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 Wearing one  [[SPOILER]]
7 fold self-tipped (more vicuna = more cred), cashmere lined with the signature of approval of sprezz from some guy with a dope beard and shades in Pitti
 I call dibs on ancient madder print raw silk (of course)/vicuna blend grenadine
in b4 shantung hate 
BNWT navy, brown, and gray Roberto Collina knit sweaters. Ultra soft and comfortable to wear. Fit is slim (recommend sizing up).   52% wool 35% baby camelhair 13% nylon   NAVY 2 x 46 1 x 50   BROWN 1 x 50   GRAY  2 x 46   Size 46 Measurements (inches): waist - 16  P2P - 18 shoulder to shoulder - 13 sleeve (top of shoulder) - 25.5 length (from back) - 26   Size 50 Measurements (inches): waist - 17.5  P2P - 19 shoulder to shoulder - 15 sleeve...
Select Macclesfield prints now 30% off.   www.conradwu.com
 Packed and ready to go! It should arrive by Wednesday.
 Can't go wrong with a navy or burgundy/maroon. My personal favorite is olive because it wears beautifully in the F/W/Spring season and pairs extremely well with classic colored jackets as navy, brown, or gray. The new tan is great if you're looking to add some contrast to your darker outfits. 
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