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Nevermind, it read Nieman Marcus on the tie
Well my accountant asked me to go through and gather data from last year since I hit just over $10K sold. I was dreading it, I was going to have to pull all my eBay invoices and Paypal sales and try to manually figure everything out on a spreadsheet. Instead, GoDaddy accounting pulled everything in. I had to categorize ~100 transactions which took me 15 minutes then it gave me the 2016 Schedule C. My accountant said I can estimate my travel expenses since I didn't keep...
As I was doing my taxes with my accountant this year, I decided to get serious about keeping track of P&L. I have seen many recommendations for GoDaddy Accounting, and decided I would sign up. Everyone says it is $9.99 a month (this is true if you are renewing). I decided to see what kind of deal I could find, and RetailMeNot has 35% off new signups for most products. First GoDaddy has a promotion for $7.99 a month for initial signup, this stacks with the ReTailMeNot...
Well Linda is a special case, I go through her stuff because she leaves a lot out. For instance I now own a pair of barely used suede chukkas from AE which were listed as 10.5 but when I looked at the pictures were actually my size of 10.5EEE. The fact that she accepted $35 w/ free shipping was just a bonus.
So I was looking for something on the old thread and came across this post by you from 5 years ago defending Naked & Famous. Damn, its almost seems to me you are ashamed of your jeans man. Looking for validation because you wear novelty items  (I am messing with you here.) 
Nope, that is mainly just anecdotal evidence gathered from here and AAAC. That is just a rough estimate based on feedback on this and the old thread. There have been other lines by Canali, but these are the mainline labels. There is the "Executive Collection" Blue label which used nicer fabrics, there was the Proposta line which is their lower end offering. Then as @dukedishin stated there is their Kei line which I am not sure is a higher line but more of a unstructured...
1934 line is the silver with curly 'C' that was released in 2013 and took over for the brown line. Latest label 2013:Brown label 200? - 2013:Blue label 199?-200?:Black label Oldest no idea of dates since I don't pick it up: 
 Church's regular width shoes start at F unlike the majority of English manufactures who start at E. This is from their website: 
They stopped making the Brown Label Canali in 2013, I believe they started using it between 2001-2003. Prior to that was Blue label Canali and prior to that is the Black label Canali. The current label is silver with the curly 'C' 
RE: Linda   There is no way a woman making millions a year gives a crap about a forum of people who are making fun of her listings yet spend thousands and thousands on her items.   Then just for the Dachshunds lovers here  
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