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Man this is killing me, bought a couple of jackets 1 new from Germany. A new LBM 1911 for myself, it has been 2 weeks so far and stupid DHL just says in transit for a week (WTF did they put it on a slow boat?). Bought a EZ summer weight jacket from a guy in Canada and it is over 10 days...    Now I feel for my international customers when my packages take a week or more to get there.
In 5 days there is no point to 14 day returns... You have to start offering 30 day returns May 1st for the 20% Top Rated Seller bonus. I was charging 15% and still am now that I changed to a 30 day policy. I have only used it once on 7 returns, that guy was just an asshole and he opened the return then took 3 weeks to ship it back. I could have killed it after 5 days but forgot so wound up charging him the restocking fee. From eBay: "We're introducing a number of positive...
Anyone else get a new friend in their PMs?     WTF??? Seriously
Thanks for all the help with this, I pointed out that the lining was blue, and then wen to Jos A Bank site and the Signature Gold with Silver buttons is not sold in Black. He replied fair enough and said we were good! Thank goodness there are some standup people out there who are not afraid of their mistakes.
That feeling when one of your hero's let you down... WTF kind of pattern matching is that on the yoke???  [[SPOILER]]
I would guess homemade tag, my wife has some that she uses on sweaters she knits and quilts. That does not look professional.
Spread it open and shows us the folds man.
Yeah, they do NAD so the seller has to pay shipping both ways. If he just returns it because he doesn't like it than I don't have to refund original shipping, return shipping is on him and I can even charge a 15% re-stocking fee. 
WTF, sold http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wardrobe-Staple-Jos-A-Banks-Navy-Blue-Blazer-with-Silver-Tone-Buttons-40L-Mexico-/162010100338?ssPageName=ADME:X:RINTS:US:1120 for super cheap and now he is returning it because it is black... It isn't black it is navy f'ing blue.
I don't think that is gren either. Looks like a basket weave. Look at the close ups here none of them look like that tie. https://www.samhober.com/grenadine.htm
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