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Wore Black Rutledges a few weeks ago.  Do I get any extra points for using the word "weasel" a number of times while under oath (a deposition in a civil case) around eighteen years ago?
Walked past a window half filled with lobster shells and since I was wearing a lobster belt, took a picture. Brooks Brothers blue blazer, pink, blue, and white glen plaid PPBD shirt, and tie, Squarextraordinaire pocket square, Vineyard Vines belt, Orvis trousers, and Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks....... ......don't know why the window was half filled with lobster shells.  The small brass sign over my shoulder reads ""Please Respect My Shrine". A close up of the...
The Exchange Place has five eyelets, the Park Avenue has six eyelets.  The Exchange Place has no piping, the Park Avenue does.  It's probably called Exchange Place because people will exchange it for Park Avenues.
Or, you can do what I do.  Ask someone to take your picture and show them how to do it.  I have a very simple camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP8. It's smaller than most cell phones and even people who don't speak any language I do can take pictures with it.(Took this picture with my iPhone.)
Another question about the vest posted by @Fortunato: Why is the back of this vest made from the same fabric as the front?  All of my vests have backs made from different (lighter weight solid color) fabric than the front. Why are you concerned about the stripes not lining up?  No one (except you and your cleaners) will ever see that seam.
@ace13x , here's a picture of the MTO McAllisters (I call them McGillicuddys, which was Lucy Ricardo's maiden name) next to McTavishes.  (These are both the same size and same last.) As you can see, there are differences in the toe caps, and McAllisters have finished edges unlike the McTavishes, which don't........ @Count de Monet Thank you.  I use Allen-Edmonds leather lotion (the stuff in the black plastic bottle) and Allen-Edmonds neutral shoe polish (the stuff in...
Here's a close up of them.  I think the people (some of whom post in this thread) who expect to get $1800.00 shoes for $400.00 and who examine every shoe using a high powered microscope and a micrometer were the people who sunk the old MTO program.
Another date (same girl), a stroll in another mall, another bow tie, another pocket square, and wearing MTO (rubber soles and heels) black Rutledges.......
Wearing MTO (brass eyelets, Danite sole, and split reverse welt) Horween English Tan Dublin Leather McAllisters while on a date (she took this picture) strolling around a mall......
People yearning for freedom throughout the World have new hope after Brexit.   Friday morning, on my way to the barber shop, I walked past this lady from Hong Kong standing in front of a statue of St. George slaying the Eurodragon.  She and her friends are hoping that the British will return to Hong Kong and bring freedom back. (This is the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, USA.)
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