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Braces now available in the webstore!   http://www.conradwu.com/collections/braces
  Braces by Albert Thurston will also be available very soon!
New pocket squares up! http://www.conradwu.com/collections/pocket-squares Printed in Como, Italy on a silk twill ground, featuring handrolled edges. All squares are 42 cm x 42 cm  [[SPOILER]]
New pocket squares arriving this week from Italy!
Got a pair of trousers made by him in Caccioppoli linen and I actually prefer them over my Ambrosis. Maybe being local helps but they came out clean and without all the extra Ambrosi nonsense. He's a young guy so the cuts definitely run on the slim side. Currently have another pair in the making.   If you like the Ambrosi aesthetic (high rise, long extended waist band, very taped legs, little/no break), I'd give him a shot if you're in the city.   CMT pents starts at...
 I've never bought from their webstore (or other webstore). I purchased mine by emailing one of their sales reps and wire transferring the funds to their bank account.
  Conrad Wu block stripe shantung grenadine Drake's PS Ring Jacket wool/linen "fresco"
 About 30 USD shipped by EMS. Mine shipped/arrived in 3 days (!) but I ordered directly through email.
  Navy block stripe shantung grenadine
Yessir. It will be available in both 8 and 9cm widths.    Also have some changes planned for this Fall!
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