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Man I had a pop and left 3 jackets that a year ago I would have picked up.   Pop was Brioni Suit, only found ties and shirts before and an ate up old jacket I bought to salvage the buttons. This one had moth holes up and down both arms and stains all over it. Plus I am traveling in San Jose and didn't really want to bring it home.         Also 2 old EZ unvented jackets and a Canali Blue label unvented jacket. Plus a boat load of Bow Ties Countess Mara and a few...
Dude... Go to the Nashville Farmers Market, I usually get a pint for $12 
Ha, my wife has a bunch of raised beds out back and planted some Okra as well as a bunch of other stuff. They exploded, and we have them come out of our ears. Then we realized we have no idea what to do with them, we tried frying them and they were so fibrous that they were inedible. 
I would recommend painting the wall, I had a backdrop and it got wrinkled and looked bad. I just painted the section I use for photos a matte white. With your lights I think it will be much better. New setup with painted wall. Need to get another light from overhead to get rid of that shadow. Old setup with backdrop. Notice the wrinkles.
Anyone ever sell really big stuff? My mother in law asked me to get rid of a pair of Klipsch Belle speakers that probably weigh over 100 lbs each. She is in Hartford area, I am visiting today but can't follow through. They are in a storage unit. I checked pricing and it looks like these should go for $2000 or so. They are BK-WO model from 1979 that have been in her front room for 35 years. She just sold her house and they won't fit in her new house.
Anyone use the restocking fee? If someone buys something and returns it for not fitting, if you charge a restocking fee can they leave negative feedback?
Looks like that is the Naval version of the anti g suit. Looks like end of WWII era. http://fly.historicwings.com/2012/11/the-anti-g-suit/
Yes, lets all meet in Chattanooga which is about ½ way there. @DerekS@concealed @TheNeedMachine @Takai @ATLjon @drlivingston @dukedishin  Who else is in the area that Chattanooga is just a few hours away?
Style Forum moving south (welcome to the migration)! Moved to Nashville area 2 ½ years ago now from MA and don't miss it a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: