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I wonder if the AE apparel collection will be similar in style to Brooks Bros?
After owning more than a dozen pair of AE's, I gotta say my favorites in terms of fit and finish are my bourbon strands and merlot Mcallisters. Absolutely love them
Nuemora, mid part may look a tad bulky but toe on that last is sleek. I love mine
Kristle treats us so well but kinda bummed I spent $420 on black and brown neumora last month when I could have gotten them for $250
Walnut Mcgraws on their way. If they check out then will order the chocolate suede to go with.
Kristle's website was down yesterday, she also had a list of 80+ emails to sift thru. May have better success placing a phone call to move up your priority.
I have the neumora in brown and black...love 'em
It's curious to me that I was the one who broke the news of the 2 for $250 yet somehow David has taken posting as if he is the one to bring the news...maybe I'mjust being sensitive
Kristle from J'Ville asked me to pass along a message that her website has been down and she hasn't been able to process any shoe size lists for anyone. That she apologizes and will get them out ASAP. They've been swamped.
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