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    Macclesfield twill print coming early 2015!
They are! Definitely look into them, B. You can pretty wear with them with everything.    In addition to the current lineup of chocolate, green, and navy... burgundy will be making it's appearance early next year.
While the colors are a bit more muted than traditional twill prints, they aren't as quite as dark as ancient madder. I opted for schappe because versatility comes to mind when I pick fabrics - madder isn't for everyone and it's very seasonal, so I opted for a middle ground and chose something that combines the characteristics of both a traditional twill print, and an madder print. The fabric itself is very lightweight and soft to the hand, making it appropriate to wear...
New releases!   www.conradwu.com   All neckties are now featured in both 8 and 9 cm widths.   Introducing the first of a series of twill schappe prints printed in Italy. When I first saw this fabric in person, I was really blown away. It resembles ancient madder but the colors aren't quite as muted. It's a very lightweight silk, very similar to the 36oz foulard I offered. The necktie is absolutely gorgeous in person and I can't wait to release the rest of my...
Pocket squares now on sale! 25% off.   Printed in Como, Italy and finished with hand-rolled edges. Available in 7 colors.   http://www.conradwu.com/collections/pocket-squares  
New release for this week:   Green neat grenadine in both 8 cm and 9 cm widths:
... and we're back! A few old favorites have been restocked, now in both 3 inch (8 cm) and 3.5 inch (9 cm) widths! New releases and (restocks) to follow.      
Hey guys,   Ties will be out very soon :)
 Good to see ya, dude! I really do try my very best to offer tasteful fabrics.   All fabrics for my next collection are on hand. Currently packing to move (to a bigger place) so I can set up shop, so I deeply apologize for the prolonged delay. Can't wait to make the new stuff and show it to you guys!
New Posts  All Forums: