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And thanks for the reminder, @Cleav:  
4.25 miles yesterday.  Got chilly again.   Also, not sure if this counts or not, but yesterday after the run I did some snowshoeing -- 3.75 miles up a canyon, about 1000' of gain.   And yes, he dragged his feet most of the way (when he wasn't fake falling off).  This morning we did the 3.75 miles back down.
Just picked up the most recent Lagavulin DE and a Highland Park 18.   Also, took a flask of Port Charlotte's Scottish Barley Heavily Peated up to a yurt for a weekend.  It worked well with the wood burning stove, and the 50% was a bit of a surprise.
Picked up a few cases today.   The Lambdax3 is nuts.  About 13%.  Had one tonight and not sure what I think yet.  At least it'll be efficient for some snowshoeing and camping this weekend.
5 miles today.  Calves still hurt.
Joan of Arc, the band people love to hate.  Admittedly they can be a bit tough to love at times.  Boo Human today.
The legs -- especially my calves -- were pretty sore today.  Tried to take it easy and keep it flat, so 4 miles.
8.5 trail miles, 1400' of gain.     Pretty muddy as we're still in a thaw here, and there was a bunch of dirt covered ice too.  Looks like it was a bit of a rough winter, though.  Saw a set of rabbit feet on the trail that weren't the lucky kind, and came across this about a mile in.  Much fresher than the one I saw in the spring as it still had some hair:
Raved about, and rightly so in my opinion. I really like this song. Got to pick up the album:  
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