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By late October, with the release of my Fall collection.
Just 2 (non korean) guys poorly imitating Koreans   I think we can agree that Japan was not a nice country to Korea or China in the past 
 Also my personal favorite (solid) shantung!
My bad! Sorry if I offended anyone :(
 Hi Adrian, Your order went out today. It should arrive by Monday at the latest!
Braces now available in the webstore!   http://www.conradwu.com/collections/braces
  Braces by Albert Thurston will also be available very soon!
New pocket squares up! http://www.conradwu.com/collections/pocket-squares Printed in Como, Italy on a silk twill ground, featuring handrolled edges. All squares are 42 cm x 42 cm  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: