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  I've somehow got the glassware for that one.  I'd guess it's been 5 or 6 years since I last had it, though. 
Same.  That's the one thing I could use.  Once I get that down it's just a question of cinnamon, derby, or purple heather. 
Sorry in advance for the somehow even crappier than normal photo.  Had this one tonight; couldn't resist when I saw it on the list.  Parts of it made me think of a milkshake.  Big vanilla and whisky flavors and smells; tons of sweetness, which should be expected at 12%; and a very bitter tail-end, possibly from the coffee.  Nice enough, but I would like to see what would happen with some age. It might actually get pretty interesting instead of just reminding me of a...
Jealous of the Westy and the Smutty.  I miss the latter's IPA.
 Got a couple of bottles of Sticky Hands waiting for me, which is a bit of a shame as I'm guessing they'll have degraded a bit by the time I get to them.  Contributing to the overall problem in beer right now, I'm all for hyped stuff when I get to try some.   Also, opened this one up tonight.  I liked it.  You really got the grapes on the nose, almost dessert-wine-ish in smell, and it was mildly sour and nicely dry. Can't say I noticed the dry-hopping though, and its 9.5%...
I totally agree on the Duvel -- sometimes it's exactly what you want. Same on the 90 Minute -- sometimes it's just too much.As for the 120, I'd recommend sitting on those for a while. I got a couple over the winter and opened one up right away. It wasn't enjoyable. I don't remember my exact thoughts, but I posted something about it here.
Seems like a really good idea to have the speakers built into the table that supports the record player.
You know, I was thinking 'I've got a cardigan and don't really need a hoodie.'  But I didn't know there'd be crewnecks on offer.  I could definitely use a crewneck.  
New Posts  All Forums: