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ummm thats what she said?
Buy and Sell "The Marketplace"
Do you mean this one? I have never taped that, it has popped open on you?
Anyone seen this before? Verri slim fit jacket, the bottom two sleeve buttons are closed up. The upper two are functioning as well. Is this some sort of preppy roll the sleeves up on your sport jacket look?    
What kind of buttons? I found an ancient brown Brioni filled with moth holes with some pewter Brioni buttons and I threw the coat away and kept those (sold for $89)
HAHAHA You walk right into the Canadian Tux meme 
I can almost play in the outfit yourself in one trip game, the shoes are AE Chili Camerons I found a few months ago. The pants are pristine Peter Millar cream in my size maybe 1/2" long, and the shirt is BBGF. Neither has been washed yet since I literally just pulled them out of bags. So forgive the wrinkles and non-tuck, it would normally have a belt with it (non-thrifted, I haven't found a decent belt yet).  
Yeah, 54% wool, 23% linen and 23% silk. It is listed here if you want to check out the measurements, most of my stuff is available for trade.
What is this pattern? I have seen it before, does it have a special name?   3/2 Polo (Corneliani) 42R  
Coloring is Manchester United, but I don't think that is any specific heraldic crest. Just a generic one cooked up by been had/
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