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Skinny is certainly cut closer to the thigh but its pretty much perfect, just how I would want pants to be. I guess Skinny fit would be my preferred fit if it weren't for the calf issue. I wonder if maybe I got a bad pair as its weird fro everything to fit well waist to before calf then after calf to leg opening. The calf opening is actually wider than the calf measurement.
No, skinny. these were my first purchase from G and since buying them i have moved to slim fit because these are too skinny around my calfs.
Sporting my Italian Pink while relaxing in Starbucks. These will be my summer jeans this year.
received my Selvedge Wheat Chinos on Friday. overall the fabric is very soft, much tighter weave compared to my Light American Khaki Chinos. Images below showing the difference in color (Selvedge Wheat on the left)  
Anyone familiar with the referral program?   It states, "Give someone $x credit and you'll receive $x of store credit for each referred person that makes a purchase of more than $80."   Does this mean that the purchase has to be more than $80 prior to their store credit being applied or $80 after their store credit is applied?   Thanks hopefully this makes sense.
I'm a medium in just about every brand, can wear a medium slim in j crew. Slim fit from CT. I ordered my first G shirt on classic medium and found it to be very trim. Likely closer to j crew slim although the sleeves are too long.My ct shirts are 35" in the sleeves which is where G measured however G is much longer.
@joshgustin can we get Classic Medium shirts added to the current grab bag being offered? It looks like there are plenty of options in that size available through stock inventory..   thanks and we appreciate it!
Hey guys, made my first epaulet purchase on Sunday and haven't gotten a shipping notice... whats the usual turn around time on orders?   thanks.
@duff406 and @Burzan  I just pulled the trigger on a pair of Driggs Duck Canvas chinos in Moss... saw your two recent pics from last month and wanted to get some insight from you both.   How do you like them? Whats the material like, comparable to anything else you have (non Epaulet)?   thanks for your help. This is my first purchase from Epaulet!!
Is the fabric more casual than a normal twill chino?
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