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No carbs after 6
 "mmm dat ass"
now let's make it into a 7-fold and call it a vintage fabric with 60 days on its shoulders
Problem with RTW for me is the rise is often way too low for my taste as I have large hips and thick thighs. They hang on your hips and are held up by a belt, which is most uncomfortable. Most also fall straight down and don't account for the curve of your leg. This is a problem when you have thick thigh/wide calves like myself. When you take into account the silhouette of entire body body RTW almost always falls short in creating a balance between your upper and lower...
I can understand being frugal based on ones budget but I don't think it's a good idea to be cheap. If a guy is readily able and willing to drop 1k on a jacket/new kicks then he owes it to himself to get some quality pents.
Sorry I didn't see your post before I made mine. It wasn't directed at your post...   The premium one pays going through a third party ensures timely delivery. A small price to pay for your sanity when dealing with Italians, because we all know how 2 weeks = 2 months to them. 
Huge spike in demand over the past few years
Salva makes a great pair and once you go bespoke you'll want to throw all your RTW trousers in the trash bin. Luxire is great but please don't compare the two. They're worlds apart. I'll take one "spot on" trouser over ten "close enough". Sending one pair to have copied won't produce the same results. Think of it as an investment and not just some piece you had made up when you came across a great thread here on the forums and throw into the back of your closet when the...
I used to work with a tie manufacturer until the end of 2014. They were very well known and made ties for a ton of brands (some SF brands included). It got to the point where all the boss cared about was $$$ in his pocket and didn't give half a shit about my complaints. I've since stopped working with them and manage my own 2 person team now. I said F it and bought a huge table so I can do the cutting myself and have complete control over the quality of my...
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