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A dry hopped Saison Dupont, eh?  I didn't know that existed.  And nice haul there.
Hilarious idea, Bakes. And I do the same as Burzan in transactions -- good communication, photos of posted package, shipping tracking and confirmation.
I need to get some Alesmith. Had some of this tonight: Nice but nothing really special; an abbey style double as advertised.
I should've known there'd be a decent beer thread on here.  Yesterday's beers:     I can't say I was all that wild about the 5 Golden Rings; Alan From the Wood was certainly interesting; but AK Alive! was my favorite by far.  It really reminded me of another beer that I love, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
 Weird -- here a handle is normally priced at what two 750s would be, so it's always a deal.  Also, like you say, JW Black is great in cocktails.  I primarily bought this for rusty nails and rob roys, but I'm sure I'm going to have it on its own too.  Now that is an awesome idea.  I'm actually waiting on some Hibiki now, so I may just slow things down until that arrives.
 Ah, sorry for misreading you B1os.  But to me the handle looks a bit too outsized.  Also, I bought it because I enjoy the Black; I need to stop drinking so much of the old, expensive stuff; and the handle was on a very good sale, coming in at much less than what two 750ml bottles of the Black would cost.
 I've wanted a decanter for a while; I'd just put the Black in it as it'd be an everyday type drink that I wouldn't mind sitting out.   While I get your point -- or at least what I'm assuming is your point -- that nicer presentation should go to "better" scotch, I prefer to keep those in their bottles.
A bit more on the glassware front, but a different aspect: does anyone know where to find an interesting whisky/ey decanter that won't break the bank?  I picked up a handle of Johnny Black and wouldn't mind it looking good.
 This is fantastic idea.
 The new Cigar is fantastic.  Beautiful shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: