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 Yup  Thank you! They could be, although I believe grenadine is best suited for neckties.
  Olive foulard will be restocked later today tomorrow. It will be the last round as I've run out of the fabric.   The plan is to re-order the fabric for F/W because it's a popular piece with the SF crowd. I've toyed with the idea of printing it on 50oz silk twill (aka royal twill) instead of the 36oz I use now. I had a chance to handle some stock 50oz twill last year and loved it.   The 50oz features a drier and more crispier hand compared to the 36oz. It will tie...
 ...Because you're working a corporate job?
 Unfortunately there won't be pocket squares until this Fall.
Chocolate shantung will also be restocked this week!  
^ Awesome, guys!   Olive rosette will be restocked this week. Navy next month.
 korean secret service 
 The only time when a Prada bag looks out of place on a woman 
 Interesting topic but most pics in here scream peacock and are worn just to be a "wow" factor due to the overwhelming amount of accessories and emphasis on the clothing rather than person. Most just look tryhard and not natural. Not a big fan on the amount of emphasis on the shoulder as a result of wide lapel + heavy padding. To me, it just doesn't look right because strong shoulders are a very masculine feature. These two are the only ones which I like due to the...
New Posts  All Forums: