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What about white hub caps.......
If you're down by the seaside, you might want to look here........http://www.fedoraprimo.com
Since you're at the Huntington Library, walk around in the cactus garden and see how happy all the cacti are.
Some of us are out in the midday Sun wearing Allen-Edmonds for Brooks Brothers black Strands (with Poiron insoles)........ ......and adding some subliminal messaging to people to stay hydrated when it's this hot.
Longest day of the year and hottest day (over 100F) so far this year.  The giant Agaves behind me (where the sidewalk ends) are happy today but some of the people don't seem as happy.  (The Agaves are also probably happy people here don't make Tequila out of them so they can grow to be really big.) Brooks Brothers blue blazer, blue PPBD shirt, and BB#1 stripe tie, Squarextraordinaire pocket square, Banana Republic grey glen plaid linen-cotton blend trousers, and...
What do you do with your hat when you are indoors?I used to wear a hat every day.  There used to be hat check rooms, hat racks, places under chairs in restaurants to put hats, and porters on trains used to have hat bags to put hats into while on the train.  Now, it seems like all the places that hats used to go when men went indoors are gone.Things are so bad now that you see men wearing hats indoors, and (worst of all) wearing hats while talking to ladies.
A few years ago, I bought a pair of Banana Republic Cotton Linen blend grey glen plaid trousers.  I just looked at the labels in them.  One says "Linen 52% Cotton 48%".  Another label says "SPR '10" (Spring 2010?).  Another says "Made In India". They don't seem to be a slim fit.  They look like this (on a day last year when the temperature was well over 100F).
Out in the midday Sun on the first hot day of the summer........... .....wearing a Brooks Brothers Madras jacket, wide stripe PPBD shirt, and BB#1 stripe repp tie, Robert Talbott pocket square, Trafalgar red and blue surcingle belt, Orvis trousers, and Allen-Edmonds tan suede Strandmoks while doing a bit of "Wall Scouting", which ladies who post pictures online often do...... http://fashionista.com/2015/06/wall-scouting-instagram .....but gentlemen who post pictures...
Jacket sleeves might need to be a little shorter to look like royalty.  However, even if the jacket sleeves are too long to look like royalty, it's still a very good look.
Orvis wide wale corduroy.  I posted at the details in the "EGUHA" thread (that's what I call the WAYWRN thread) and I thought that posting them here too might be something like "deja vu all over again" (as Yogi Berra used to say).Some might be wondering what the boys I was at school with and who, like me, have just kept on as if the horrid hippies never happened look like now, here's a picture of one of the boys I was at school with and I at our 50th Reunion last...
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