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I am just a sucker for tattersalls.
Seconded. I was there about a year ago -- and posted a brief write up here at the time -- and really enjoyed it. I even went the whole embarrassing nine yards and bought myself a t-shirt while there, and one for my wife too (who chose to take a nap at our hotel instead of venturing out). And I just recently opened one of the beers I'd brought back, and it was good. Still have another, fortunately.
Seconded.Also Caol Ila, Ardbeg's Corry, Lagavulin's DE .... Lots of good options.
4.75 miles on near city trails. Lots of up and down. Felt ok, saw some sights:
3.5 miles today on the new shoes. Legs were tired but feet felt OK. The Asics are much more substantial in the mid foot and heel than I'm used to. They also may be a tiny bit big, but definitely a better start than my last pair.
Stretching the season, I know, but I'd been meaning to get this for years. Saw a used copy of the remastered, re-released version at the local record yesterday and figured why not. Got a number of new and new to me albums yesterday, but starting here:
Back to it after about a week off.  6.2 on closed road, out-and-back.  About 1000' of climbing.  Everything felt good but the shoes.  In fact, the sides of the balls of my feet hurt as soon as I put the Brooks on, and they didn't feel any better as the run progressed.  I thought that one having blistered and sloughed off some of the callous would've helped as the part of my left foot that was rubbing too much would no longer be there; no such luck.  Now there's a blister...
Needed a daily drinker, and was going to grab Ardbeg or Laphroaig's 10. Then I saw the Talisker 10 on the shelf, remembered all the raves here, and figured why not? Picked it up, having some now. It's a really nice combination of flavors; works well on a cold, rainy night.
Ok, update -- here's how the Epaulet shirt I have in L fits. It's actually pretty good, but maybe a tiny bit tighter / shorter than I'm looking for now. A mistake to go XL in this EFF?
Similar sizing concerns here too, which is part of the reason I only opted for one shirt. I'm 6'1 and about 185, but the chest measurement of 21" on a L caused me to size up to the XL. I think that most of the S/M/L sized shirts I've bought recently from other makers have been L, but most also have chest measurements a good deal over 21". And unfortunately I only have one sized EP shirt to compare to, and it's old and seems a bit close in a L.
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