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On sale now!    http://www.conradwu.com/collections/sale   Be sure to take an additional 10% off with code "SF10".
 The new (and last) schappe offering will be released in 2-3 weeks. The hazelnut will be restocked around the same time. LMK if you'd like me to reserve one for ya. 
 Not at the moment, but I do have another (darker) green schappe on it's way.
Unfortunately this green schappe has completely sold out!
Select ties and Sozzi knit ties 20% off (can be combined with SF discount).   Braces also restocked.   www.conradwu.com
  New rust schappe print and Italian cashmere/silk blends now online!   www.conradwu.com
"Slub king" belongs to RL/Drake's for first popularizing the fabric   I'm just some guy that came along and played with the pattern settings/colors
 Pure cotton ties.... no. Mogador is dank tho Shantung has trended, peaked, and now backlashed. So it's slated for a comeback? 
 Looks great! Love how it paired so well with the collar pin. New releases now on the webstore. Featuring the return of matka silk, a new twill schappe for F/W, and deadstock fabrics! Many popular pieces have been restocked as well. www.conradwu.com 
New Posts  All Forums: