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Is this selvedge? I am assuming they wouldn't use red on a pair of white jeans. These are RLPL so I thought they could be. I am 90% they are, I put them next to a pair of Tellason and the edge looks alike.  
Not sure it was you, but I know a few people talked about the Tri-blend AA shirts so I bought a few for myself. My two teenage boys saw them and required me to buy them some as well. No lie one day all three of us came out for a trip to Nashville in the same Indigo Blue AA shirt and jeans. Between the 3 of us there are probably 20 of these shirts in my house.
Does your wife ever read SF? + Remember, in 8 years or so you get twice the fun!
Anyone know if this Trafalgar belt is real croc/alligator or embossed? There is no material printed on the belt.   [[SPOILER]]
London Fog is not desirable at all, everyone who thrifts sees dozens of these. Nobody buys them in the thrift store and nobody is interested in buying it from you. I would recommend you take it back for a refund if it doesn't fit you. Also in the future if you have something you would like to sell, most of us also watch this thread The (Un)Official Thrift Buy /Sell / Trade / Want Thread. We try to keep this thread focused on thrift finds and not selling.
I may do this, but it is $65 to join then the grading fee, submission fee, shipping cost and shipping fee. It will be almost $150 total
Anyone ever sell gold items on eBay? Is is safe? I found a 1oz gold panda coin in a box of my parents I hadn't seen in 10 years. No sentimental value so I just want to sell it. I am worried about a scammer. It is probably worth $1500-$1800. Any tips to keep safe?
Anyone else get screwed by Dropbox disallowing the serving of pictures? Every one of my auctions had an image in the Public folder of how I measured that particular item. So on March 15th Dropbox removed this ability which means all of my auctions had a little ? instead of the image. I had to edit 100 items (which some of you guys with 1000's of auctions laugh at) but I still wasted ½ of my Saturday.
Women's Ponyhair loafers
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