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Post-downpour with my natty cxl Indys.
All, quick question. I've got a friend who's currently in Japan. While I know the whiskies I'd like to ask her to look for, I'm wondering if anyone here has a good idea of what's: (a) going to be the best relative value vs buying in the U.S.; or (b) good and easy to find in Japan, but tough to source here. Thanks for any input.
Congrats to all the Zwanze Day goers; I'm terribly jealous. A round up of some recent beers. Sorry for the price tags on some of them. A friend broke out a bunch of stuff. Nice. Definitely grapefruity: Surprisingly old, still good. Differently grapefruity: Pretty decent, for a cider: Really nice: Not what I was hoping for. Ok, but a bit weak/disappointing: Not really my thing; too sweet: Eh: Meh: You definitely get the caramel flavor: Really...
Really nice: Blah: Kinda interesting, but maybe a bit light: Feeling a bit Canadian like @hc4thehc; nice one, eh? Right now; I really like this IPA:
I think I might need some cords.
Damn. So tasty.
Opened this tonight. It's really nice.
Some recent beers: Really nice: Pretty poor: This was awesome. I had one earlier that was just sour; this had become much more interesting and balanced. Sad it was my last one; fortunately more should be out in a few months. Solid. Just as good as I remember. I really liked this, even though I hate fennel: I remember this being much more interesting. It seemed mostly sweet now. Also had very high hopes for this one. The description seemed super interesting,...
Great to see the Cromwell in the IG feed; mine got its first wear yesterday. I appreciated the extra inch in the chest, arms, and body; probably could've used an extra inch in the waist too. Apologies, in advance, for the crappy pic. And eggshell Wilshires today. Didn't get nearly enough wear out of these this summer.
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