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 Thank you! 
LV from 2012
  Maroon medallion print grenadine + Ring Jacket. Luxire shirt in G&R cotton/linen 
  Maroon medallion print grenadine
Ah, a flat rate fee rather than percentage based. Incentive to make larger purchases next time 
 Ouch! I even declared it for way less than the actual cost :/
In addition to pocket squares, which will be arriving in a few weeks, braces (suspenders) will also hit the store soon. These will be made in England by the legendary Albert Thurston, in 6 color patterns.  
 I've extended it to July 7th, ending 23:59 (Eastern Time Zone) 
Last day to enjoy 20% off all orders of $100. Enter code "styleforum" at checkout!
  Preview of what's in store for Fall... Woven grenadine  
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