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Is she looking down at his trouser break?
A Spanish Colonial Revival fountain and I. Napps (3/2 sack with a hook vent and patch pockets) ivory silk jacket, Brooks Brothers blue PPBD shirt, BB#1 stripe tie, and BB Tartan pocket square, Trafalgar red and blue surcingle belt, Polo Ralph Lauren Madras trousers (with a buckle in back), and Florsheim ivory suede wingtip shoes. Close up of the buckle in back of the trousers.  When I was younger, almost all trousers had buckles in back.  Leaving the buckle in back...
@icebergwtq, you posted "I need to learn how to take better pictures". It's easy to take beter pictures.  Wherever you are, look around until you see another person.  Ask that person to take your picture.  
Thank you. Yes, you are right.  The belt would probably match the midsoles of some of the current versions of Strandmok 2.0s.  Mine are the original version from several years ago (I call them Strandmok 0.0s).  The midsoles look like this (the heels are a slightly different color since ever time I get new heels the color is slightly different from the original off-white).........since the midsoles are (sort of) red and green, they (sort of) match the trousers.
Allen-Edmonds shoes in the wild. Wearing Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks and a Trafalgar alligator belt that do not match while on the news rack graphic a boy and a girl fight over whether or not shoes and belt must match. Close up of the tan suede Strandmoks.
Wearing shoes and belt that do not match while on the news rack graphic a boy and a girl fight over whether or not shoes and belt must match. Chaps (Ralph Lauren era) micro mini pink gingham PPBD shirt, Trafalgar belt, Polo Ralph Lauren Madras trousers, and Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks. Non back lit close up.
My big blue friend (his eyes move and his wings flap) and I..... ......Brooks Brothers Madras jacket, ecru PPBD shirt, and tie, Trafalgar red and blue surcingle belt, Squarextraordinaire ecru pocket square, Orvis trousers, Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks, and (since some posters get their watches in their pictures), my pocket watch chain shows in this picture.
A Bougainvillea and I. Old (100% cotton made in England) Brooks Brothers cardigan with brass buttons (replaced the original buttons around twenty years ago because I like brass buttons), Lands' End blue Glen Plaid PPBD shirt, Leatherman blue and tan surcingle belt, old Brooks Brothers cotton tan and brown micro mini houndstooth trousers, and Bass white bucks (with blue shoes laces).
Down by the station early in the morning wearing my tan suede Strandmoks 0.0 (the first version of Strandmoks, which came with both tan and olive laces and had white and olive rubber soles).
An Empire Biscuit and I showing the importance of coordinating one's accessories with one's cookies. Shortly after this picture was taken, I (in 21st Century Speak) deleted this cookie. Brooks Brothers blue blazer, wide stripe PPBD shirt, and white Irish linen pocket square, J Press red tie with little blue lions rampant, and (not shown in this picture) Orvis tan trousers and Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks.   On the off chance everyone isn't tired of seeing the...
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