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 The min is actually half of that
You don't need to be a Drake's sized company to order bespoke prints. It is more expensive and there are minimum order requirements but it's definitely doable, even for the smallest shops like myself. It comes down to taking a large risk and knowing (hoping) that whatever pattern you picked will sell.    Ordering off the stock range is probably the safest play because it's much cheaper and no min order requirements. But where's the fun in that? Shops like VM can easily...
Sneak peak of new fall fabrics - maroon regimental stripe shantung  
Won't be restocking the wool version but I will have something similar next year!
Hey guys,   Sorry for the delayed response. Here's an update:   As you can see most many of my current stock are sold out. Some will be gone for good while many will be restocked in about a months time. New collection of fabrics are on their way and will be ready to be made once they arrive.   From here on out I won't be doing anymore "seasons". Both cool and warm wearing fabrics will be able at all times from the next collection onward.   I started my neckwear...
Purchased back in 2011. Buttery soft lambskin. Worn maybe like 8-10 times. Condition 9/10. Only light scruff marks on the back right shoulders.   I'd say this is a slim and slightly lengthened 46. I have since grown out of it so my loss is your gain.   measurements:   shoulders, front 16.8" shoulders, back 16.3" chest (pit-to-pit) 18.5" midsection 17.0" waist 16.75" body length,...
  I still have 3 patterns which I will be rolling out this Fall, in both 8 and 9 cm widths. One of them is, in fact, brown! An update to everyone: Please bare with me as I've slowed production in order to make some large changes. Let's just say I will be taking a much more hands on approach in managing and overseeing production of my neckties. Many popular fabrics that are currently sold out will be restocked in October. Certain fabrics that I've originally planned for...
End of summer sale starts today - enter "styleforum20" at checkout for 20% off neckties! This will last until September 23th, 2014.   Exciting things planned as we approach Fall/Winter, so get ready :).   www.conradwu.com
By late October, with the release of my Fall collection.
Just 2 (non korean) guys poorly imitating Koreans   I think we can agree that Japan was not a nice country to Korea or China in the past 
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