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I loved that to, actually clicked on it to check the size cause I was about to throw some money out. Way to small for me though.
Hmmm I have over 40 dress shirts and zero of them are white...
Searching for some new Brioni shirts and found some by the obnoxious cousins Bruno and Bianco.       
We just moved last year from Boston area to Nashville and stored our stuff for 2 months. Total was ~12K which included packing everything, storing for 2 months and delivery. Since I have moved myself 4 times previously, at my age there was no way I was going through that shit again. It was awesome, I pointed and someone packed it up and then placed it where I wanted it in our new house. We had 3 different movers come and give us estimates, we wound up going with United Van...
Looking for a few shirts 16.5-35 slim fit. Gingham and solid blue. Brooks Brothers is OK, Borrelli would be best
   Worked for me (up to where you purchase and print that is)
Close, actually opened an auction and it said discontinued. Kind of like I would have paid a lot for some more episodes of Firefly...
Thanks! I have one Sulka sweater I love, this one will fit in nicely!
Looking for some Lululemon in XL
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