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The champ is absolutely rocking this stroller - even the spats! Everything is so spot on, and the spats fit perfectly (as does the rest) that they don't even look old fashioned. Of course, having the most confidence, and self-assuredness of, possibly, any man in the 20th century can't hurt. I'm probably not the only one that's seen the list of 34 photos to show how stylish people used to be, on rotten panda. Many great pics (and a few scary ones) in the list.
@Papperskatt, thank you for your accommodation wuthering the deadline!
They can often be acquired for under $10, though you may need to start on anti-rejection hormones before putting such a tie on your person.
 If you do, could we extend the pic-post deadline as far as Sunday morning?  I've got a Christmas party to attend on Saturday, and this has given me ideas...
 If the burgundy makes you feel good, wear it.  You can't go wrong, really, pairing a burgundy tie with a navy suit.  I would try the navy, but depends on how red the dots are.  If it's fire engine red, don't do it, but if it's a deeper red/maroon sort of colour, that could be quite elegant.  If you could conjure a tie, I'd suggest navy/midnight with white pindots.  Not seeing the navy tie, I'd vote burgundy to be safe.  I'd also wear a white linen, or cotton, pocket...
Clags, I always love your shirt collars.
It is possible, but it is major surgery, and best done by an exceptional tailor. I would want to have a bespoke tailor do something like that, since it is, in a way, remaking the jacket. It is expensive; if they will guarantee the result, meaning if they can't make it work to your satisfaction, you don't pay for the garment, and they aren't going to charge extra (or much extra) then hey, why not give it a shot? Just be really picky and don't sacrifice your standards...
Can I have your address, alarm code, and schedule? Just for research purposes. I do not intend to steal your boots. For serious.
I agree it's a bit long, but I would call it wearable, if I got a really good deal :P
 You should try over at he tailor's thread, of course, but it looks like the shoulder seams are sitting too far forward, to me.  If they sat higher on your shoulder, that would, I imagine, help the shirt to lie flat.  So, the front panels at the shoulder seam, would be the answer to your question, I suppose.
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