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You guys see any probs with the creasing on these daltons? Im a size 11 on the branock but these are 10.5. 11d was too big, these are 10.5e and seem to fit well. I have an 11b on the way.
 As you mentioned a few times, the issue will be covered. I would however just send a pic of the issue and ask if the tear can get any worse overtime. With regards to the shoe bag issue you have, they do that with all of their shoes. My thought is they have one covered and one not covered for affect. 
It was on the Ridgeway, but that shoe is no longer available. not sure about any other shoes.
 For $177 and even full price those shoes look great! AE messed up with that big cloud-like sole they used on the original model.
Your local AE store will have them for free
 Im assuming you have other pairs on that same last in the same size, but it looks like they are too big for you. Going down a width may be best… but thats just my two cents. Enjoy them, they look great!
Can someone let me know if the Long Branch has a poron or standard insole? Did you size the same as the Dalton?   thanks.
You should prob show the soles.
 Did you go forward with the MTO? Has anyone contacted Allison for just a leather change?
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