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Hahaha. I can't think of a more awesome response.
Some recent pickups: Yup, it's hoppy. And good thing Lagunitas dropped its law suit.
Haha. Just having him has caused me to buy less and sell more. Part of it is a function of less discretionary income (day care plus more savings), and part is just a function of much less time. Can't say I mind at all, however.
That's too cute! Mine hasn't learned that they're for feet yet. I'll have to hide the shell once he figures that out.
Mike: thanks. I've thought about Carmina but am a bit disappointed as their Dainite model is now discounted but, sadly, only available in really big sizes. I'll have to ask around about lasts for Alden analogous sizes.Also, a whole lot of Epaulet for me today. Shirt, tie and trousers. I'm only sad I waited too long to try to get the purple melange herringbone coat, as that would've worked so well with this.And seriously, everyone who ignored these Russet UK Walts when...
Starting him early:
 And speaking of black boots -- Mike, any chance of a black Dainite soled chelsea boot at any point?  I've been looking for a pretty sleek chelsea for a while now but have stayed away from the usual British options due to shipping and not knowing how sizing would work.
Agreed that RR is a weird place.  I just didn't get why the food was so expensive relative to what the beer cost, and why it paled so much in comparison to the beer.  I mean, they even had happy hour specials for beer!  I'd go back most any time, if only for the full sampler paddle.  
Price Dropped All: up for sale here is a pair of brand new Taylor Stitch for Leather Soul oxford cloth button down shirts.  These long sleeve OCBDs are made in the U.S., size 40, and come in white and blue.  I recently picked them up from Leather Soul, which was selling them for $100 / pair.     I'm now selling these as I wasn't sure on my sizing and guessed wrong here.  Since I'm 6'2", the sleeves and body are both a bit short for me to wear these as dress shirts....
New Posts  All Forums: