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Band him! (Sorry, don't really care but couldn't resist)
I like Dieu du Ciel and have to give Unibroue credit -- years and years ago Maudite was one of the beers that got me into interesting stuff.
A couple from today: Nice and sour, although it seemed a little light in the body / finish at first. I liked it more as I had more, however. This one was fantastic; unfortunately the photo sucks.
First beer I had from here and still fantastic.
Man, those Heirlooms look so fantastic I'm nearly regretting picking up a grey Hardie Cardi last year. Almost. Fortunately I can assuage that with a cable knit fisherman's sweater. So much fantastic stuff!
If I'm quoting on my phone I just delete the [img] text.  
Did those get re released or did they just find a pair sitting around somewhere? I'd really love that shoe and will be kicking myself to no end if I missed it again.
 Those look great.
I took a brief gander at it this weekend too. Don't remember much except that I thought the sole looked pretty weak.
E would work for me and those are beautiful. I should've asked Kathy if they had an 11. Any idea?
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