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Even though I always scour TSM's seconds lists, I don't think I'll be buying anything off of them again.  I've never kept any of the pairs I've ordered, and it's not like the irregulars are actually cheap.
Thanks to both of you.
Thanks -- that's very helpful.
All: pursuant to Mike's suggestion above (that I look at Carmina's chelsea boots), does anyone have any sizing advice?  I'm a 10.5E / 11D on Alden's Barrie last, and it seems like Carmina's Simpson and Detroit lasts are what I'm looking at.  Thanks.
Sorry, all, for the non-Alden question, but I'm looking for chelsea boots, a shoe that Alden doesn't make.  I figured I'd give Carmina a try but have no idea of their sizing.  Can anyone here help out with the conversion?  I'm looking at Carmina's Simpson and Detroit lasts; I'm a 10.5E / 11D on Alden's Barrie.  Thanks for the help, or any advice as to where this post might bet the best results.
A couple of recent beers.  I just didn't like this one.  Too much of everything, as even the photo shows.   River North's Hoppenberg; I really enjoyed this one.     Oof.  I'm not the biggest barley wine fan, but I figured that aging half in pinot noir / other red wine barrels might make this interesting.  Sadly, that wasn't the case. I got nothing but sugary sweetness.  Maybe some more age will help this out, but this should've been ready to drink if the "best...
 No offense, but I'd prefer exactly what's shown in the photos over a sneaker.
Hahaha. I can't think of a more awesome response.
Some recent pickups: Yup, it's hoppy. And good thing Lagunitas dropped its law suit.
Haha. Just having him has caused me to buy less and sell more. Part of it is a function of less discretionary income (day care plus more savings), and part is just a function of much less time. Can't say I mind at all, however.
New Posts  All Forums: