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HAHA Eazye to sell hand signed prints at http://eazyeart.com
That is weird, when I clicked the link the first time it only displayed the first 3 pictures with no scroll arrows.
I would guess because the seller has very carefully not shown the back of the jacket leading me to believe it is ventless. 
I was just thinking the same about short people... I don't think a single consignor is a 34" inseam  
I think it is actually a movie called "Superstar" based off of an SNL character http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0167427/ edited to add link.
It is very thick for silk, has hand rolled edges and is a little small for a pocket square (13.5 x 13) by Peter Millar.  
I think it is fairly clear that you are unsure of what you are doing and should be using a consignor until you learn. While Etro is a desirable brand, a 3 button Pin-Striped orphan is not going to sell for much. Meaning that it looks funny without the pants that came with it. You may get $30 for it if you are lucky and patient but honestly your best bet is to go back where you found this and look for the pants and if you can't find them to re-donate this. Or as suggested...
Anyone interested in Ledbury shirts, you probably need to size up at minimum 1/2". I am a perfect BB Slim Fit 16.5" I bought 3 Ledbury Ginghams on the Bay at 16.5" and I couldn't tie my shoe when I had them on or I would have hulked out the shoulders. They are extra slim fitting.
Suit Supply Navy Napoli cut suit arrived yesterday, everything seems to fit well. I think I need the cuffs taken up a 1/2" and the pants need to be taken up a few inches (maybe with 1.75" cuffs?). Not sure why I am tilted like that, 22 years in the National Guard should have taught me to stand up straight  
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