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Sometimes I really miss living in the north east. Haven't had a chance to have any Oxbow yet -- or Bissel or Foundation, for that matter -- and the stuff all looks really good.
A quick recap from my trip to Seattle. I didn't get to many beer centric places, but I found my way to a few good spots after that lunch break Prairie. Back at my hotel they had Holy Mountain's Grapefruit Saison on draft. It was nice and grapefruity, kinda dry, and much different from what I was expecting. The bartender recommended that I seek out more of Holy Mountain's stuff. After confirming that the brewery name was a Sleep reference, I decided that might be a good...
Deleted; wrong thread; sorry.
You'll be fine with the natural cxl Indys. I use mine as a travel shoe (wore them pretty much exclusively for a week in Paris last November) and they do it well.
Brick+Mortar (Yenni too) is pretty awesome in person. Heading back today with my wife in tow -- considering trying to get her in a pair of Aldens.
The tour at Westland was really well done. They walk you through their whole process, and here's a bit of an overview. You start out in the barrel room. The guide explained that only 5% of their stock is racked on site; the rest is in warehouses where the real estate is cheaper. This facility was the former site of a crane manufacturer, and yesterday the whole place smelled of peat smoke and malt as they were mashing their peated whiskey. The distillery's founding is...
Opened up the Westland last night. A bit disappointing; it really just made me think of bourbon in smell and taste. Touring the distillery today, so I'm excited to try the peated and sherried expressions to see if they're different.
Nice @hc4thehc! Having the same as a lunch beer. It's tasty.
Agreed. Planning on stopping in there tomorrow. Pretty excited.
@Ken P -- no idea on the Special Herbs. I'll keep an eye out when I'm in Seattle this weekend. Edit: it also looks like it may be available near @indesertum's neck of the woods: http://thebierstein.com/bottle-list/
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