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While irrelevant, I think that it's a fitting end for a hybrid between a cheap dinner jacket, and a Star Trek: TNG formal uniform.
 I think white's going to look best. Ecru would be good too, and a little less "bam."
 Some of these make appearances in Mad Men at an awards ceremony.
I should clarify - I still vote against the shirt.  My discussion of its optimisation is purely academic.
 Toning the ruffles down, imo, would certainly help. I also might explore a turndown collar.  I'm not saying that's necessarily better, just that I'd try to draw or photoshop it or something to see.  I wonder if it might make the shirt stand out just a bit less.  I guess that depends on the popularity of wing collars at the events you attend.  My thinking is that the ruffles could then be the only part of the shirt making a statement, rather than having the collar announce...
 I think it would only be seen as dressing in period attire, and being quite eccentric.  It also presents the challenge of coordinating the bosom with your waistcoat. If the ruffled bib is too wide, the ruffles will be pinned down by the sides.  If it is too narrow, you'll show undecorated shirt at the edge. I suppose the solution there is (1) have the shrt custom made so it's perfectly suited to your waistcoat and (2) to have the ruffles an inch or so inside the edge of...
 You high, brah?
I suppose there is don't logic to that, as they would try to stretch less straw once more head?
 Well, as I will be ordering a cheap hat, lucky me? lol
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