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Hmmm I paid for an item on the 27th, the item shows as shipped and yet the items shows as not paid...   Is this some eBay - Paypal split fuckup or is the seller trying something shady? I checked my messages and see nothing about a cancelled transaction. I also checked Paypal and the money is sent, but no refund or anything.
It is The Tuxedo Club founded in 1886 http://www.thetuxedoclub.org 
I despise eBay with every fiber off my being...   Guy initiated return for item not as described because it has stains. I specifically stated there was a stain near the pocket and took 4 pictures of it. I call eBay and tell them, lady says it looks like buyers remorse and not to do anything until a case is opened. Today the case is opened and closed in buyers favor within 5 minutes.    I call, he forwards me to an escalation specialist. She reads everything and agrees...
Also @Nataku 
He didn't ask to return it because he doesn't like it, he is saying it is defective. Which would give me a defect and require a full refund plus return shipping. If he just returns it I don't get a defect, can charge my 15% restocking and he pays shipping.Too slow, what he said ^^
I recently sold a Borrelli shirt that had what looked like coffee stains near the front pocket. I stated that in the listing "Stain near pocket, have not attempted to remove." There is a picture dedicated to that stain (see listing).   Just had a case opened with "There are stains on the shirt. Please send over the return label. Thanks."   I replied: "Can you describe the stain and it's location? I have pictures of the entire shirt and would like to look at a blow up...
All of these but the Pink tie can be picked up NWT for ~$15 at TJMaxx not sure if these are a brag... 
Weird sale last night, I had a shirt listed BIN/OBO for $39.99 and received an offer for $40. Didn't realize they could offer more. Very strange
That is a painful lesson, I did that with a 12 lb vintage projector when I first started selling. I listed it at auction for $80 and free shipping. Somehow it made the listing free shipping world wide and I sold it to a guy in Norway. $77 to ship.
Yes, Flip. You had to look around to find the deals. I checked the whole store and left with 5 pants and 3 shirts. Almost picked up a jacket buy was a little nervous spending $200 on a Kiton Cashmere jacket.
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