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Bump plz
Received my 2nds walnut Mcallister today and am undecided on whether I should return them for a different pair. The finishing is disappointing on the sole/welt. I'm not sure I can permanently fix that with edge dressing. Can anyone chime in on whether its an easy fix or should I exchange them?
From personal experience, you can buy 1 for $125, 2 for $250, or 3 for $375, etc.
All out of D widths in a size 10. Shame.
Is Dalton in shell offered in dark chocolate? If so, trying to decide between $200 calf vs $300 shell. 13 pairs of calfs and no shells.
Nice collection, I have several of the same pairs as you
Just about to place my order for same shoe. How's the fit? Price paid? Thank you
I can see how people would like this shoe but, to me, it's too pointy. I like the design intention but not the excution
Would you pay $201 for seconds? There is a 25% off coupon from Tanger outlets floating out there
Just ordered a pair of Walnut Mcallisters from Kristle at J'Ville for $199. Is that the expected good price?
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