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 If it's definitely the wrong collar and/or your instructions were not followed, ask for a remake. I once got a spearpoint when I asked for a semi-spread, so they re-made the collar free of charge (I had to pay $5 to ship the incorrectly made shirt to New Jersey).
  Collars always look a little more spread when the shirt is folded than when the same collar is worn on your neck. Also, try wearing without collar stays to let the collar roll a little. It may look closer to how you want. Not sure.
 I have a Napoli in size 34. I'm about 5'9" 150lbs, and it's a decent fit but on the snug side (I was a little thinner when I bought it). I'm guessing you're going to need a 36R, which would be consistent with others' having said they needed to size down one size with the Napoli from their normal size. Post pics when it arrives.
 Keep in mind that SS measures their jackets' shoulders by following the curve up to the base of the neck and then back down to the opposite shoulder. This results in a larger measurement than you'd get measuring the same jacket straight across the back. Per their size guide, they measure shoulders like this:    
 I'd also definitely go for the long if I were you. You can always shorten sleeves from the shoulder, but it looks like you might have enough room to just do it from the end of the sleeve.
For vegan shoes, check out these three makers (all specialize in vegan shoes), in this order: 1. DiRomeo (Italian) 2. Novacas (Portuguese) 3. Vegetarian Shoes (British) I own shoes by all three, and while they can't match top quality leather shoes, they get the job done and are leagues ahead of synthetic shoes from Aldo or Kenneth Cole. You may have to order online. MooShoes in NYC carries Novacas and Vegetarian Shoes, and Sudo Shoes in Cambridge, MA carries all three,...
None of the suits that Macy's carries are of good quality. I highly recommend that you save up for something better (SuitSupply's Purple Line at $469 is one example). Cheap suits are going to have huge armholes, as a general rule.   If you absolutely cannot increase your budget, then pick the one that fits you the best, because the quality is not going to be there whether you go with Hilfiger, Bar III, CK, Alfani, Lauren, etc. I believe all of these brands are 100%...
  The trouble is that, with measurements like his, it's virtually impossible to go to a brick and mortar store and find a suit that fits, assuming he's in the US (and doesn't want to go for H&M).   My suggestion is to buy both (size 32 and 34) and return the one that doesn't fit (or return both if neither fit, obviously). If that's not an option, I'd try the size 34 first. I have measurements similar to yours (same height and weight), and SuitSupply's Napoli fit size 34...
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