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A couple of family members tonight. First up: disappointing from the start -- some odd / off flavors -- and then my wife accidentally poured water in it. Best excuse to pour it down the drain. Second up: I actually really liked this one. While I know I recently complained about lavender in beer being gross, the herbal aspects of this beer were really nice.
I'm generally a fan of their stuff. I think the regular ipa would somewhat fit your description but it's been so long since I've had that one I can't be sure. More recently I had the Ace of Spades which I remember really liking, but that's a double
A coue recent beers: Pretty nice, I think I've liked everything I've ever had from HUB. My wife's favorite, it never disappoints. Also, it looks like Cascade (along with pretty much every other brewer) is increasing production. While I didn't hate this, I generally dislike beers with lavender in them. Had I read the description on the side of the bottle I probably wouldn't have bought this one.
I suppose that depends, but both my road and mountain shoes have carbon soles.
I'm really tempted but feel that with four pair of Alden boots -- and a fifth on the way that I accidentally won in the charity auction when trying to bid up the price -- I can't really justify them. That said, I'm also thinking about selling some of my shoes, so maybe ....
I use Johnnie Walker Black in my rusty nails; seems to work well.
Always a great looking label at the very least with Anchor's Christmas. Tonight: more sour.
Their special orders have a large range of sizes and encompass odd sizes too. There are a bunch of nice fabrics up now.I'm similar -- a 34 to 35 in Epaulet pants -- and agree that it's surprising to occupy a spot near the top of the size range in a brand of clothing. At the same time, Epaulet's marked sizing in terms of numbers is actually pretty close to what it should be absent vanity sizing.And now back to Alden. Cap toe CXL boots from Madison:
Here you go -- cigar cap toes with navy (EP Super 120s Walts) on an overcast day:
Those are fantastic. I can only hope mine look the same one day. Also, when did Alden stop hand stitching the moc toe on the Natural CXL Indy? The stitching on mine is the same as on the 403 / 405 (and not as good looking as the above, in my opinion).
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