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Are you a lower-case libertarian (as opposed to a member of the Libertarian Party) who believes in a limited government who stays out of the lives of its citizens both socially and financially?
Will we be attacked during the reign of Obama?
Quote: Originally Posted by Casey Although I'm not necessarily fond of the stirrup shape, I think the round faces are easy to look at. And considering the fact that Ralph Lauren is a luxury goods brand, I think it makes sense that they would at one point venture into watchmaking (although, again, they had bad timing.) Although a $10,000 Ralph Lauren watch may not be up everyone's alley, I'm positive that there is a market for those who think of RL as a...
Do you prefer for your shirts (button-front/polos) a blend of fabrics or one fabric type? For instance, I like shirts that are at least 20 percent composed of another fabric like linen, silk or cashmere with the rest cotton because I feel it is more comfortable than a just the singular feel of cotton, linen, silk or cashmere.
I recently read a news article about someone trying to pawn his Movado watch and the pawnbroker turning him down, saying that there is no secondary market for that watch brand. So the guy who bought the Movado for let's say $500 is stuck, whereas if he had bought a different brand he might have been able to recoup something for it. We all know that top brands such as Rolex, Cartier, and Patek retain their value well, but what mid-priced brands (sub $1000) are just as...
What is the best way or products to protect clothes from bugs and worms? It is given here that you put your clothes in a closet or dresser drawer.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff to the OP it is not as easy as you make it to sound. there are circumstances and what have you that make your 'easy' solution viable for most. Clarify.
Fact: The average person watches four hours of TV per day. Fact: Americans are the fattest people in the world. Fact: Health care costs are exploding, which obesity is a significant contributor. Fact: Not enough people get enough exercise. I have a simple way to improve the health of Americans without causing much discomfort or difficulties. If you are overweight, get a treadmill and place it in front of your big screen TV. For beginners, start the treadmill on its...
No longer will there be clothes under $115 that are free from the taxman, except for two times a year, if you live in NY state if Gov. Patterson's new budget is passed.
I have a few items that state they are "Made in Japan." What do you think of the quality of apparel originating from Japan?
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