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Great buy there for you on Holmes II. I must say that is a lucky and rare find!It's a gorgeous Balmoral.Agree on the Yanko price point for mto. Not many offer that.Who is still supplying the Holburn? Sometime ago I was looking for a 2nd pair...they're black and go with anything.
Hi there,I made a typo earlier. The Holburn, Cambridge and Hannover are all on 87 last which I think has a great balance in terms of looks and comfort. If you are a regular width you should have no probs with the 87 as fits true to size.I do havery a pair on 89 last but E fitting. It's a 3 eyelet apron derby grain shoe. In my opinion it seems to have a slightly pointier toe compared to 87...but this could seem so due to the E fitting hence slightly narrower width compared...
Congratulations 👍🎩
Lol.I must say Dembowski that these have served so well. Very nice leather indeed and 89 last is elegant yet comfortable too. I thought the Holburn was discontinued...where are getting them from if you don't mind me asking.I know about Yanko but price vs quality I feel AS has amazing value to offer.
If it's the Holburn boot Dembowski I must say 3 yrs on of hearty use and I'm really impressed with them. Lovely leather.
Yes Dembowski, I only realised how amazing this shoe was after seeing it myself. I'm glad the pictures abs advice helped you as sometimes it's a big decision!Seeing the new Radwells and trying them on made me realise how different they are compared to the hatch grain model..
Love the way the colour changes under different light...very nice Cambridge boot.
Great choice Dembowski. You will certainly enjoy wearing them and leather on Radwells are amazing. Moore in chestnut looking excellent!
You're welcome Dembowski. I'm quite sure that the type of oak leather used in the Holmes II and Radwell are actually the same however leather can differ from batch to batch even if from the same tannery. I have used a combination of different polishes though on both shoes this could also matter. Generally the Radwells would be a bit darker.Thanks yes I must admit I love Alfred Sargent so every time there is an opportunity I'll choose AS. From speaking to people who have...
New Posts  All Forums: