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"Slub king" belongs to RL/Drake's for first popularizing the fabric   I'm just some guy that came along and played with the pattern settings/colors
 Pure cotton ties.... no. Mogador is dank tho Shantung has trended, peaked, and now backlashed. So it's slated for a comeback? 
btw all grenadines are jacquards
Jacquards are just devices added to an existing loom that allows for it to weave out complex patterns. Basically an add on/upgrade. I suspect all modern mills have jacquard technology and would just use it to weave everything and anything because of how efficient it is, meaning they can still weave out simple solids and striped patterns.
 Wearing one  [[SPOILER]]
7 fold self-tipped (more vicuna = more cred), cashmere lined with the signature of approval of sprezz from some guy with a dope beard and shades in Pitti
 I call dibs on ancient madder print raw silk (of course)/vicuna blend grenadine
in b4 shantung hate 
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