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@An Acute Style , sell yourself on any pocket square that you want to wear........ http://www.filmnoirbuff.com/article/pocket-squares  
Walked up to the barber shop and got a haircut and then walked to the semi-annual local art show in the park.  Stopped at the local historical society booth and stood in front of an enlargement of an aerial photograph of the city in 1924.  The historical society booth is where the pink "You Are Here" dot over my shoulder on the map is. Showing off the hole in the lining of my Brooks Brothers cord jacket, the frayed bottoms of my Orvis twill trousers, and the Brooks...
Drinking the generic prosecco that comes when you order prosecco at Tra Di Noi in Malibu.
(Trigger Warning:Rolled Buttonholes) Sitting around in the Malibu Lumber Yard waiting for my friend to get though looking at shoes. Brooks Brothers camel hair jacket, sweater vest, and pink OCBD shirt, Lands' End tie, Robert Talbott pocket square, Orvis trousers, Gold Toe socks, and Allen-Edmonds shoes. The piece of a person picture plus pizza and prosecco and Tra Di Noi in the Malibu Country Mart. (Yes, my friend puts ice cubes in her prosecco.) For those who...
When I look outside at Midnight it looks Midnight Blue.
Sitting on a bench made from bronze cricket bats and wearing a herringbone jacket with a University stripe OCBD shirt, stripes on stripes, a rolled button hole, black shoes, a yellow shirt, matching socks and tie, cuffs on corduroy, and a button-down shirt (as well as several other things) which, since the invention of the internet, some people imagine are the same as Leg Before Wicket.   The difference is Leg Before Wicket is a written rule and the other things...
Wearing my A-E for Brooks Brothers black Strands, which have Poiron insoles and BB#1 Stripe combination tap soles.  I replaced the leather and rubber combination heels with all rubber heels.
A picture that I posted a while back in the old A-E thread....... Crossing a stream while hiking wearing Ridgeways, which have Vibram lug soles and orange reverse split welts, stitching, and laces to help hunters tell the difference between my feet and a moose's feet.
People need to get over using the term "train wreck".  There has never been anything posted in any of the various online Men's Clothing groups that looks even remotely like a train wreck. A train wreck looks something like this: Full disclosure....although I was working for a railroad at the time this happened, I was not working for either of the railroads involved (the Burlington and the Rock Island) in this train wreck when it happened.
It's probably time for rolled buttonholes, Madras, pink champagne, and happy faces and then everything will be all right again.
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