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If you are wearing a vest, your watch goes in a vest pocket. If you are wearing a cummerbund your watch goes in your jacket pocket in the little pocket in the lower right side jacket pocket. Pocket watches solve almost all watch-wearing related issues.
Here it is......
What about herringbone and Kir Royale?
You might think this is one of a group of California Loyalists out early on a Sunday morning practicing how to tar and feather California Secessionists. As Francis Urquhart used to say, "You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment". J Crew argyle cardigan, Viyella glen plaid BD shirt, Lands' End Trousers, and Allen-Edmonds shoes.  Also wearing a brown paisley ascot, which doesn't show very well in this picture.  
Did someone mention herringbone? Herringbone with posters for a film about my life. The for some bizarre reason oddly popular in some threads Piece-Of-A-Person picture.
Wearing my Horween English Tan Dublin Leather McGillicuddys today. These are MTO McAllisters, with Danite soles, Poiron Insoles (which A-E forgot to put in), brass eyelets, flat (Carlyle) laces, reverse split welts, and wheeling.  When I got them, someone asked why I didn't get MTO McTavishes (which have split reverse welts).  It was because McAllisters have finished edges with piping. Since they are neither McAllisters or McTavishes, I call them McGillicuddys (which...
@M2511, you might want to try posting pictures in the "Streetwear and Denim" WAYWT thread and see how it goes for you over there. Does your camera have a timer?  If it does, you won't have to ask random people to take your picture.  
Thank you.  Yes, the jacket is darted.  Here's a picture of one of the darts.@Alocin I'm around 5'6''.  I usually try to have the camera at around my waist height and pointing straight ahead.  Have the person taking your picture hold the camera at their waist height, point the camera straight towards you, and take a picture. (Make sure they don't put their finger over the lens.)
Wearing one of the two Special Order suits I got at Brooks Brothers in 1976. Brooks Brothers suit, blue PPBD shirt, BB#1 Stripe repp tie, and white Irish linen pocket square, and Allen-Edmonds MTO (rubber soles and heels) black Rutledges. The Piece-Of-A-Person picture. For fans of old Brooks Brothers labels. This suit is made from navy pinstripe Tropical Worsted.  The other suit is made from the darkest grey Tropical Worsted that was available at the...
Wearing MTO (rubber heels and soles) black Rutledges today. For fans of A-E shoes in the wild pictures and shoe shaped car pictures...... ...not the best picture since I asked a random person to take it and the Sun was pouring in through the windows, but how often do you see a shoe shaped car parked in a shoe repair shop?
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