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Not sure if it says anything like that in Japanese but nothing in english on content or location. 
Wrong place for this, if this is your listing put it here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/177939/what-im-selling-on-ebay-member-auctions/0_30 If not your listing put it here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/164750/cool-shoes-paraphernalia-desiderata-part-ii/12690_30#post_7327535 This thread is for tips on selling or buying on eBay not products. Although we will certainly pop up a completed item as a brag here .
Is this the same Sugarcane that the Denim Doodz like?  
Too late, already boxed up for one of the other major playas on da thread
A few recent tie pickups, everything as always is available to thread contributors                                        
Is it sad that I like that shirt better than anything else the last couple of days. Kind of sums up my life 
I'm not sure I would call out the fact that an item is 11 years old. I think "Brooks Brother's Suit" sounds better than "Brooks Brothers 11 year old suit" 
I did check that site, it told me to put my email/phone and someone would contact me. I did and 30 minutes later I got a VM saying they had it in my side and they were putting it aside for me. I was on a stupid plane trip Tampa->Miami->Nashville so have to call in tomorrow. I should have drove, it would have been quicker to get to Tampa and back from here...
Sent my inquiry off, lets hope they have my size. Shell loafers for $199 is a steal.
I have met @ocooney @Brianpore and @Takai  OCooney is a true gentleman, showed me a lot about thrifting and has given me many wardrobe items.Brianpore is an asshole . (I am kidding, Brian is a very nice young man) Takai is a good dude, although he strips all of the stores near me.
New Posts  All Forums: