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Hi,I'm glad the vinegar worked or at least made them look a lot better. Another way around this is to have them professionally polished or even dyed by a patina artist. A split toe can have great character with darker tones of dye/polish.I too am quite particular about how my shoes look and not keen on scratches, nicks or scuffs...but unfortunately these things can happen. Might be worth having a pair of darker shoes for such occasions?
You could even try diluted white vinegar...good luck!
The prominent differences were; hand lasted, better grade leather and that killer fiddle back waist...
Don't know about US sizing but normally 1/2 size down from my standard UK size. ..
Beautiful waist on those! Looks like the Armfield on 109 doesn't it? Could 110E be an error?
The boots look fantastic Dembowski and I'm sure that you will make good use of them. The Holburn is a smart but sturdy boot.
Thanks Dembowski! Have your boots arrived yet?
Agree! The Hannover is one of my favourites for this time off the year. Seems to be sturdy without being too bulky. I've used mine for 3 yrs.
Great buy there for you on Holmes II. I must say that is a lucky and rare find!It's a gorgeous Balmoral.Agree on the Yanko price point for mto. Not many offer that.Who is still supplying the Holburn? Sometime ago I was looking for a 2nd pair...they're black and go with anything.
Hi there,I made a typo earlier. The Holburn, Cambridge and Hannover are all on 87 last which I think has a great balance in terms of looks and comfort. If you are a regular width you should have no probs with the 87 as fits true to size.I do havery a pair on 89 last but E fitting. It's a 3 eyelet apron derby grain shoe. In my opinion it seems to have a slightly pointier toe compared to 87...but this could seem so due to the E fitting hence slightly narrower width compared...
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