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Sigh, haven't posted much but got a bad news call from Yenni yesterday.  My navy cxl indy ripped while lasting and didn't pass QC, so I don't be getting my order.  And I passed on the Epaulet preorder for the navy cxl tanker on commando cause I had these in the pipe.  FWP
As a casual reader of this thread, and a chemist by education (just a lowly bachelors), the e-penis measuring is quite entertaining.  I'll only add that the field of chemistry is incredibly broad, and expecting or asserting that one practitioner in the field would have mastered the domain of shoe care formulations, without working with that specific formulation or experimenting and making direct observations is unreasonable.    Hypothesis:  I think if I mix A + B + C and...
How much was shipping via USPS?
Here are mine.  I just gave them a quick wipe down and brush.  These are the older version with the cloth liner, had them for about 10 months, get worn 2-3 times a week. 
mine have moulded a bit to my feet, but they haven't stretched much if at all.  That was after a few months
are you confusing o'connells with o'conners? there isn't an o'connells in calgary
I get a little whooshing in mine too.  The heels fit wider than I'd like, but it's the only way to accommodate my wide feet.  Don't think there's a chance of your toe breaking through the leather unless they're super tight.
 I think the only difference is the commando sole, and I don't think it warrants the difference in price.  I lucked out at o'connors and they had a pair of old new stock 405s in my size and I got them at a great price, once the sidewalks are cleaned or packed down, I haven't found much of a problem with the neocork soles walking around calgary.  the penetrating cold is a much bigger problem. I paid $60USD for shipping and $40.xx in brokerage and GST for my pt boots from...
received mine on Friday. really happy with them btw are you the same size in Barrie and grant lasts?
quick question, have these boots been treated with anything?  
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