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Thanks for the great boots Kyle!  Love them.
Thanks Frank.  Yep, they are CXL.
My custom made boots arrived last night.  Great buying experience with Rancourt.  I spent a ton of time looking for my first pair of high end boots and happened across Eastland's Monroe boots.  I loved the style but wasn't so sure of the quality of Eastland.  With a little looking around I found that their Made in Maine line is actually made by Rancourt.  Well, I thought if Rancourt made them, I wanted the Rancourt name on them.  A few emails later (customer service was...
Ya, I spotted these online and fell in love.  A little research led me to Rancourt (also an eye opener on who makes what with these high end hand made boots).  A quick email and Kyle Rancourt lets me know they can make that boot for me with a few style changes I wanted.  Came out about $20 less as well.  I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive and will post pics when they do.
I just saw the PA in black is on sale at Nordstroms for $229.
  Wow!  I LOVE those boots.  Now I have to talk the wife into letting me invest in them.
Hello!   I've been lurking around for a couple of weeks and just signed up today.   I ended up here when I started looking for my first real suit (I'm 42, and just generally never have really needed one) and boy what an education so far.   I always end up researching anything I'm going to spend a bit of money on because although I don't mind spending the cash, I want to spend it on good quality merchandise.    So, I've bought my first pair of real shoes...
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