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In my experience all my shoes are from AS and have been of very high quality esp for the price. Most pairs are from after their revamp and a few before and only had good impressions. Everything from the build quality to finish and leather is great! I've never come across that type of boot from AS either. Very pleased with mine...sorry to hear about your experience.
http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/snuff-suede-cambridge-boot-2502.html Yes that's a lovely belt to go! I really enjoy wearing my AS shoes n boots... Just something about them Was polishing my Cambridge boots and I thought the combination of that on 724 and suede was brilliant. .
Great shoes! Lovely shade on the oxblood
Thanks AFPOS! I do like the Saphir range of products! That's great dpprdr...You must end up with an interesting shade.
Nice. .. Thanks guys I think I will go with the mahogany wax and see how I get on.
Cheers wurger.
the leather felt and looked a bit dry out of the box...it's the first and foremost thing I do with new shoes - and after that say at least once every 3 weeks or so. Keeps the leather looking and feeling like new.
Finally got the much anticipated AS Moore in cherry. Nourished with Renovateur first and then Hermes red cream from Saphir (no.12).. Not sure with which wax to go with yet. maybe no.9 mahogany?
Cordovans look amazing with that make over! Here is a pair of the now discontinued Connaught I managed to get my hands on which were made on the 99 last Being wholecuts the lining was made of a single piece too..
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