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Malibu Creek and I.
Would have gone over the fence and along the creek, under the Pacific Coast Highway bridge, and along the lagoon to the sea wearing my shoes.  The problem was my friend's shoes.  Hers didn't have rubber soles and heels.
For those who are interested in working conditions in factories in places other than the United States, Japan, or Western Europe can read all about it in this book.  Check it out at your local library.(Hint: They're far worse than you could imagine.)
All over town today........ With Cartman and a cow at the South Park Experience at the Paley Center For Media in Beverly Hills...... ......sitting on a fence along Malibu Creek in Malibu (wanted to go over the fence and down to the creek and then walk along the creek to Malibu Lagoon but my friend didn't).....   .....and standing on Clifton Webb's star on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood.   Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece silk jacket, anemia pink PPBD shirt, and tie,...
Since @Buster Brown mentioned "North By Northwest" (a film) and I was in Hollywood (wearing walnut Strands) earlier today, here's my walnut Strands with Clifton Webb's star on Hollywood Blvd.  Had I known @Buster Brown was going to mention "North By Northwest" would have taken the picture on Cary Grant's or Alfred Hitchock's stars instead. Worked for the Santa Fe Railway until April 30th, 1971, when Amtrak happened and abolished almost everyone's jobs (including mine)....
But they're not made from reindeer, so I don't get it.   
While on the subject of black patent leather pumps, just put my pair on and took a picture of them.  They are Allen-Edmonds Ritz, which A-E no longer makes. Whatever one might think of black patent leather pumps, at least you don't have to worry about them coming untied and wearing black patent leather pumps is much better than those silly twits who wear velvet Albert slippers with their dinner jackets anyplace (except in their own houses). Also have a pair of black...
Might have discovered the place where skateboards go to die but have definitely discovered how to tie my tie so that it ends up near the right place and the back tail isn't longer than the front tail.  Having the back tail longer than the front tail is probably the boy version of a girl having her slip showing. Brooks Brothers blue blazer, blue PPBD shirt, Ancient Madder tie, and belt,  generic (Made in England) silk pocket square, Banana Republic cotton linen blend grey...
@Scbrown, if you want a hat like @Tibor is wearing, you can get one from Engel Hatters.  Here's a link to their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/engelhatters/
It probably was wool velvet.  Velvet also comes in silk velvet and cashmere velvet.  As well as being made in solid colors, velvet is also made in patterns, often plaids or paisleys.  Cotton velvet is the least likely to be eaten by any of those hard to see things that fly around in closets looking for something to eat.
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