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Posts by buttonman for anyone who wants an invite and is generous enough to let me have the free $25
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland I would get a small. I'm 6' 170-175 and I wear a medium in their hoodies. I think the medium would be too long on you. so if i'm right between you guys (5'10") and 140 should i get small or medium for their hoodies
you could try pbj as they're pretty tight in the thighs, but stretch out eventually. i also hear bootcut ola is pretty tight in thighs too find a pair that fits your thighs well and measure from the crotch inseam (whatever that joint seam is called, sorry for my lack of sartorial knowledge) to the outseam in which the tape is perpendicular to the outseam and you can compare that measurement to other jeans that are from styleforum's affiliates. though don't expect the...
another affiliate coming our way perhaps?
if you need help breaking in those jeans you could always give me a pair or two
kinda expensive to do all that shipping any particular reason why they do so?
can't really say much but skull's 5010xx or 5507xx seem to fit pretty closely to the new standard from the pics on sufu. check them out at the fabfour store in harajuku safest bet is to go to hinoya (americaya as well since it's on the same street) at ueno and bears at shimokitazawa (someone correct my spelling). you might find something you like that's outside of the new standard fit have fun
well most of those sites are for tokyo i'm sure you could find evisu in osaka is vari in osaka? or is it in okayama... and also if you're going to japan to get some jeans, please don't get apc's. make your trip worthwhile and get something like denime, burgus at hinoya, studio D'artisans, etc. wanted to get so much when i went but concert schedule was so crazy and the mandatory tours were retarded,0.043516&z=15 you're welcome
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