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Gave my local tailor the task of hemming my Italy Midnight Shadows with duel colored threads (came with tone to tone). Although the results are nothing like a stock chain stitch from Gustin, I am satisfied.
  How do thee Dundee fit compared to the 5 last?
If they are almost perfect and slightly too big, I wouldn't keep them. As you wear the shoes they will stretch and become too big.
That's unfortunate and very strange. What's the point of buying a selvedge shirt if you are unable to show off the selvedge?!
When you roll up the sleeves of a selvedge shirt, do you see the selvedge finish?   When wearing the selvedge shirts, do you see the selvedge at all?
 Got them. Two colors but that has been established as being on purpose. Only issue now is that a button popped off while trying them on… Surely G will hook me up with a new button.
That bright yellow is making me so excited for my pair to come in tomorrow! Good luck with a resolution with G, I hope they help you out.
Can't tell you how many times I have had this same convo with my wife. She just stops caring.
Why would anyone buy "The Regular" at $97 over "the American" at $79? Both look to be 13.5 oz cone with red ID.
Pretty sure answering his question won't spoil the MTO thread. Obviously we are all likely able to provide him with our thoughts, no matter which thread he uses.If he asked the question: "which color suit would my MTO shark skin 5th Aves go with?" Would you have have not been so rude?
New Posts  All Forums: