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Hmmm found these Brooks Brothers penny loafers, not sure if mens, women or kids. They are a size 6M. Anyone know if BB ever made for that small of mans size? I checked just now and the smallest they allow me to search by is 7M      
What would you call this fabric pattern? Sadly this didn't fit, took a chance on a Linda measurement and it wound up being a 44S instead of R. Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo 600 patch pocket goodness  
It depends on the maker, in Loakes case, they have E, F, and G width which equate to D, E, and EEE.Some other manufacturers have F, G, and H width and in their case it equate to D, E, and EEE.
Yes UK Sizing Roughly 11.5 E
I moved here from central northern MA (Fitchburg) , right in the snow belt so I feel you. My last year Boston would get 3" we would get 15"... One of the reasons I moved, I hate snow. My first year in MA was 1995, moved to Martha's Vineyard where my wife was from. She said it never really snows on the Vineyard, and as you know that was the highest amount of snow in history (until you guys beat it last winter). For 20 years I have been telling her it is unnatural to stay...
Hey we get winter down here, I had 6" of snow last winter and had to wear a coat twice!!!
Huge mistake, but I am feeling charitable. You just send it my way if a large and I will refund you.
Got an thrift in of a few pair of shoes and was amused at the box (in relation to my username...)  
 Do you have the pants with this, or is this an orphan? If no pants, can you return it? 3 button pinstripe with no pants is hard to move.
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