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 I can offer MTO (no surcharge). Est. ship 2-3 weeks. You're welcome to choose self tipped or regular tipping. Please specify inside the comment section at checkout.
New drops:     Pictured: Light blue twill schappe print   New print grenadine, woven grenadines, and Macclesfield prints now online.   Many favorites have also been restocked: Rust melange raw silk - 9 cm Navy/brown stripe melange raw silk - 9 cm Brown twill schappe print - 9 cm Navy twill schappe print - both 8 and 9 cm Paisley print grenadine - 8 cm   www.conradwu.com
  A new print grenadine and Macclesfield prints to follow this weekend.
  New drops!   www.conradwu.com
It really is. I've been wanting to do a rust ever since I started my operation. This one is great for anyone who favors navy jackets due to the contrast between the two colors. 
Some spring releases now on the webstore.   www.conradwu.com   
Brown twill schappe and brown navy stripe melange now both restocked:   http://www.conradwu.com/products/brown-navy-stripe-melange-in-raw-silk http://www.conradwu.com/products/brown-twill-schappe-print
Brown one is currently sold out but will be restocked next week in self-tipped form.
New Posts  All Forums: