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Yup, changed to a 15% store-wide discount.
Still have some remaining shantung offerings from my previous collections. Only 8 cm remaining. Limited quantities.    https://www.conradwu.com/collections/sale   15% discount store-wide with code "APRIL15". Valid until April 29th. Orders placed now until April 28th will ship on April 29th.
Don't worry guys, shantung isn't going away.
New shantungs ~ June. I've got some untipped solid grenadines and Macclesfield prints going online after I get back.
Heads up guys,   I'm heading to Italy this week and won't be able to ship out orders until I get back on April 29th. In the meantime, I'm offering a 15% store-wide discount (no min) from now until then.   Use code "APRIL15" at checkout! Expires April 29th.   All US orders ship for free. International postage start from $14 USD.
Great stuff as always my man. Loving the peak lapels!
 Lol sorry bud.. just making some room for the new drops coming later this month  
 Unfortunately I don't! My new collection however, does feature a 150 cm length for both widths.
Sorry about that! Should work correctly now. 
Hey guys,   https://www.conradwu.com/collections/sale   All US orders now ship free of charge.
New Posts  All Forums: