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Very nice boots indeed. They are very comfortable too. Really enjoying mine
Thank you. The other boots that I have are the Alfred Sargent Lombards in dark marron and black. These are on the generous fitting 7WK last. I had to drop 1/2 size from my normal shoe size of UK 8. However on the 87 last I have the Hannover and Holburn. These are on my normal shoe size UK 8. Comparing these two lasts the there is slightly less room in the toe box and heel areas on the 87 last allowing for a more snug fit (but not tight). Hence the sleeker look on the 87...
My new AS Cambridge boots on 87 last...liking the colour, softness and grain on this leather.
Very nice looking Lombards..
Nice.... can't go wrong with those!
I have just slightly wider feet however most F's would fit me. I found the standard size 8 was perfect on the Hannover. I had to move down 1/2 size on the 7WK last but the 87 last I am very impressed with due to the perfect fitting and elegance on this last.Might be worth speaking to Richard at shoe healer as he could compare your fitting with other lasts.
Lookin superb!! k
Here in the UK it's quite the opposite due to the wet weather I find myself wearing mostly boots. Even in the hot weather they seem to breathe well as my feet don't feel suffocated. Maybe I'll get some Pimlicos some day
That's interesting. .. thought they looked ever so slightly narrower ....plus they look better with age..nice patina.
Lovely boots.. take it these are on the 87 last?
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