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In New Hampshire for a few months training after taking a new job. Decided to hit all of the local thrifts 1 per day at lunch, first stop I decided since I forgot my gym bag I wanted to pick up a cheap one and saw this sitting there with an old guy sorting through the luggage. He pushed this out of the way to get to a beat up Samsonite whose zipper was broken. I picked it up all stoked and over the intercom was "Reminder, all luggage is ½ off today". Looks almost new has a...
I thought this one was kind of ironic  
Use the inline picture button. I can tell you 0.07% of people will actually click on a picture to download to their computer. New computer and don't have GIMP yet, so it is the 6th  button from the right on the top row. 
Having a wide foot and high arch, I recently bought some Nike Air Pegasus and really like them. They give good support and are cushiony. I typically wear a 10.5 EEE I only sized up to 11 4E
Flash sale on eBay if you are contemplating something. 2.5 more hours Save $10 on your next purchase of $50 or more Hurry! This offer ends at 7PM PT today. Start shopping and use Coupon code C10FALLFLASH. See details
Then they are idiots, their job is to sell something for their customer. Why on earth would they care why you bought it?
Anyone interested in Digital Photography may be interested in this:   http://www.diyphotography.net/stanford-professor-puts-entire-digital-photography-course-online-free/
Dog eats Dog World? Just a guess
Hmmm is this real LOUIS VUITTON  
Quoting myself, I think those are my open orders. I checked and I have 3 orders that are in the process of shipping, I hate it I need it to go away.
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