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Because the dress code only allows for black and white, so there are no choices to be made. It is formal wear, i.e. dressing to a prescribed form. Colour variation removes it from the realm of formal wear, hence it is, then, no longer a Tuxedo.
Sorry for the bathroom photo. I tried all three mirrors available in the building, and this was the only one with remotely adequate lighting. I'm also still using a temporary phone with a terrible camera. So, it is what it is! Waistcoat needs some work - shortened at the shoulder, and in at the sides.
Brilliant, DC!
 Congrats on the new job.  May it pay enough for endless alterations, insofar as they make you happy, and stylish, in that order!
That makes me a sad panda.
 Tell me there's a Homburg or bowler cut off!  Sharp as.
 The second photo it's a rich grey with blues to it.  In the first photo, it's Air Force blue.  My guess is you find the colour presentation harsh in the first photo.
 Thank you!
100% thrifted today, including the shoes. Suit was picked up Saturday, and hasn't been altered a stitch. Couldn't get a full length shot, but the pants have a perfect, soft break.
Just out to the pub to meet a friend, sing some karaoke. Blazer looks black for some reason, but it's good old fashioned navy. Blazer - no name thrift Shirt - nautica thrift Sweater - gap Pants - no name Scarf - cashmere claimed from an office lost and found after its owner moved to Toronto smudge didn't care to have it sent to him. Hat - magill thrift Hat band - my own two hands, plus needle and thread
New Posts  All Forums: