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Shared some beers with friends tonight:   Not bad, not great; low carbonation, malty:   Sour, hazy, pours like grapefruit juice:   Nice: A bit of smoke, but not much else.  Maybe I'm just the just not that into Gratzers (not that I'd know, as this is my first), maybe I had it too cold, but definitely not what I expected from 3 Floyds.
Sorry MDubs, I misspoke above. I'm hoping for Indy laces in something other than the factory brown. I think a lighter and more vibrant color could work well with natural CXL.
Thanks, all. I have plenty of trees and use them in all of my shoes. I just wasn't sure if CXL Indys were generally considered to be so casual as to not get treed. I agree completely that it will help with longevity. Also, and I know this has been discussed before, where can the one find the best flat replacement laces for Indys?
So what's the consensus--trees in CXL Indy boots or no?
Stopped in Alden Madison today. Walked out with these on my feet:
Stopped in the Manhattan store today and was amazed at how well the Doyle fit in a 40 and how good it looked. I didnt pick it up as I'm not convinced that I will really use that lightweight of a coat, but it was fantastic. May have to go back tomorrow.
Had Almanac's Golden Gate Gose tonight on draught -- thought it was fantastic and incredibly refreshing. Also had this bottle, which was quite nice too.
I totally read this as "I hear argyles singing."
Amazingly, I'm slated to be in New York and may try to make it down. Not sure it'll happen, however.
 Nice.  I plan on visiting this place in November.
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