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 Can you post pics of the blue and green Rush Streets?
 I went down half a size due to heel slippage, I would prob recommend the same… or maybe down a width.
 Hey guys, First post here on the Rancourt forum. Wanted to ask if anyone knew what color edge is on these shoes? When using the Rancourt customizer the option it looks closest to is Brown, but wanted to double check. Also, as being new to Rancourt and their shoes- how does these Ranger Mocs size compared to Sperry's or even Allen Edmonds? If I wanted to customize even more than what the customizer allows, what can be done? Thanks,-Scott
How did you go about asking for edges like that? Is it as simple as telling them to sand down the existing welt dressing and having them apply a clear/natural dressing? It looks like there's a tiny to the natural portion of the edge.
299 daltons?! Please provide more details.
Feb sale? where did you hear this?
Anyone familiar as to which last the Jos Bank Nathan is on?
 Doesn't look like they added anything new… maybe there are more sizes available.
Mctavish in Khaki has popped up on the shoe bank website, they look pretty good… anyone seen these in person?
Even more so with the current/close out model with olive tweed. It's made with golden brown CXL but there's not reference to that at all on the website.
New Posts  All Forums: