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Some 4th of July beers: This one was ok, although I'm generally not a fan of barley wines. I was surprised by this one. Nicely sour -- which I didn't expect based on any info on the bottle -- without any rum barrel flavor. Really good. I can't remember the last time I had a Fred, but this did nothing for me. Way too sweet, and much too hoppy, all at the same time. edit: I should note that the HotD was batch 93, too recent to make the website's vintage list...
I'm sure others here can chime in, but I'm doing this currently. I'm slightly worried about my French blue Rivets; they've been washed and worn a bunch, but have always been just a bit too tight. Also having another pair done which were always way too slim in the seat and the waist. Should have them back early next week, so I can let you know.
The last of our 2014 Saison Brett.  I'd meant to try this against this year's version, but neither my wife nor I is up for that big of a night.  The bottle was a bit active; and my wife's initial take was that it had a very floral taste but, as it's warmed up, she feels it's a bit bitter.  I'm definitely getting the bitterness, and a bit dry, but also with an almost boozy aftertaste.  I'm not sure if time really did this one any favors.   Also, @indesertum, this is...
Had this one the other night. Night and day vs the Strawberry. Not overpoweringly sour, and with some fruit. I think this marked the last of our fruity Cascades, though; now it's all Bourbonics and Vines, Vlads and Sangs, and maybe a Noyaux in there. Also, does this qualify as a fruit beer? Grabbed while cooling down after a run. Wasn't nearly as horrible as I expected (my fears may have been based on Bud's Clamato version) and I actually kind of enjoyed it.
Haven't actually gotten around to opening it yet.  I was planning on trying it tonight, but then decided that I've got too many open bottles.  
Finally got around to picking up a bottle of Westland today.  I was caught between this and the recent Balvenie 15 single cask; but since I've had a lot of  Balvenie, including an earlier version of the 15, I figured I should try something new.  While I expect that I'll probably enjoy their peated or sherried versions, those aren't available locally and I'm probably a sucker for the "start with the common denominator" approach.
Revisited Cascade's Strawberry 2013 tonight.  It wasn't as bad as I remember it being, but it definitely wasn't good.  Way too much barnyard / cheese type funk, along with an odd chemical taste (that worsened as the beer warmed up; my wife likened it to glass cleaner), and a weird burn in the back of the throat to boot.  Unsurprisingly, the bottle got tossed and we made everything better by moving on to Fantome.  
It might seem a bit weird to people who aren't into beer.  You can often find those overly cautious bartenders, who likely exist as a response to the overly sensitive customers who try to send a beer back if it doesn't taste the way they assume it should. A couple recents:  While not a brewery I look to when I want something interesting, Bohemian makes a number of tasty and easy drinking lagers.  Their beers tend to be refreshing and low alcohol, and they largely succeed...
I am psyched for the tweeds.
Sorry for the confusion. We were talking about Block 15 cans.
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