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One-piece collar 
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My neckties are only available through my webstore .   New collection will be up very soon.
  Back to lightweight flannel... this is the response I got when I inquired about how it will hold up compared to heavier flannel:   "I have been advised by our cloth designer that the light weight flannel drapes and holds creases well, like the heavier flannel." 
  Older one was defensive at first, but since he's still a kitten at heart (the younger one is also fairly persistent), they got along rather quickly. Now they're inseparable and sleep together, with the older one acting as a big bro. 
Never figured myself for a cat person until I got this goofball     7 month old Siberian   Him with a little 6 week old tabby I picked up a few days ago  
 +1 Would love to see a shot of it. I'm close to pulling the trigger...
Anyone know of a good houndstooth in sand? Preferably wool. Fox Bros currently offers a lightweight flannel (9oz).   http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/400/limited-edition-cloth/silver-houndstooth-lightweight-flannel
  Linings just came in and I gave the go-ahead to finish up the ties. Collection should be (finally) ready within the next week or two.
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