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anyone know the weights of the tropical wool? i live in a tropical country and weights are very important
@kbuzz i am referring to the hikohime. the 34.5 waist has a hem of just below 8" on them, which is almost slim for me. slim for me is 7.75 and straight is just a quarter inch at 8". i am 6'1/2 and fluctuate between 180-190. when measured, my waist is 35, but the denim should expand enough within a few wears.
Can someone post the measurements for the backpack?
Can someone post the shoulder, chest and wrist measurement for a sz 3 kilgore? want to know how much i can layer under it
Anyone has any experience with the Purcell silhouette of Doek sneakers? More comfortable than normal Purcells?
Are carmina sold w the lasts
I've actually made my own shirts and pants before. Ordered a pattern online but the fit sucked. I've since gotten a shirt from Uniqlo to copy its fit and it turned out well.
After seeing this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/339094/anna-matuozzo-a-walk-through-of-my-bespoke-shirt-purchase-in-napoli - but can someone help me out?   To start, I plan on just getting a simple shirt from banana rep/gap/uniqlo/insertcheapbrandhere, use that for a pattern, buy some cheap fabric and sew it myself. The wife has a sewing machine which used to belong to her mother, and I know how to use it (to some degree).   I however have no bespoke shirt. Way...
Anyone know where I can buy solaro fabric? Want to have my tailor make me a suit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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