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I suppose there is don't logic to that, as they would try to stretch less straw once more head?
 Well, as I will be ordering a cheap hat, lucky me? lol
 I will send him a note. Thank you!
 Yes, I have two more fashiony trilbies from Goorin Bros, and I agree their quality is good.  That link isn't working, but there are several good options on Goorin Bros' site, for less than I'd have expected.  One that looks about right for $65.  Thanks for the lead!
Thanks!  I quite like that brown one they have on there right now.
I'm going to a wedding in St. Lucia in December. I'm looking for recommendations on straw panama hats- or other styles you might think superior.  I'd like something budget friendly, as the trip is breaking the bank a little bit.  Under $100, ideally.  If it oly lasts a couple of years, so be it.
I liked both 11 and 10. 9 seemed extraordinarily lazy. 10 was a combination of contemporary hipster quirks, with an incongruous awareness of colour for a hipster twit (ever notice the way the Chucks were different Auth each suit, including black and white ones with Black Tie?) Then there was the impeccable overcoat, that demonstrated he knew just wharves he was doing, and the oddness was a conscious, informed choice. 11 had a great tweed, and he was young but wearing...
The jacket can be shaped to narrow in the small of the back, and flare over the seat. It's not even that complicated - I have it done in my RTW suits. It requires, if course, a competent tailor, but what doesn't? Not every jacket's silhouette makes this a good option, but I would argue that means such jackets were meant for gentlemen with less topography to their back sides.
It's not stylish. It's not weird and quirky. They tried to do both, but didn't achieve either. I anticipate a change for the following season.
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