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Hmmmm. I just happen to be in DC and will be in the neighborhood tomorrow. I may pop in.
I'd heard of it, but never made it there in the decade plus I spent living in Boston and frequenting Maine. I definitely regret that now.
I've been waiting for that for a while. Hope I can find some, but kind of doubt it.
And tonight. May have waited a bit long as we are about 1 1/3 years past the "best by" date, but I thought it held up pretty well.
My afternoon beer. Pretty nice and floral, although I certainly didn't get most of the herbs / garden elements listed on the bottle:
 It's a nice beer and Vermont is cool but, unless you're buying some to send to me, I'd say no.
A couple of winners tonight:
That jacket fits you well.  Great pattern too.
That Chocolate Check looks fantastic.  I wish I could justify another sport coat, but I can't.  And I know I'll regret this decision.
 Agreed.  I'm a fan of that beer and its sibling Foret (which was one of three beers we had at our wedding, but that was a while back).  But as for desert island beers, I doubt I could put a list together.  I'm pretty fickle and my tastes change over time so I'd be hesitant to make that strong of a commitment to any beer. I'm also a big fan of variety.  Ed: that looks like a winner. And one of today's beers, a big improvement on yesterday's:
New Posts  All Forums: