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 Should I be caring for them differently? Is it worth having them recrafted?
  What color welt and edge dressing were these made with?
Hey guys,   Were AE park ave's ever made with corrected grain leather?   I picked up a pair in Merlot and the leather is incredibly smooth, nothing like I have seen with my other pairs of AE. I know these are an older pair, just not sure how old.
 If they're firsts then you need to return for a new pair. if they're seconds, you should keep and see what a cobbler can do… unless you have a store to return them to for a new pair.
 Damp paper towel sprinkled with baby powder.
 Why the tongue pad so soon? They don't fit?!?
Do you guys know if the Macneil and the Sanford fit the same? I believe they are on the same last but as we know not all shoes on the same last fit the same.   thanks.
I had the same issue, along with one other, with my pair of Shaker Heights. Had to go up in width which relieved the pinky toe pain but added a little heel slippage.
 Just call them and ask for the lower price. They published a sales ad with the lower price, they will likely honor it.
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