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Feeling the darker beers here now that it's dark and the weather is cold. This one wasn't anything all that special and is pretty much exactly what its label says: Also, planning my beer lineup to take to an all-day Thanksgiving celebration at a friend's place. The current thinking is three anniversary beers from the Bruery -- Bois, Sucre, and Cuivre.
Thanksgiving visitors bearing gifts:
Those should start to look amazing as they break in.
Christ. Everyone's breaking out the big guns now. I'm not going to compete with any of that. A couple of recent beers, though: I thought this was good, but I wasn't blown away by it, which I expected. Maybe too high of expectations. Maybe if I was into beer at the same time that I liked movies like the Naked Gun I could get into this. But my current prejudices just won't let me get past the labels / names / contract brewing. Nice, but not sure it tops their regular...
I don't know what else you're supposed to do with light colored suede Indy boots! Certainly not keep them in the box like I'm doing.
I wore my pair today.  They're fantastic if anyone is on the fence.  And the Honey Nut look a lot like the Russets I picked up a while back. Also, some amazing fabrics in there.  I'm really tempted by at least five of them. 
Went shopping on a recent trip out of town. The selection was pretty uninspiring, but I came away with the following, which might be a bit hit or miss: And some recent beers too. Decided that I should drink some IPAs fresh. This one was really good: I know this is probably sacrilege or something, but I just wasn't that in to this: And am having this currently. A bit different from what I remember, maybe as it's probably much fresher than most of the others I've...
@Ken P, thanks for including me. I'll think about it pretty seriously, but my state is a bit of a desert when it comes to beer.
I'll have to keep an eye out for that. Also, @Tooch4321, wish I'd bought more of your Marz friends' beers. A couple of recents: Pretty nice, but about at the end of my season for this: Good: Also good: And some new acquisitions:
Awesome -- thanks!
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