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As the rules of this Friday Challenge do not require the picture be from this week, here's a picture from March, taken in a shop on La Brea Avenue.   I was trying for the "Mr. Peanut" pose, but since it was a furniture shop, I couldn't find a top hat or monocle, just a stick.
Just took a picture of the inside of a Brooks Brothers McAllister.  Best I could do with my camera.  Maybe a member who is a doctor who has one of the cameras that they use to look around inside of people could take a better picture of the inside of an Allen-Edmonds for Brooks Brothers shoe.Here's another (not very good) picture.
@FrankCowperwood, the computer generated fish are better than the day a little girl was waiting for her Mother to get her teeth cleaned and was watching "Frozen" on the TV in the dentist's waiting room.@An Acute Style, remember, witches live among us so we must all fight modern evils.
Still more for those poor souls who are traumatized when shoes crease: http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2016/11/mythbuster-part-1-leather-creasing-means-something-is-wrong.html
In the dentist's waiting room, waiting to get my teeth cleaned. Brooks Brothers Brookstweed jacket, Lands' End OCBD shirt, Burberry pocket square, Leatherman belt, L L Bean cord trousers, Gold Toe argyle socks, and Allen-Edmonds khaki grain McTavishes.
When it's cold here (by local standards) one can either dress warm or close the windows.  I am amongst the former group, so I dress warm rather than close the windows. J Crew argyle cardigan, L L Bean tattersall flannel button down shirt and cord trousers, Tie Rack ascot, white socks, and Allen-Edmonds penny loafers (with pennies in them).
@smfdoc, here's a picture of Adolphe Menjou and some of his shoes......
It's very important to eat a balanced diet. Around noon, had hot cocoa and a (really big and thick) chocolate chip cookie at the Disney Studio Store and Ghirardelli Chocolate Soda Fountain next to the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. Around four hours later, had Truffle Fries and champagne at Ollie's Duck & Dive in Malibu. I will try to eat a balanced diet tomorrow.
My Lombards and Adolphe Menjou's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
Hardly any roll at all, Van Heusen PPBD tattersall shirt I got around twenty years ago.
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