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Just finished up 5 miles in Jackson Hole. Don't know if it was the path or the altitude or what, but 80 degrees felt really hot and I felt really slow.
Upslope Thai Style White IPA at Jackson Lake Lodge. Tasty beer, great view: Went to Roadhouse Brewing for dinner. Started with their Sacred Brett, a self described barrel aged sour ale. Well, as expected, not sour at all, which is fine, but no real noticeable barrel flavor either. More like Boulevard's Saison Brett, but without much body. It was ok. Also had the Rhombus IPA. Pretty decent. Seems to be in the style that everyone is going for right now: Planning on...
Had that one when I was in Sweden -- enjoyed it. Tried to stop by Melvin's taproom today, only to find it closed. Grabbed a six pack canned on the 18th. Pretty nice, very hoppy: I'll probably hit up their original brewpub tomorrow.
4 miles tonight.
3.2 miles tonight. Felt pretty good. Counter clockwise on the "track."
6 miles today, but it was pretty warm even on the early side. Took most of the week off due to some blisters. Starting to get a relatively consistent pain on the inside of one of my ankles. Not sure if it's the hills, canted surfaces, or something else causing it.
 Missed this one.  I've had the 15, and I've currently got a NAS CS version from K&L.  Really liked the 15, still warming up to the new one.  I'm definitely planning on picking up one of older bottlings especially as they still seem to be a decent value for the money.
This is just weird.  A 17 yo Bunnahabhain from SMWS, but it's got some kind of odd (to me, at least) flavor to it that I just can't put my finger on.  It's got some sherry, but then there's something else, something really potent and palate dominating -- and this may be the Bovril or Maggi that the label's talking about, although it says that's related to the smell, and  let's be honest here, most often these descriptions are a whimsical exegesis of pure BS -- and the...
Shared some beers with a friend tonight:   Never had anything from these guys before.  Pretty substantial, decent malt, a really interesting -- maybe floral? -- flavor in the finish to go along with the hops.  Interesting, not what I was really expecting from a DIPA.   Flavors reminiscent of Sticky Hands, but a bit thinner after the start.  Overall not bad.   Posted this one a while back, still really like it.  Fruity and sour and crisp.  Perfect for the...
Nice @hc4thehc! I'm getting ready to pick up a new beer fridge too, once our garage is finished. I figured I'd just pick up something cheap and used off of CL. Wondering about an external thermostat, since I'm assuming the fridge will only consistently hold lower temps.
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