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For those looking to save 15% and get free shoe trees...   http://www.hillcentergreenhills.com/news/details.aspx?eID=176
 Are those the McGregors that are on the shoe banks website?
 The tiger stripe affect from the bourbon burnishing is usually why they become seconds. Bob's Chili sounds really nice, good luck! what were the full specs of the MTO? looks like a different edge dressing color
You think a water and baby powder solution would work best? I mean once you run the baby powder on then wipe off isn't it pretty much gone. The water mixture would soak in.Anyone try this?
   I had a pair of Shaker Height seconds but they had a heel issue, it was very uneven and rocked as if it was balled. @Kahuna75 do you have a similar issue with your heels?
 Which last is it on? whats the price? give us the deets!!!
 How did your mora 2.0 break in? I just got a pair and they're a bit tight around the pinky toe; should I expect them to loosen up? thanks.
 You're in NYC. You have at least four locations to visit. just do it.
Hey guys, Just picked up a pair of banchory seconds, at $107 they look to be a good pick up. Overall the shoe is in great condition, maybe a slightly crooked tongue on the right foot. The issue I am having is with the heal... Something that has been an annoyance in the past. The heels on both shoes are uneven and rock when pushed back(see pics). Has anyone else had a problem like this with their shoes?
 How did you size on the Sandersons compared to the 565 last?
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