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4.5 yesterday. Didn't feel particularly great.
3.25 yesterday.
Visited Omnipollo last night. Between my wife and I we tried nearly all of the beers on draught. All of them were enjoyable, and so far it was the beer highlight of the trip. Here's the Hypnopompa, an imperial stout: Unfortunately, Sweden has terrible beer laws (which feel oddly familiar to me): no beer over 4% sold outside of state stores; pitiful selection at said stores; and no bottle sales at the shop. So my plan to bring home lots of neat bottles as gifts for...
@flw thanks! I'm in Stockholm now and don't have much planned so I'll have to check it out.
Sorry for the dumb question, but where's the MTM in Stockholm?
Beers in Sweden so far, all somewhat IPA-ish: PKLK Space Monk: maybe a bit thin. Stockholm Brewing IPA: decent, nothing exceptional. Nordic Brewing Great White Hype: great white head, more like. Makes a big deal of its calypso hops; probably wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't, seems pretty run of the mill. Update: aftertaste makes me think of French's yellow mustard.
Tonight: some nice Oregon IPAs.  Need to go back and have the Animal Cookies again.  Drank it too fast.   Although I may have to have one of these first.  I love the Half Hitch.  Maybe just have both back-to-back.   And received a bit of a shipment: Block 15:   A sampler from Hood River (how did I not know Logsdon came in little bottles?  Did I always just ignore them since I want so much of this beer?  I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed as I expected...
4.25 mile loop on roads tonight. 745 feet of gain.  Felt like crap.  Slow and some ankle pain. 
Visited a bunch of family in DC this weekend.  Hit up the Church Key and tried a bunch of beers, something I always enjoy doing. Also got to hang out with my cousin who is pretty into beer too.   This Superhop from Stillwater was just ok.  Calling it a "neo tropic IPA" makes me expect certain things; this beer didn't really have them.  More on the "dank" side.   Really enjoyed this. Very strong flavors and about what you'd hope for from the...
@skriefal - nice! I'm a big fan of 2 Row. Haven't actually had that one yet, even though it's the only one you can buy at a store that isn't the brewery (excluding bars, of course).
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