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Only 100 new per year? C'mon, go for a new beer every day!
@Piobaire  -- yup, you can still get the Specialized Armadillos or Conti Gatorskins,  While not quite as tough, I'm most partial to Conti's GP 4Seasons in 25 or 28 mm widths.  I also like Conti's GP 4000S IIs in 25 mm, but I generally save those for summer.  Take all this with a grain of salt, however, as I haven't been out on any of my bikes in over a year.  Having a kid just makes running much more efficient.
Thanks, @cocostella.  I'm tempted to stay in the Del Mar area just because it'd be the easiest to do, and for a long weekend I'm not looking to expend much effort.  At the same time I'd love to hit Societe, Modern Times, maybe the big Stone and a bunch of others.  I'll have to consult with my wife and see what she's up for.  I expect that she's leaning towards the low-key option, however.
Starting to plot out our San Diego weekend.  I'm amazed at the sheer number of breweries simply due to the multiples of Stone, Pizza Port, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Modern Times, etc., not to mention the "smaller" places with only one location.  And there's just a ton of really good looking beer bars (I could visit my second Toronado) and whiskey places too.  The only down side is that we may not even spend any time in San Diego proper.  We're going out to visit my...
Got the heavyweight navy Shetland pants yesterday, and the photo doesn't do them justice: And keeping with the EP theme, olive tree herringbone Rudys today:
Christ, the arms on that 45 chair . . . .  I've never looked into it, so I have no idea why it goes for such extreme sums, but good god that thing is amazing. And @Medwed, I agree.  I think that the 133 is a great lounge chair, but I can't get on board with $3k for two when I paid less than a quarter of that for one.
Speaking of losing at auction, I put in a low-ball bid on a pair of Finn Juhl 133 chairs today.  For years I've been looking for a match for the one I've already got, but I haven't been able to find anything decent at non-1st Dibs prices.  I figured maybe I'd get lucky and no one would be paying attention to this auction, giving me a match and letting me unload the other.  Unfortunately I was nowhere near the hammer price (not including the 25% buyer's premium) of $2600....
@Kid Nickels  -- thanks to you and @cocostella for the advice and recommendations.  I haven't actually started planning yet, although I've been meaning to.  I'll definitely look into them soon.
For some reason that Rhinegeist logo makes me think of the Cobra logo from the GI Joe cartoon.
No idea personally, but I'm sure either would be fine. I'd even bet that Bicycling or some publication like that would have a head-to-head comparison. Edit: Road Bike Action; close enough. http://roadbikeaction.com/bike-tests/shootout-cannondale-versus-trek-a-clash-of-comfort There also appear to be lots of discussion threads on other sites about this comparison. Sorry that I have no personal input, though.
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