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The millers look great...would love to see the sole on those.
Dembowski the Moores in chestnut look great! 👍
I haI have always loved AS quality and hence never been dissapointed. I have the above boot on the 109 last and works beautifully well....and here is Alfred Sargents collaboration with Herring the Raleigh. .
Thanks Schweino. ..yes not very often do they come up for sale. I've always wanted AS handgrades due to the amazing quality there. Very pleased. Good link there. .😊
Hi TtownMD,These were just a very lucky find and barely worn a few times. Alfred Sargent used to produce Handgrades a few years ago but seem to have ceased. Maybe they will produce them in the future hopefully? Beautiful quality though.😉
Handgrade Alfred Sargent double monks named 'Forde' on the 19 last with fiddle back waist. Quality is stunning!
Interesting to see a side by side comparison Dembowski. Both look great but the Radwell is so sleek.
Hi,I'm glad the vinegar worked or at least made them look a lot better. Another way around this is to have them professionally polished or even dyed by a patina artist. A split toe can have great character with darker tones of dye/polish.I too am quite particular about how my shoes look and not keen on scratches, nicks or scuffs...but unfortunately these things can happen. Might be worth having a pair of darker shoes for such occasions?
You could even try diluted white vinegar...good luck!
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