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As others have mentioned, it's hot in most of the United States.  It's hot here and there is smoke and ash from the fire in Soledad Canyon.  Even staying near cool colors (like a blue police bus) doesn't help. Brooks Brothers Madras jacket and anemia pink PPBD shirt, Lands' End tie, Ralph Lauren Polo pocket square, Trafalgar red and blue surcingle belt, Orvis trousers, and Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks. For fans of Piece Of People pictures, here it is. Extra...
Boys just want to have fun......... ...old (the collar is frayed) L L Bean green and white striped shirt, Leatherman green tartan belt, old (there's a patch on the inside near the pocket) Lands' End chinos, white cotton socks, and old (faded from blue to grey) Allen-Edmonds Voyagers.
When I am polishing my shoes, I also polish the leather parts of the soles.  It makes the lettering and stitching show up better.  (This is a khaki grain McTavish with Topys.)Don't know it it's good for the shoes, but it makes it easier for bugs that scurry away to avoid getting stepped on to tell their bug friends what brand of shoe they nearly got stepped on by.
@AloysiusSF, you're welcome and if you look at Wille Shoe Service's Facebook page, you'll see that they make custom shoes, so punching holes or making watch straps should be something they can also do. https://www.facebook.com/williesshoeservice/
@AloysiusSF Have you called Willie's Shoe Service to see if they could make a new leather watch strap for you or punch holes in your watch straps? https://www.yelp.com/biz/willies-shoe-service-los-angeles I've never asked them about watch straps since I have no need for watch straps.
Brogue Suede Strand next to Snuff Suede Neumok..............photo taken in light coming through window and with the flash off.These shoes are kept out of, rather than in, a closet, so they might both have faded a bit since they were new.
Lobsters Part Deux: The Lobster Festival (this weekend in San Pedro) probably isn't very festive for the lobsters as their experiences at the Lobster Festival tend to be rather similar to those of the young oysters who went walking with the Walrus and the Carpenter. Napps of Waterbury ivork silk Made In The USA 3/2 undarted sack jacket with patch pockets and a hook vent, Brooks Brothers PPBD shirt, Berkley Cravats for Eljo (Richmond) heraldic tie, Robert Talbott...
Took Petula Clark's advice this morning and went downtown. Brooks Brothers blue blazer, blue and white striped PPBD shirt, BB#1 pink, blue, and white stripe grenadine tie, Squarextraordinaire pink polka dot pocket square, Leatherman patchwork Madras belt, Lands' End blue and white stripe seersucker trousers, and Bass white bucks with blue shoelaces. Close-up of the belt........ ......and thanks again to everyone who posts pictures of themselves and who like my...
The recent posts about grey Allen-Edmonds shoes reminded me that I have what may be the rarest Allen-Edmonds grey shoes, grey Voyagers. Bought these a few years ago from the most popular eBay Allen-Edmonds shoe seller for less than $30.00.  They are a pair of blue Voyagers that somehow turned grey.  There is still a little bit of blue left in a few places on both shoes. (They came with orange laces which eventually wore out so I replaced them.)
Out in the warm California Sun amongst some Storybook Architecture (which was popular here in the twenties and thirties) wearing a Middishade For Penn Traffic Madras jacket, Brooks Brothers ecru PPBD shirt, Roosterknit knit tie, Squarextraordinaire ecru cotton pocket square, Leatherman blue and tan surcingle belt, Orvis trousers, Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks, and the tie clip I've worn for over fifty years but seldom shows in my photographs (since on wider ties I...
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