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Anyone own a pair of Japan Acorn Chinos- would love some thoughts and pictures if possible.
Pretty sure 100 pair sold now will lead to more sales then waiting for 100 pair sold next year... The shorts will be backed, they know that.
Anyone see an update come through on the Albiate oxford shirts? 
Post the pics!!
More versitile shoe- hurting green suede PTB or unlined chukka? Looking to wear in both a casual office setting with chinos as wel as wear on the weekend with raw denim. Thanks!
any of you get an update on the Albiate oxford shirts? Theyre supposed to be done this month but I can still edit my size which means I have a strong feeling they aren't being sewn up...
Skinny is certainly cut closer to the thigh but its pretty much perfect, just how I would want pants to be. I guess Skinny fit would be my preferred fit if it weren't for the calf issue. I wonder if maybe I got a bad pair as its weird fro everything to fit well waist to before calf then after calf to leg opening. The calf opening is actually wider than the calf measurement.
No, skinny. these were my first purchase from G and since buying them i have moved to slim fit because these are too skinny around my calfs.
Sporting my Italian Pink while relaxing in Starbucks. These will be my summer jeans this year.
received my Selvedge Wheat Chinos on Friday. overall the fabric is very soft, much tighter weave compared to my Light American Khaki Chinos. Images below showing the difference in color (Selvedge Wheat on the left)  
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