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Picked up a case of Boulevard's Saison Brett to have on hand. Also, had this last night. Should be getting a case of it too, but it appears to be held up somewhere.
Same here. I don't bother with bags unless I'm traveling.
I'd weigh in on the gose question, but I think anything I'd say has already been said.
Don't really know, but you can find plenty of relatively inexpensive raw selvedge jeans at Gustin; the only downside is that you have to wait for a while to get them.
The custom one really reminds me of a Kofod Larsen dresser. Sorry, not particularly helpful.
Some recent  beers:     Always reliable:   Dunno about the claimed "blaze" or "dankness."  This one, while not bad, incorporates the hop that smells like cat piss to me.  The Pliny in the background was good as always.   This was a totally new brewery for me; kind of what you expect when you see something called an IPA.     Always a favorite, except for the dude at the party who opened it up and took a huge glass without apparently any idea of what it...
I'm in this crew. The 35 is perfect for me.
I was just in South Carolina this weekend and it was everywhere -- $3/can out, $10/sixer.  Sadly I wasn't checking luggage so I didn't bring any back, but I enjoyed it while I was there.
Picked up a bottle of A'Bunadh at a wedding this weekend. Surprisingly it was the first time I'd had it. It was nice, but I can't say I'm broken up that I left the remainder of it with friends.
Opened a couple bottles with friends tonight.  Here's the run-down:   This was awesome.  Just so good.  Sadly, it was also our last bottle of the Noir.  Still have a couple of the Royal, however, so we're not totally bereft.     Decided to compare the Noir to another oak aged sour we've got on hand.  I figured that the Noir would win this contest in a lopsided fashion, but the 529 really held its own.  A bit lighter in the body and not nearly as nice in the finish,...
New Posts  All Forums: