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I'm always amazed by how much of a mecca Oregon is for beer. In one day I had so many fantastic beers. Here's a sampling: A growler of Falling Sky IPA: Russian River's Temptation: Boneyard's Suge Knight (even this 6oz pour may have been a bit much at 14%, but still fantastic): Anchorage's Love Buzz: And that's only about half. I also tried Crux's Imperial IPA, Oakshire's Espresso Stout, and Terminal Gravity's IPA (the last one was a bit disappointing). We even...
Even though I've already got a Prince of Wales suit, I'd kill to have one in that fabric.
Bad in plaid -- how'd that go?
I regret not grabbing the Talisker DE at duty free. Grabbed the Nikka Coffee Grain and Cragganmore DE (a gift for my father-in-law who isn't a fan of smoke or peat) instead.
I'm starting to think I need a pair of holiday party pants.
Well, there you have them.
That Moon is super nice.
I wish I needed trousers -- I just don't. While I know this is nothing compared to most here, I've got five pairs of EP cotton trousers, and five pairs in wool. I can't really justify more considering the suits that get worked into the rotation (oops, there's another pair of Epaulet wool pants too). Now, the Brixtons are still in my size and I may be able to justify those. But missing out on the purple Harris in 40, I'm just kicking myself.
Damnit -- who grabbed the purple Harris melange sportcoat in 40?
Finally got back on the bike. Rode about 80k around the outskirts of Paris. I'll see if I can upload a map when I get home.
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