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who is this preferred eBay seller everyone speaks of? is it allen edmonds themselves? sorry for the naivety
Lmao, yes actually. Been about 3 years since I've bought AE seconds
How are you guys searching shoe bank inventory online? I thought an SA had to email you am inventory list?
Thanks for the input. I see you like Jack Purcells, any other white sneaker you like? I also wonder what the seconds price is for the white classic sneaker?
Any opinions on the white classic sneakers or the voyagers walking shoes?
Any opinions on the white classic sneakers? Sale prices $129 atm
I wear size 10D in Higgins Mill, what size do you think I am for the Liverpool? I don't have an AE store near me. Thanks!
Just received my 2nds sale Higgins Mill today. Super excited to open them up only to see...loose grain, and a lot of it. What's your guys' opinion? Send them back?
Hey everyone, like all of you I'm an avid AE fan (13 pairs and counting). Im looking to buy a messenger bag for work. I've owned SBL thin FPbp briefcase before but this time I'm interested in canvas for a lighter look and feel. I was close to purchasing a Filson (over a Mountainback) messenger but then I saw on AE's website they have their canvas messenger on clearance. Regular $295 now priced at $147. It looks to be a quality bag and at $147, a great deal. The Filson...
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