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AHHHH I bought some mid-range Riedels five or six years ago and broke the last of the four last year. Couldn't convince myself to spring for another $100 set yet so drinking out of crappy libby glasses. I need to start going into the office so I can actually hit a thrift now and again...
I won a pair of 501s that were listed as 36x34 and showed up at 32x30 or so. I escalated and lost because I never asked for measurements and they weren't altered to that size but shrank... The most I could do was leave negative feedback, but my lesson was learned.
Haven't been thrifting in quite a while, but had a few hours while in Dallas for meetings recently  Ancient Brioni has a few condition issues but bought mainly to harvest the enamel buttons [[SPOILER]] Tweed winter weight Zanellas  [[SPOILER]] Tweed winter weight side buckle Polo RL  [[SPOILER]] No Linen left behind (for me) Polo Corneliani Navy Brooks Brothers overcoat [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know the dates of issue? i.e. newest from 2012 - presentBrown from 2003 - 2012Blue from 1934 -2003
Anyone know the dating of mainline Canali labels? The brown are newer than the Blue correct?      
Anyone can buy lounge access no matter the airline... $50 for a 4 hour layover seems pricey. I have a membership, but then again I fly 50+ times a year and always on AA.  The biggest problem is you are in terminal A and the American lounge is in terminal C. I doubt you can cross terminals without going through security again and they won't let you in unless you have a flight from that terminal. So I think you are SOL on the club lounges. I would go sit in the Beers of the...
Anyone interested in an Extra Slim Fit Brooks Brothers 15 1/2 x 33 striped shirt. In great condition except for a small tear in the sleeve I didn't notice. $10 shipped (I am heading out tonight until Monday so wouldn't ship until probably Tuesday)  [[SPOILER]]
Hmmm, I wouldn't have thought that qualified. Nice to know though. 
 I would have said something like "I apologize, I didn't realize I had that feature turned on and I have since turned it off. That is a feature eBay adds when you ship with different carriers like Fedex who requires the buyers phone number in case their driver needs to call for directions. I guess it was turned on by default and nobody has ever brought it to my attention before. I appreciate your understanding" Also 'negative feedback for consideration' is not the same as...
I don't think so, I was a little bored too and found a sample of her signature.   https://www.ebth.com/items/1681017-holland-berkley-giclee-print-on-canvas
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