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I think it's the white stuff you can see on the mountains beyond the mountains beyond the hills.  If you're not doing anything today, you can spend a few hours driving towards the white stuff on the distant mountains and see what it is.
The Beverly Connection Nordstrom Rack never has much of a selection of Allen-Edmonds shoes.  When I go there (to buy Woodlore Shoe Trees) I always park at a metered space on 3rd Street, which are fairly easy to find if you get there around the same time in the morning the stores open (as shown here).
This article seems to overlook actual 18th and early 19th Century authors, like Captain Marryat (author of "Poor Jack") and Edward Howard (author of "Rattlin, The Reefer") both of whom were officers in the Royal Navy and were writing from first hand experience.
In the 18th Century, Midshipmen were sometimes called "reefers" (which some might consider better than being called a "snotty") and the coats they wore were sometimes called "reefer coats".  (See the book "Rattlin, The Reefer", for an example.)In the 18th Century, pilots wore jackets called "pilot coats", sometimes shortened to "p coats".  (See several of Captain Marryat's books for examples.)Somehow, over the years, p coats have become peacoats (although they have nothing...
Whoever posted the quote you shared apparently doesn't know "The Officious Preppy Handbook" is a joke book.  
Since "vintage" has been brought up, each person's idea of "vintage" may vary.  My idea of "vintage" clothing is Victorian clothing.  The best known proponent of this was Miss Cranston, who owned and operated Tea Rooms in Glasgow, and continued to dress in the early Victorian style of her youth throughout her entire life. Victorians regarded Georgian clothing as "vintage".  A number of H. Rider Haggard's novels have characters (mostly country gentlemen) who went to London...
Where's Walnut? Wearing walnut Strands on Walnut Wednesday. Are these shoe weasels?
Art and I in the park. Brooks Brothers camel hair jacket, yellow OCBD shirt, BB#1 stripe repp tie, and cotton cable knit sweater vest, Hermes pocket square, Orvis cotton flannel checked trousers, Gold Toe argyle socks, and Allen-Edmonds walnut Strands. Close up showing the checked trousers and the shoes....... .....and, last but not least, the piece of a person close up.
@Caustic Man, The people who make up rules appear to be people who weren't buying clothes when Eisenhower was President (not their fault, they weren't born yet) and have incorrect ideas about what people looked like.  They are always unable to find any proof of their incorrect ideas that would hold up in court.  Their proof would always be objected to as hearsay, and the objection would be sustained. They cannot find (because they doesn't exist) any documents containing...
Thank you.Here's a picture of the label in the cap.  Got it from someplace (forgot where) online a few years ago.
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