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It's so depressing to me that people in Europe get a better selection of American beers than I do.  Sometimes it makes me wonder why I bother.   Speaking of, some recent beers:   The in-laws came bearing some gifts.  This was definitely enjoyable, and I can't remember the last time I had it:   Recently one of our local places has started bottling its beers.  That lets it produce brews over 4% abv, although the Patersbier below stays at the limit.  That one was nice...
@BenjaminZeev -- I haven't been to London in forever, but the only bar I found that seemed good back then was Cask Pub and Kitchen. I'm sure things have changed a ton and there are lots of good places now, though. Beer Advocate has area listings that may provide some ideas too.
@b1os thanks!
Totally doing the kids heirloom. Our little guy is just over 2 so it looks like an XS in the monkey sock. But the buttons -- wood looks pretty cool, but does it require any special care?
All: any recommendations for Sweden? We'll be there about a month from now, staying for about a week and a half, with no real itinerary yet aside from some time in Stockholm and Norrkoping (I think).
Happy birthday! Also, totally jealous of that beer fridge of yours. We're currently building a new garage and I think I'm most excited about the project (which has expanded to include our entire backyard) because I'm going to buy a used fridge to put in it solely for beer storage.
Same boat as a lot of the rest of you -- really want the navy tonal seersucker, can't justify another suit, have too many current expenses (goddamn garage project), and I know I'll regret this. Also, waiting for more swatches and more news on the new Chelsea and jodhpur boots.
Yup. But not the same Surly.
The Glenfarclas is 57%. I'm pretty sure now that the issue is more that my throat was a bit raw from allergies.
I've been looking for that.Had a going away party for one of my wife's coworkers tonight. Her boss broke out a Westy 12 to share with some of the more beer oriented people, which was a nice gesture.
New Posts  All Forums: