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 Fluevog shoes has its main shop in Gastown.  May or may not be your style, but interesting work nonetheless, and a Vancouver institution.  All I can think of that's unique to Vancouver.
 Can't see a reason not to wear brown Oxfords with pretty much any suit.  I think that suit lends itself to no belt loops, but I don't think a belt is wrong, at all.  If you remove the belt loops, you either need to wear suspenders, or get side tabs put on, or have some other way to ensure a very snug fit at the waist, such as making the trousers quite tight at the waist.  People wear belts with suits all the time (including many, many posters on this forum with better...
 I like the look of matching to the shirt - though a border on the pocket square makes it work better.  But don't match it to the tie, I agree.  I second the suggestions above, and would add that I think that might be one of the rare suits that would work with an OCBD.  Can't say for sure from just the sleeve, but I really like the fabric; nice pick up!  Wear it in good health.
Causal today. Don't know if it counts as CM or not.
Subbe. Will try. No promises.
Thanks, lads. I went wuthering burgundy. And I hadn't given that suit a proper public debut (in this country) yet, so I had to!
Going to Book of Mormon tonight. Wearing this suit and tie. White shirt, and braces. Black or burgundy oxfords? Incandescent without flash: With flash: Charcoal & light grey shark skin, which comes out the lighter end of mid grey.
Great pants. I've been wanting a pair just like that for a couple of years. Details?
Easter Sunday. Not sure if this counts by date, or as an odd jacket, but my week exploded into a family emergency and I didn't have the time or energy to dress properly, let alone or together a challenge rig. So, enjoy whether it qualifies or not. We went for tea after mass, and this was across the street. I said to my wife "hey take a picture of me in front of the Church of Style Forum." :P
New Posts  All Forums: