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With Father's Day just around the corner...   Take 15% off all orders over $100 USD from now until June 21st. Enter code "0621" at checkout.   Orders placed between June 10-21st will be shipped out on June 22nd, so please place your order before June 10th!   Enjoy!  
No carbs after 6
 "mmm dat ass"
  Small batch of zig-zag knit ties now online!   http://www.conradwu.com/collections/knit-ties
now let's make it into a 7-fold and call it a vintage fabric with 60 days on its shoulders
 Next weekend :)
Problem with RTW for me is the rise is often way too low for my taste as I have large hips and thick thighs. They hang on your hips and are held up by a belt, which is most uncomfortable. Most also fall straight down and don't account for the curve of your leg. This is a problem when you have thick thigh/wide calves like myself. When you take into account the silhouette of entire body body RTW almost always falls short in creating a balance between your upper and lower...
I can understand being frugal based on ones budget but I don't think it's a good idea to be cheap. If a guy is readily able and willing to drop 1k on a jacket/new kicks then he owes it to himself to get some quality pents.
Sorry I didn't see your post before I made mine. It wasn't directed at your post...   The premium one pays going through a third party ensures timely delivery. A small price to pay for your sanity when dealing with Italians, because we all know how 2 weeks = 2 months to them. 
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