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Cheetah 1st quality at $77 or 2nds at $61? I'm splitting hairs I know.
ah, thanks so much for the info. based on how often people talk about it I bet it is a great shoe. Today I ordered the chocolate suede dundee for $160, for that price I couldn't pass it up.    I'm also considering the tan maritime for $67. trying to decided on size. I'm a 9.5D in the boulder loafer, you think the maritime is similar to boulder? thanks so much
so what is the big deal about these MD Chukkas? how much were/are they? I read they are somewhat custom chukkas...are they that much better? thanks
Just received them today. They are a tad big so it's a catch and release. If anyone is interested I'll sell for what I bought plus cost of shipping to approx $75
Are the Dundee 2.0 in chocolate suede as floppy as the Amoks? I just sold my tan suede amoks, I didn't like how floppy they were, they lost their shape even with a shoe tree. Do the Dundees suedes hold their shape better?
What size are those? I just missed out on a 10D for $159 on shoebank.
Just scored these off eBay for $63 shippe, 1000 Mile Latham suede chukka. Seller says only wore once...which probably means half a dozen times. Kinda curious why the suede looks so nappy. Good deal?
So mad I just missed a pair of these bourbon daltons on shoe bank for $159. Missed them by hours
I've owned Long Branches, IMO they were too heavy. I didn't enjoy the sole at all. Beauty is subjective, I dig the vibram sole on a boot. It's different. How much do you think a cobbler would charge to put on a vibram sole?
any opinions on the newberg? chinos and jeans?   also, I'm thinking of resoling my brand new dalton's...and putting a rubber vibram sole just like these grenson's below. anyone ever done this? opinions? I'm only gonna use the daltons for jeans.
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