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Full Disclosure-Although I used to work for a railroad I did not cause this.  It was caused by an earthquake.
In a show of solidarity with all of those who, for some reason, post pictures of themselves holding their cell phones, here's a picture of me holding my iPhone in it's monogramed tan grain leather Harris Tweed lined SENA case. I am wearing a Brooks Brothers jacket, PPBD shirt, tie, and cotton sweater vest, Squarextraordinaire pocket square, Orvis cord trousers, and Allen-Edmonds brown grain Kiowas.....
I have a pair of Flagstaffs.  I always buy the same size in every shoe that I buy and somehow it always works out for me.  
It was over 90F here today.  I wore my tan suede Strandmoks......
There have been some recent comments about wearing blue trousers and from time to time there have been comments about things that some might imagine are too matchy-matchy. I am wearing blue trousers (please see the picture that I posted on Tuesday) and my friend's watch strap matches my tie.  Wearing blue trousers is not as bad as some seem to think that it is and does anyone think that having one's friend's watch strap match one's tie is too matchy-matchy?
I've worn button down shirts with suits for over fifty years.
Looking as much like Number Two on "The Prisoner" as I ever have and waiting for my friend while she looked at something at Neiman-Marcus. Brooks Brothers (Marks & Sparks era) Brooksweave tropical worsted suit (it was around 85F here today), PPBD shirt, tie, and argyle socks, Allen-Edmonds for Brooks Brothers black Strands, and a Gucci pocket square that my friend gave me for my birthday in 1976.
Wearing black Allen-Edmonds for Brooks Brothers Strands today.....
Am I the only one who think's that EFV's mustache (which I like) looks similar to Lord Lucan's mustache?
Assisting AAS in checking the perimeter of SF......... Brooks Brothers tweed jacket, pink OCBD, and tie, Dunn & Co vest, Polo Ralph Lauren grey flannel trousers, and Allen-Edmonds black Rutledges.
New Posts  All Forums: