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Great news, El Ar! Right now I'm sitting here with my 4 month old sleeping on my chest and I can only imagine being at the point of considering another. Best of luck!
Went through about 1/3 of BeerCamp tonight -- the RR, Asheville, Bell's, and Allagash (along with tastes of the 3 Floyds and Cigar City) -- and I was impressed. Nice quality and range of styles. Also had a bit of Saison DuPont and in it encountered my first skunked bottle; and Nogne O's saison, which seemed a bit hoppy for the style.
Nowhere. Came from a cellar in PA.And I found BeerCamp:
hc4thehc: my thoughts are with you and your grandfather.     In suburban DC for the weekend to meet up with my parents and introduce our new child to his great-grandmother.  Ran through the local store and quickly grabbed the below (although my parents brought a couple down from the cellar at home; a few similar ones didn't last until the photo).  Completely forgot to look for BeerCamp as I was focused on bigger bottles.  Drat.    
Hmmmm. I just happen to be in DC and will be in the neighborhood tomorrow. I may pop in.
I'd heard of it, but never made it there in the decade plus I spent living in Boston and frequenting Maine. I definitely regret that now.
I've been waiting for that for a while. Hope I can find some, but kind of doubt it.
And tonight. May have waited a bit long as we are about 1 1/3 years past the "best by" date, but I thought it held up pretty well.
My afternoon beer. Pretty nice and floral, although I certainly didn't get most of the herbs / garden elements listed on the bottle:
 It's a nice beer and Vermont is cool but, unless you're buying some to send to me, I'd say no.
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