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http://www.ebay.com/itm/201124212451 Not amazing but someone was looking for gingham shirts of decent quality in a small size. Here are 3 for $10 each.
Very sad this is too small for me 40R Corneliani ID Field Jacket (I know it looks stupid w/ the bow tie)   [[SPOILER]]
Brave man on a zero feedback seller 
Quarterly tax of $8750 on 100K/yr? That is a ~33% effective tax on the 100K or is that 100K profit? Do you take deductions (i.e. mileage, cost basis, office write off, camera/mannequin etc...)? Do you have a professional do your taxes?
Hmmmm, after reading all of the 1 star reviews of this store on Yelp I think I will pass. Also read this http://photographylife.com/ajrichard-beware-buying-camera-from-unauthorized-sellers
Anyone have any experience shipping artwork? I bought a decent Lithograph for a few bucks that sell for ~$200 + shipping. I don't know how to ship it though, has anyone used someone like PacMail or Fedex? Size in frame is ~32" x 31" weight is roughly 15 lbs.   Was planning to sell it quickly for $200 and free shipping but wouldn't want it to cost more than $50 to ship.
Holy crap that is $230 less than Amazon is selling it. That is fell off the back of the truck price, and if they have more than one you should pick up all you can afford. I would probably do a dozen and flip them on eBay for a quick $100 profit each.
I think the big news here is that http://thriftygent.com has some new content after a 6 month hiatus 
Hope you don't end up with a douche bag like mine, the latest in the sad sad tale of the NWT BB tie. Where we left off:  I just don't know what the hell to do, I want eBay to look at this, and cancel this guys account for being the worst seller in eBay history.
HAHAHA I kind of do to, his great hauls of London Fog overcoats! 
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