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Considered them but, for me, they are a little too casual.
Any opinions on driving mocs? I want a casual loafer to wear with shorts. Been looking at the highway 1, boulder, el dorado, etc. any opinions on fit, style, durability?
^que the controversy 
Would like to get your guys perspective on this
Need your advice, purchased these from J'Ville outlet as seconds. Wore them once and just noticed the heel is separating. Structural defect? Return them?
I agree with your point. Maybe JAB doesn't want me as their customer anyway because while I buy quality merchandise I'm still a bargain shopper.
So what are they offering to do as compensation? A smart management team would have understood that simply sending an email explaining a pricing error thus canceling the order would not appease most customers. Why not also include some type of discount towards other merchandise and/or a discount on these exact shoes to make up for their error? Ex. "In lieu of our pricing error, we would like to extend you a special one time discount of 25% off this exact shoe. Please call,...
As requested
I ended up ordering burgundy in 10D and 9.5D. Gonna flip the one that doesn't fit on eBay and make back all my money!
How do these fit? TTS? I'm a 10D on brannick and 10 D in a strand. Should I stay with a 10D?
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