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8.3 miles today. Considering my earlier post, I felt surprisingly good.  About 1250' of ascent, clear and cold:
4.25 miles yesterday in heavy snow. Got about 10 inches; most streets were unplowed as they were only calling for 1-3. Slowgoing for sure and I'm quite sore today. Not a good omen for what I hope to be a longer run today.
Nice! Going to grab the blackwatch.  But I haven't decided on style.  Hmmm.
Had some sours last night: Nice; sour but very drinkable. Bottled in 2014, not sure if holding on to it for that long made a real difference or not: More Crooked Stave. Really enjoyable, a bit more recent as the label shows 2015: Final one from my CS stash. Also labeled 2015; not quite what I was expecting. Finally, a Stillwater to change things up. Punny name based on the beer and the Maryland heritage. Lighter and fruitier, more tart and less sour than the...
Christ. I have some months that don't meet those totals. 6 miles this afternoon. In the 20s, clear and sunny.
3 miles today. In the 20s, flurries, and slow with my little guy in the jogging stroller.
6 miles today.  Flurries and right around freezing. Knees were a bit sore, likely from pushing the pace a bit too much on the downhill part of my steep run last weekend.
Seconded on the counter -- good idea. I'll add some miles this weekend.
That dbl breasted hopsack is beautiful. Too bad it's a bit small and a bit short for me.
Hope I get a shot at the coats; sadly I've got a two hour meeting in the middle of the day. Terrible planning.
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