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The placement of the spark plugs, and other components over them, in my wife's car has caused me to pay $100 to have them changed. I feel like I just had to hire someone to change a light bulb.
Woke up today, and was still excited about my vacation. Plus getting drunk with my wife and watching stand up on Netflix last night was pretty fun.
This is wise advice. I think I'll go by ITBM.
The money spent is also 100% guilt free, as the trip is for the wedding of my best friend since high school, and I'm to be his Best Man. He fulfilled the same role at my wedding last year. There is absolutely no choice but to go! So, I'm obligated to spend a week in paradise, no matter the cost!
Just paid the final balance on my vacation. St Lucia here I come!
I have a thrifted pair of fifth avenues and LOVE them. Great shoes.If it's a reasonably relaxed crowd, I can't see the harm.
Wear the navy suit with an odd vest (grey or buff ideally) for warmth. An undershirt will go a long way. If it's standing/mingling a hat will also help with the warmth of you have one, or feel the urge to purchase one - a proper felt hat, of course.
Could I see a photo of that multi-layer bow?
So here's an interesting topic for debate. How casually do folks think a soft hat, such as a Fedora, can be worn? For example, in wearing jeans and a very casual polo today. Can I wear the grey fedora I pictured earlier in the week, or would you save it for at least chinos and a button up? Sport coat? What about with a leather bomber jacket - if we can ignore the resemblance to Dr. Jones. Should a trilby, it cap be worn instead? What about stiff hats. I have a...
Thank you, muchly. I'm quite proud of it. More new bands to come in the future!
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