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 Packed and ready to go! It should arrive by Wednesday.
 Can't go wrong with a navy or burgundy/maroon. My personal favorite is olive because it wears beautifully in the F/W/Spring season and pairs extremely well with classic colored jackets as navy, brown, or gray. The new tan is great if you're looking to add some contrast to your darker outfits. 
 Beautiful indeed! It was one of the initial releases back in 2013 that I decided to bring back this year.Here are some examples by a few of our fellow SF members (taken from instagram):  [[SPOILER]]
  Midnight navy twill shantung Maroon paisley PS (on sale)
  Ordered back in Feb. w/ trial shoe. Delivered last week  
    New drops!   I've decided to re-introduce one of my personal favorites (olive shantung) as we approach the end of summer. Absolutely beautiful when paired with a navy or brown jacket.   Also introducing a midnight navy shantung in twill weave form. The handle is much softer to the touch compared to the plain weave shantungs I currently offer.    www.conradwu.com
Haven't posted a fit in about 3 decades but was still paranoid   [[SPOILER]]
 What round are we on?
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