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Wore my MTO (rubber soles and heels and Poiron insoles) bourbon Park Avenues today......... .......the right shoe has started to come untied, which is why there is a V gap on that shoe. I tied it right after I took this picture.
A subliminal message directed at those who fail to tie their neckties so that the ends end up even close to the proper length (which I think is called "Spazzatura") and I. Brooks Brothers blue blazer, blue PPBD shirt, and tie, Squarextraordinaire blue and brown paisley pocket square, Orvis trousers. and Allen Edmonds bourbon Fifth Avenues....... The ever popular "Piece Of A Person Picture" that also gives away how 5'6" me got my tie to come out (almost) right.  If you...
At Souplantation (and using one of the coupons that they email you if you sign up for them)..........
Wore my tan suede Strandmoks today.  These are an earlier version of the Strandmok.  When I got these, Strandmoks came in tan suede or blue suede.  The tan version has off white rubber soles and heels with olive green trim and came with both tan and olive green shoelaces.
I lived in Silverlake when I was younger.  I lived on Vendome in the building that is behind me in this picture.  Just to the right of the building (and not in the picture) are the stairs where Laurel and Hardy filmed "The Music Box" (the film where they tried to move a piano up the stairs). That building was still there the last time that I looked.
Yes, some of us do those sorts of things.  This wasn't today (it was over 80F here today), this was what I was wearing on January 15th, 2015 when I stopped at the hardware store (where I bought a liter of Lexol) on my way to lunch.
Wore my Brogue Suede Stands today.  Allen-Edmonds has stopped using "Brogue" Suede as a suede color term, probably because it might have confused some people.  These are also some of the first A-E shoes that had Dainite soles and heels. (Yes, they were Seconds.  Some of you might imagine that you see what's wrong.  I don't see anything wrong when I am walking around wearing them.)
Earlier today, walking to the barber shop, (before anyone asks, Little Joe on Wilshire and Camden where I have gone since 1975) on what was already a very warm day, and following both the Madras after Easter and the Madras anytime in resort areas like Southern California theories. Brooks Brothers Madras jacket, Izod pink and white stripe OCBD shirt, Leatherman green plaid belt, Land's End trousers (with an iron on patch on a hole on the inside of the leg near the left...
One sometimes encounters the word "Peacock" in some online men's clothing groups, but one seldom encounters peacocks on men's clothing.   Earlier today, on my way to the barber shop, I walked past the Dolce And Gabbana shop (does anyone know if they are still in prison for tax fraud, something they have in common with Aldo Gucci, who also went to prison for tax fraud) on the Avenue des Chumps-Elysees (local term for Rodeo Drive) and saw a double breasted jacket with...
Yes, the same made up "rules" that apply to white and straw hats also apply to seersucker and madras.  @TheoProf is operating under the "After Easter" section of the made up "rules"........http://www.mobilebaytimes.com/bagwellwhiteshoe040110.html 
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