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Hate when that happens. I picked up a pair of NB in a size 13d, but they were apparently a little shorter, and they feel much, much narrower, than a different pair of NB in 13d that work pretty well for me. The best fitting pair of NB that I have currently is 12.5e. And yes, all of this is still somewhat odd as my dress shoes are generally 11d or e.
Thanks, all. I've got a couple pairs of shoes that I rotate, but one is nearly a year old, and the other has been in use since January. I also wonder if the use is compounded by the frequency with which I run up and down hills. I'm definitely going to take a couple of days off, though. My last two months have been higher volume for me, so it's likely that this is just an overuse injury too.
Might have to take some time off. Think I may have a shin splint. Thought I felt something weird on Sunday; definitely felt something a bit after last night's run, and still feel it today. I'd been thinking it was time for new shoes for a while now, and this may confirm it since my routine hasn't changed that much.
I keep thinking brandy is something I should learn more about, what with all of K&L's emails about it, but the local availability issue makes it difficult (also, the fact that the last thing I need in my life is more alcohol).
This went about how I was expecting.
3.2 miles tonight. Pretty dark. Ran into a branch.
And next:   Worth it if only for the first track, although it's tough to figure out where it is as there's nothing on the labels and the etching is next to invisible.
Playing some catch-up here.  This was good, but it may have sat around for too long.  Was dry and bretty, but not much else.     Wasn't wowed by this one either.  Definitely got a lot of whiskey barrel flavor, but not too much else.  Didn't really work for me.   Hazy Peach Punch IPA at Block 15, and at home.  Really nice, best fresh, and already through all that I bought (although I left about half the case with my in laws).     Really nice sour -- sauternes...
4.25 miles yesterday. It was terrible. Hot, cramping, legs were hurting / dead. 4.6 miles today with the little guy in the jogging stroller. He was a bit more subdued -- on the lookout for doggies and earing his second breakfast -- but it was nice as we got out early and it was cool. Meant to get 5 miles in but he asked to go home at 2.3 into the out / back, so I figured why not.
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