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Wonder what's in here?
Wearing khaki grain McTavishes today. For fans of A-E shoes in the wild, is this wild enough for you? (This may have been the very first time someone wearing khaki grain McTavishes walked on this trail.)
A cold and windy day on Malibu Pier. Dunn & Co Harris Tweed jacket and doeskin vest, Brooks Brothers yellow and white University stripe OCBD shirt, exploding Hermes pocket square, Orvis Brisbane Moss cord trousers, and Allen-Edmonds khaki grain McTavishes. A  Piece Of A Person (with Proseco) picture.
1) Black Shell Hopkinsons with combination tap soles and rubber heels2) Walnut Grain Jeffersons with Danite soles and heels
One "difficult" challenge possiblity, a picture standing next to a difficult coworker or relative.
Wearing everyone's favorite A-E shoe today, the Voyager. For those who might be wondering where I got grey Voyagers (which, as you can see, look very good with grey sidewalks), they're from our favorite eBay seller.  Apparently, once upon a time they had been blue Voyagers with orange stitching and lacing, but they had somehow (maybe they were in a store window) faded to grey with just little bits of blue around the backs of the shoes. When the orange laces went to...
As @crdb has mentioned tattersall shirts, here's a picture wearing a Faconnable ecru tattersall OCBD shirt (that has a button on the back of the collar and a locker loop) at a recent old school Class Of '65 quarterly dinner. (Orange and white were our old school's colors when we were there.)
After the recent rains, there is mud in some places. Mud and the shoe of many names.  When I got them they were part of the A-E Corporate Casuals collection.  (They have orthotic inserts and rubber soles.)  Since then they have had many names and have come in many colors and other variations. (For those who might be wondering, I walked around the mud.)
In the wild wild West (Los Angeles). Brooks Brothers corduroy jacket and Brooksflannel POW plaid shirt, Burberry Nova Plaid pocket square, Vineyard Vines belt, Lands' End twill trousers, and Allen-Edmonds shoes.
Wearing brogue suede Strands today. These were some of the first A-E shoes with Danite heels and soles, which were slightly different than the Danite heels and soles used on later A-E shoes.
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