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Just grabbed the Cromwell tattersall from the Individualized MTO -- it's exactly the colors / pattern I've been looking for to replace some older, ill-fitting shirts.  I also pm'd Mike about adjusting the chest size a bit.  I hope that's possible.
A bit of a weekend wrap-up here:   I thought this one was kind of interesting, a collaboration between Stone, Ecliptic, and Wicked Weed, which was a blend of a double IPA and a Belgian-style tripel, the latter of which was barrel aged.       I can't say I enjoyed this one.  Apparently an apple ale with some spices, I found it thin and lacking in body.     Not bad . . . .     Sorry for the poor photos from here on out.  The beer on the right, Two Row's...
Fortunately, I just took delivery of some replacements. A group that should be pretty interesting: And some of this year's Islay releases: Also, while on vacation recently, I found some Hibiki 17 and Yoichi 15. I was tempted by both but ultimately didn't pull the trigger because I'm planning on the Yamazaki 18.
Took the bottle to a party on Sunday night.  I thought it was pretty enjoyable and, apparently, everyone else did too.  It was finished in about an hour.  
Every time @Ken P posts, I get a bit more jealous.
Last beers from California. This was fine, but nothing particularly special: Enjoyable, although my wife found it to be "soapy": Hops hops hops; I liked it: Very disappointing; this was nothing but sweet:
A duo of Alpine Duets. Nice, but very reminiscent of another IPA that I really like. Wish I could put my finger on it. And this one is now. Interesting, but I don't like it nearly as much as their regular IPA.
So we made it out to the Bruery today. I had two full samplers' worth. I think I went in with unrealistic expectations, because more often than not I absolutely love what they brew. Some were really good, including the Beret (sour wit with raspberries), So Happens Its a Tuesday (a slightly toned-down take on the Black Tuesday), and the Coffee and Mole versions of Smoking Wood. Some others just seemed a bit off or lacking, like L'Deracola (a weird cola inspired beer) and...
Agreed that getting friends into beer is pretty cool. I've swayed all of my close friends locally, along with my brother in law and my sister. I'll never convert my dad, though; he was into wine long before I was into beer, and he has a cellar with more bottles than we'll ever drink. On the upside, I've got a corner of that cellar that I'm stocking with my beer and wine. Back on the downside, it's about a continent away from me. Tonight's take out beers: I really enjoyed...
If only those plaza color 8 boots were in my size.
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