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 I'd be up for that.  Where will you be staying?
It's made by S. Cohen/iMeasure of Montreal. The turnaround time is pretty quick.No. Final alterations are included. I'm sure there is a line at which they wouldn't be - for example I didn't ask to have the sleeve pitch adjusted. I had the pants hemmed twice because I'd ordered them too short, not having had such tapered pants before. One sleeve had to be shortened a hair, the thighs had to be let out, the waist taken in, the jacket buttons moved a little, and the collar...
 You can do a flower that's in her bouquet, if you like that flower.  That is a tradition; personally I think it's a nice one.  This can still be a single blossom, just one of the varieties from her bouquet.  It also doesn't have to be, if there isn't one you like. You don't have to do extravagant boutonnieres vomiting baby's breath everywhere.  It took me quite some time to convince the florist that I really did only want a single blossom on ours (bound to a peacock...
Might give it a go...
If they're only as tough to wear as toppers, I fail to see the problem.
I like it, though! The rest are semantics.
The crown also telescopes which I don't think is boateright
As I mentioned somewhere above, I had occasion to wear two new lounge suits, as well as Morning Dress to Salute to Vienna on New Year's Day.  Ok, so I was overdressed, perhaps, but for Vancouver, it was an incredibly formal affair, as more men were wearing jackets and ties than not.  We host a BTO Christmas party at our place, and because of our trip in the early part of December, we moved it to December 27th.  My wife snapped a couple of photos while I was relaxing after...
I'm having a heck of a time choosing what fit to feature!  This Christmas has provided me opportunities for smart casual, a couple of lounge suits, semi-formal, and a formal opportunity upcoming on New Year's Day!
$10, and $40 in alterations.
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