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Was this in reply to my question about seeing seconds? if so, it didn't work...
Can someone please share how I can see the seconds lists?
 Which store did you find those in? Just returned a pair a the Christiana Mall location in DE.
Crosshatch twill with Japan eucalyptus chinos. CP Achilles lows.
They need a more slimmer fitting chino- something like a 14" leg opening.
Stock store is fully loaded with new shirts. Looks like there may have been a lot of cancellations with previous Oxford and chambray offerings. Anyone have the mustard chambray button down? Pics?
Olive low top sneakers would be awesome. I was looking at the olive boots but couldn't pull the trigger... hopefully they try again.
Anyone own a pair of Japan Acorn Chinos- would love some thoughts and pictures if possible.
Pretty sure 100 pair sold now will lead to more sales then waiting for 100 pair sold next year... The shorts will be backed, they know that.
Anyone see an update come through on the Albiate oxford shirts? 
New Posts  All Forums: