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I want to purchase my first EG shirt but am not sure about the side length (armpit seam to bottom). It seems quite short that my side would show if I lifted my arms. I work in construction so I raise them a fair bit.   Would anyone know what the side length is for a medium and large of the band collar shirt? I'd also like to know if that follows with all their shirts for future reference.
Anyone know what the side length (armpit to side hem) is for the large of the band collar shirt? seems way short.
anyone know the weights of the tropical wool? i live in a tropical country and weights are very important
@kbuzz i am referring to the hikohime. the 34.5 waist has a hem of just below 8" on them, which is almost slim for me. slim for me is 7.75 and straight is just a quarter inch at 8". i am 6'1/2 and fluctuate between 180-190. when measured, my waist is 35, but the denim should expand enough within a few wears.
Can someone post the measurements for the backpack?
Can someone post the shoulder, chest and wrist measurement for a sz 3 kilgore? want to know how much i can layer under it
Anyone has any experience with the Purcell silhouette of Doek sneakers? More comfortable than normal Purcells?
Are carmina sold w the lasts
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