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Incoming!!! After a 6 week wait my snuff suede Nuemoks arrived. Perfect fit, can't wait to wear them tomorrow.
Not baggy at all, definitely a modern cut, tapers below the knee to leg opening. I have a bigger waist (42") so I appreciate the tapered legs compared to the "classic" look where the leg opening is huge
Just ordered several pair. IMO the quality is excellent for the price $39. Fully lined to the knees, flat front, 100% wool, manufactured by Warren of Stafford, rubber waistband, etc. I know some will scoff at buying clothing at Costco (of which I normally don't) but these pants are cut right (modern fit) solid material and priced right. Just wondering if any if you have experience and can comment.
I'm sure Allison is providing good service, that being said, all stores can place MTO and J'Ville has been a big resource for many of us. The phone orders business is important to J'Ville and they just wanted me to reiterate that they can accommodate any type of order and would love the opportunity to serve. I've purchased over a dozen shoes from Kristle and Kelsey with personalized service. Just wanted to give them a plug. That is all, I'll get off my soapbox.
So lately I've been seeing many comments about "Allison" being a good contact. I haven't ordered from her yet as Kristle from J'Ville has always taken care of me. I know J'Ville has taken care of many of us here on the board. Is there an advantage of dealing with Allison? Is she giving discounts? I'm all for saving some money!
Many online reviews stated to get half size up. They said these shoes run narrow. I prefer my slippers to be a little loose so that I can "slip" them on quickly. My Ugg slippers are beaten up after 3 years. I also called AE customer service and rep confirmed to either go up half size or get wider size. It was either D or EEE and I'm not an EEE so she said to get 10.5D instead of my normal 10D. Also available in light brown. Hope that helps.
PSA: On AE's website Banff slippers on sale for RDA at $59!!! 3 week lead time but $59 is a steal. I ordered a 10.5D in black. Went half size up. Excited!
PSA: 2nd cordovan still on sale at J'Ville for $299 through 10/15
Bump plz
Received my 2nds walnut Mcallister today and am undecided on whether I should return them for a different pair. The finishing is disappointing on the sole/welt. I'm not sure I can permanently fix that with edge dressing. Can anyone chime in on whether its an easy fix or should I exchange them?
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