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+½ I love the TB linen shirts in L if you find any
Not really, I have been a member since 1999 and have 361 feedback which is 361/15/12 = ~2 per month and before Christmas I had almost 70 things listed. I just recently started selling a few things, and maybe he is the same. The key to remember is eBay is pro-buyer so he isn't going to scam you, he will not take your money and ship you an empty box. If he sells you something in different condition than he listed, you are protected from that as well. Give it a go, we all had...
If it wasn't silk blend you would have left it? Was it non-thrift priced?
Coupon book good for 2 hours of help listing my eBay crap from my wife and 3 kids...
Awesome, thank you for the tip. I bought it.
You have 24 x 6500K and you still want more light? Holy crap I have 2 clouds x 5 6500K and thought it was weird I wanted another overhead light. Is this some kind of sick obsession that I picked up? Will they find me some day, dead in my eBay room surrounded by hundreds of lights holding an electric bill that all of my eBay profits go to pay...
You got one made in Italy, it seems a lot of their new stuff is made in China. RLBL was supposed to be one step below RLPL with a slimmer more modern look. It used to be, their suits were made by Caruso and their shirts by Lorenzini. 
No idea, you are the one in school for this kind of stuff I thought maybe you had some tailoring wizardry... I also thought the jacket you pictured was the one that needed patching. 
Yeah, that is an interesting thought. Just lie back on this couch and tell me do you often have BATSHIT Crazy Thoughts like this?
Even better price for the 3 Brioni shirts in the lot, $20 each. But have some wear
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