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4.25 miles with the toddler in the jogging stroller. First time out in a week because he got sick, and then I caught whatever he had. Somehow my wife always escapes these things. Anyway, felt ok but pretty slow today.
Awesome -- thanks @hc4thehc!
Anyone have any ideas on how to rig a beer fridge for an unheated, unattached, uninsulated garage? I'm mostly concerned about the couple weeks we have here where the temp doesn't get above freezing. Outdoor fridges cost way too much. Maybe rigging up a normal used fridge with a lightbulb inside, connected to a temp gauge, so it kicks on when the temp drops below a certain level?
Did 5.25 miles today with the little guy in the jogging stroller. Took it pretty easy. And had meant to post these yesterday: Just off the trail (they've been there since spring): Heading up:
6.3 miles on single track today. About 1400' of climbing.
Went camping down south over the long weekend.  Nice enough beers, but primarily posting for the view.  First is looking south from our campsite, second is north.  So quiet.   This weekend I also took possession of a bunch of beers I'd purchased over the past couple of months.  First, a somewhat random case (and my apologies for the stickers):     Next, some vintage bottles from Block 15's cellar stash sale / brunch (managed to pick up a bottle for each year from...
6.3 miles tonight. 
5.5 miles today. Felt pretty gross. Didn't eat enough today or sleep enough last night. Still not sold on the Asics. They're fine and cushy, just too bulky in multiple ways. I'll definitely keep using them but am looking to pick up another option, so I appreciate all the shoe talk.
Didn't even notice. Also fantastic.
Interesting. I'll check those out. Thanks @mafoofan. Edit -- I especially like the look of that low lounge chair.
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