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6/7 folds are more of a luxury. If you're just building your wardrobe then regular 3 folds are more practical. 
IMO, a very underrated color. Love an olive shade paired with a navy or gray jacket for Fall/Spring   Here's one from my current collection I posted yesterday:  
 Currently out of this print. I might do a few using the paisley print, but I'm still hesitant about the ideal of a grenadine pocket square.
 9cm option will be ready this Fall.
  Green print grenadine   Take advantage of the current summer sale for 20% off all purchases over $100 USD! Enter "summer2014" at checkout.   www.conradwu.com  
Summer sale starts now!   Enter "summer2014" at checkout for 20% off all orders over $100 USD. Expires August 1, 2014.
 Yo! Hope my ties have treated you well! Miss CA weather. NYC summers are dreadful :/
 Thank you! 
LV from 2012
  Maroon medallion print grenadine + Ring Jacket. Luxire shirt in G&R cotton/linen 
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