.   I love the idea of the 2030 country derby w/ dust black vamp and BU grain shaft. Maybe even do the BU r/o for the counter/pull-tab? What are your thoughts for the tongue?
  Well that escalated quickly. I don't even disagree with what any of you are saying, in fact, I italicized it in my original post, but apparently my pointing out that people knew, at least a little bit, the business model they were buying into, that means I'm attempting to shift fault from Drew to them. Not really, but I am pointing out that this purchase is a greater risk than, say, buying a jacket that was on hand from another retailer. Obviously the lead time is...
Through my observation and following this thread for the last 12-18 hours [EDIT: And most of this has really only developed over the last, what, 24-36 hours?], this is kind of my attitude, too. I'm not financially invested, but still- the majority of you bought into this knowing lead times were long, that the owner of the company only communicates sparingly, and even some of you knew he was starting up a restaurant when you bought in. It's not like this is news, and it's...
can i get a link to your *standard before/after-dinner* size charts? they're seriously the hardest thing to find on the site
 I've heard of people approaching 3sixteen (via email, I suppose) to get makeups done of one of their out-of-stock boots. E.g., you want the stealth in a 12D, they can put the order in for you and you can wait ~12 or so weeks, but you'll get them. Try emailing Brooklyn Clothing Co., they announced a few restocks but whenever I checked they always only had a couple sizes in stock so maybe they didn't post correctly online? Other than that, I think you may just have to go...
It's not that I don't agree with you, but moreso that I know the inception of that boot was to recreate the Cabourn and it's currently available (in whatever limited stock there is). These don't look nearly as good as the originals but I figured people wanted to know. The post got deleted, anyway.
This page on the site shows a solid comparison of the popular lasts. The widths are what they are, I don't believe they're available in any others.
Actually you can't. If you get to the Shipping Address page and push through with a US based addressed, it gives you an error saying that Barbour doesn't ship to the US. I'm assuming it may just be this particular jacket because of the steep sale.
 Just to clarify: If the mini ripple is not going to be done on a stacked leather midsole like Johan's boot, how will it be done? 
Just saw that too. I was looking at going for the 4H tumbled black cowhide collab but now I think I may be in for the mini ripple. I would have gotten in on this round of VxSF, but none of the makeups really stuck out to me as being worth getting on board for except the GSK, which I wasn't even too sure on. But if this miniripple gets made, I'm all over it- that leather wedge is ridiculous.
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