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  Due to the high number of requests, I'll also be bringing this back in Fall. (Borrowing B's pic )
 It will be re-stocked this Fall! Chocolate shantung has also sold out but will be restocked in about 2 weeks time.
 To be restocked in a few weeks.
 Clag mentioned that the younger brother speaks fluent English, so it's safe to assume he'll be traveling with the team if they were to head overseas. If he requires assistance we can always fly Rudals in from DC.  
If they are indecisive about the States (NYC) I wouldn't mind paying a deposit (that will be paid towards the garment) to convince them it's worthwhile.
 Last one left ~
  Gotta support my fellow Asians My favorite cut:    [[SPOILER]]   
 Olive rosette has now sold out. I plan to restock the fabric in a 50oz weight for this Fall/Winter. 
 Only one more remaining before I re-order the fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: